Scenes from Rev. Pat’s Global Justice Trip to Malaysia

Good Samaritan MCC Pang Wai Yap
Rev. Pat with Pastor Pang Wei Yap








Rev. Boon’s and Phineas’ Chinese Wedding Banquet held at Dragon Dynasty Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on August 4th.   About 200 people were in attendance.  Although many predicted there would be government or police interference, perhaps in an attempt to scare people away,  the banquet went off without a hitch.  Rev. Boon’s family, including his mother and sister, were in attendance.

Chinese Wedding 5


Chinese Wedding 2012





Chinese Wedding 6





Good Samaritan MCC Youth Leadership Award
Pastor Pang Wei Yap (far left) receiving the Youth Leadership Award








Good Samaritan MCC Retreat 2012
Good Samaritan MCC Kuala Lumpur Retreat