Where in the World is Rachelle?

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July 21-23 – Australasia Network Gathering, Brisbane, Australia (Listening Tour)

Aug 3-6 – PAD Conference, St. Louis, Missouri

Aug 14-18 – MCC Clergy Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada (Listening Tour)

Sept 1-3 – European Network Gathering, Stuttgart, Germany (Listening Tour)

Sept 9-10 – Seattle, Washington, Preaching at Emerald City MCC (Listening Tour)

Sept 17 – Ft. Myers, Florida, Preaching at St. John the Apostle MCC

Sept 22-24 – Texas-New Mexico Network Gathering, Arlington, Texas, Preaching at MCC San Antonio, Texas (Listening Tour)

Sept 30-Oct 1 – Northeast Network Gathering, Hartford, Connecticut (Listening Tour)

Oct 21-22 – Eastern Network Gathering, Washington DC, Preaching at MCC Washington D.C. (Listening Tour)

Oct 31- Nov 2 – Rolling the Stone Away Conference, St. Louis, Missouri

Nov 2-5 – MCC Women’s Conference, Sarasota, Florida (Listening Tour)

Nov 10-12 – Mexico Network Retreat, Mexico City, Mexico (Listening Tour)

Nov 19 – West Palm Beach, Florida, Preaching at MCC of the Palm Beaches