(re)Vitalization for Congregations

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A journey of discerning and following God’s Spirit

Does your congregation
just feel “stuck”?
Feeling like it needs
New energy?
New vision?
New vibrancy?
New vitality?

The Office of Church Life and Health (OCLH) is now offering a program for congregations that are desiring (re)Vitalization.

(re)Vitalization is for congregations that have either experienced decline or feel like they are stagnant. According to research, that includes many churches.
The world has changed – rapidly and in ways we may not even have been able to imagine – and now the Church needs to develop in order to fulfill and thrive in our mission from God. This is an opportunity to explore together what it means to be a 21st church that transforms lives, neighborhoods, and our world.

(re)Vitalization is not a “quick fix,” a “how-to,” nor even necessarily a series of “steps.” It is a process that does not, cannot, happen quickly, nor does it happen without complete dedication to listen for and follow God through change. OCLH will provide resources, guidance, and support; but, the congregation will be the ones to do the work, through the power of God’s Spirit.

If you are interested in learning more about this program for your congregation, and are ready and willing to be humble, learn together, and take risks, then

For specific information on the assessment process in the program

And please feel free to contact OCLH Resource Development Specialist,
Rev. Lisa Heilig at revlisaheilig@mccchurch.net for questions.

**The (re)Vitalization process can begin any time. Most important is starting the path of spiritual discerning, listening, following, growing…