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Spirit of Hope MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) is seeking a full-time Director of Congregational Life

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Mona West-New
Rev. Mona West, Ph.D
Director of Formation and Leadership Development

P.O. Box 1374
Abilene, TX 79604
Skype: mona.west1

Ritchie Crownfield
PO Box 14309
Atlanta GA 30324

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Director of Congregational Life

Job Description:
Spirit of Hope MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) is seeking a full-time Director of Congregational Life. This dynamic and well-organized individual will provide leadership and oversight to Spirit of Hope MCC ministries, including affinity/small groups that enhance the spiritual development and spiritual growth of the congregation. Spirit of Hope MCC is a LGBT inclusive community, which is open and welcoming to all persons no matter their station in life.A successful candidate will report to the Senior Pastor and must;

 Be able to create and communicate a vision for small groups and ministries
 Be highly motivated and well organized in all activities.
 Be skilled and able to promote the development and growth of a diversity of small groups and ministries, helping groups effectively launch, grow, and multiply
 Be able to identify talent and recruit capable people into responsible positions; delegate appropriately; invite and maintain constant dialog avenues; communicate expectations clearlyand hold people accountable
 Be skilled in developing lay leaders who will coordinate programs and activities that address the
congregation’s spiritual needs
 Ensure that every small group and ministry clearly promotes the vision and mission of Spirit of Hope MCC.
 Be willing and able to work effectively with individuals – both internally and externally – who are diverse in race, gender, sexual orientation and identity, religious/spiritual background, and
worship experience
 Be able to understand the congregation’s Culture of Christ and be able to help teach it regularly to our congregation.
 Share in the responsibility for providing Pastoral Care of the congregation
 The candidate may be asked to preach, administer rites and sacraments at the invitation of theSenior Pastor.

Core Functions & Duties:
The successful candidate must;

 Develop a network of spiritually gifted coaches, leaders, mentors, and apprentices who can lead people toward spiritual maturity in small group settings
 Develop, coordinate and promote leadership training for ministry and small group leaders
 Develop a program for evaluating the performance of small group leaders and the functioning of their groups
 Be well organized. and
 Be well prepared for leading and teaching in various roles
 Be outgoing in connecting with individuals to learn about their hopes in ministry
 Maintain a database for each ministry and assist ministry leaders in using the database
 Network with other congregations to develop and share a resource base of small group expertise
 Work with ministry leaders to prepare budget requests and assist ministries with fundraising efforts
 Lead the development of a process for following up with and connecting with visitors and continue to be responsible for the process after it is developed
 Lead appropriate sections of new member classes, lead classes on “Christ Culture”, and inclusive language classes.
 Participate in weekly staff team meetings
 Meet weekly with the Senior Pastor


 MCC or UCC clergy credentials and M.Div. preferred. Will consider applications from other candidates whose theology aligns with the core values and mission of Spirit of Hope MCC.
 Demonstrated leadership and facilitation skills, highly motivated and well organized.
 Active in the GLBTQII community as either an ally or activist. Knowledgable about GLBTQII

issues and passions.

 Skilled at using MS Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) and Servant Keeper or similar church software
 Is widely trusted; seen as direct and truthful; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; acts in harmony with the core values of Spirit of Hope MCC; supports all staff members (lay or clergy) in word and actions

Benefits/Compensation Classification: Full time – salaried (exempt)

 Salary will be $30K per year commensurate with experience; medical/dental benefits provided Spirit of Hope MCC Core Values –

Spirit of Hopes mission statement states; “In the midst of diversity, Spirit of Hope MCC celebrates God’s love and acceptance as we share God’s word with each other, the community and the world.” Our core
values include the following principles;

a) Welcoming – we are committed to being a welcoming and friendly congregation. At all events we shall respect and cherish all God’s people. We will recognize that in the God is sending us new energy, new gifts, and new challenges for ministry.
b) Integrity – we are committed to relating to one another with integrity. We shall seek to support, help and encourage one another in the fulfillment of commitments.
c) Relationships – we affirm that relationships with God and each other are at the center of our lives.

We shall nurture them within a culture of love, appreciation, and trust. (aka: Christ Culture)

d) Biblical Basis – we are committed to the revealed word of God often brought through many sources but is centralized in biblical scripture as the foundation for what is preached, taught, and
lived in our daily lives. We believe we are called in faith and truth based on Christ’s teaching affirming our place as God’s people.
e) Human rights – we are committed to justice that allows all people to live in peace, to work toward effective social change in human rights, freedom, and equality for all people.
f) Reaching Out – we shall extend an open hand and open heart to people within our church and to those outside our community of faith, being a living witness of the love of God to all.
g) Community – we are an inclusive community with a unique mission. MCC was called into an existence at a time when no church would include LGBT people into the faith. Spirit of Hope
cherishes the spiritual activism of those who lead the way and is committed to including and affirming all people who seek God in an inclusive community.
h) Cherish the Earth – as good stewards, we are committed to weigh decisions wildlife, and resources. Our goal as a community is to reduce, recycle and plans with love, respect and appreciation of the earth, its, and reuse.

The “Christ Culture” and Inclusive Language Procedure will be presented at the time of completing an
application to those who meet requirements.

This information can also be found online at
To Apply:
Submit Resume, qualifications, and contact information to
Pastor Kurt Krieger
Spirit of Hope – MCC
P.O. Box 10087
Kansas City, MO 64171-0087 or send via email to:




Rev. Mona West, Ph.D

Director of Formation and Leadership Development

Metropolitan Community Churches

P.O. Box 1374

Abilene, TX 79604

Fax: 310-388-1252

Skype: mona.west1

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