Stand with transgender service members – contact your members of congress today

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Photo Courtesy of Army Reserve Captain Sage Fox

On Friday, August 25, the White House issued a memo directing the armed forces to prohibit transgender people from enlisting in the military.  It would also stop financial support for gender affirmation medical care for current service members and assess other ways to restrict military service by transgender people.Everything about this approach, and the values it

Everything about this approach, and the values it reflects, is wrong. The Global Justice Institute opposes this and calls on justice-minded people of faith to actively oppose it.


We invite you to:

  • Pray that President Trump changes his heart to affirm the worth and dignity of Transgender persons who have served in the military.
  • Organize policy engagement groups in your local church or faith community. Discuss how this impacts all segments within the larger LGBT Community. Hear from transgender service members, and listen to their stories of military service.
  • WRITE YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Call on them to introduce legislation and support amendments to bills that would prohibit the White House from implementing the new memo ban.
    • Feel free to adapt this sample text, “I write to express my opposition to the August 25 White House memo to the Defense Department instructing the military to stop accepting transgender people who want to enlist. This is morally wrong, harmful to our national security, and an affront to all sacrifices transgender service members make in service to this country. I ask that you work with your colleagues in Congress to amend the National Defense Authorization Act and the upcoming Fiscal Defense Appropriations Bill to halt implementation of the White House directive and maintain a clear path for military service for transgender persons.”
    • Visit, enter your address, and you will be provided with a form that will submit this message to your two United States Senators and your Member in the House of Representatives.
  • Contact the Government and Policy Team of the Global Justice Institute if you’d like more ideas on what you can do to resist this gross attack on transgender persons. We want your stories of your service and we can connect you to a growing number of elected officials who are working to overturn this White House directive.