From our founding, MCC has placed worship at the center of our relationship with God and our identity as a Christian community. Through evaluating worship in MCC churches as part of the Size Summits, we have learned a number of things we believe can assist all our churches in offering more powerful and relevant worship.

This Summit will Explore

  • What things characterize dynamic worship in a church our size?
  • What is “blended worship” and why is it working so well in so many MCC
  • churches?
  • The “when, why and how” of multiple worship services
  • Building effective worship planning and support teams
  • The role of music in worship
  • Where to find creative worship resources
  • Creative use of worship space
  • The Liturgical Year
  • Assessment and recommendations regarding your individual church’s worship
  • And more!

Who Should Attend

We encourage all individuals and teams involved in planning, implementing and supporting worship in your church to attend.

What It Will Cost

$40 per person, up to 6 registrants
$25 per person, 7 registrants or more registering at the same time