Church Summits are gatherings of local MCC church leaders to connect and learn together about tips, tools, and resources for success in ministry…we are dedicated to Church Success!

As a team, MCC Elders bring a balance of experience and proven results and we share a passion for helping churches grow in every way…spiritually, numerically, relationally, and programmatically and are committed to giving you the data, feedback, recommendations and tools you need to see your church thrive.

Cancellation Policy: In order to be good stewards of our limited resources, we have determined how many registrants are needed for each summit in order for it to be financially feasible to move forward with its offering.  As such, an assessment of the registration numbers will be made three weeks prior to the date of the scheduled summit and a decision to move forward or cancel will be made at that time.  All registrants will be notified within 24 hours of the evaluation date if the decision is to cancel the summit.  Those who are registering should consider this before booking flights or making other plans that may commit you to payments in full or in part.


MCC’s First Ever Mega Summit!

Two Summits – One Location

Transform Your Church!

30 October – 1 November 2014

Host Church:

Spirit of Hope MCC

3801 Wyandotte Street

Kansas City, Missouri USA 64111

Day 1 & 2: Programming Summit, Stewardship Summit

Select one Summit to attend for both days. Groups can send representatives to each Summit.

Day 3: Relevant, Informative Workshops

Select one to attend. Topics include Size Theory, Change Cycle, Board of Director Training, Leadership Essentials for Congregations.

Deadline to register for Mega Summit: 09 October 2014

Mega Summit Hotel:

816 Hotel

801 Westport Road

Kansas City, MO 64111


Group Name: MCC Mega Summit

Group Rate: $89 per night King or Deluxe

Deadline to reserve room: 29 September 2014

Complimentary breakfast, shuttle to and from the church, Gold’s Gym, 2 cocktails per day, wi-fi and parking!

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to Register for the Mega Summit or to see the different registration rates.



Church Size Summit

Church Size Summits provide leaders with helpful information, professional consultation and focused coaching. So, no matter what size church you are, the Church Size Summit is for you (your pastor, staff, board).

Key Goals of the Size Summits

  • Provide a broad education about the impact and implications of a church’s size and makeup
  • Conduct an assessment for each church that registers (this will happen in advance of the Summit) and provide each church with individual feedback about the results along with recommendations
  • Provide time and guidance for the representatives of each church to develop an action plan

Programming Summit

As a result of the Church Size Summits we have done over the last year and a half, we realize that there is a missing component of church life in many of our churches and that is PROGRAMMING.

This Summit Explores

  • A clear definition of programming
  • A new methodology for determining the felt needs in your congregation around program offerings
  • What programming should look like in different size churches
  • The issues around programming for children and youth
  • How to start where you are and build toward where you want to be
  • How to use some programming as an additional income stream
  • Helpful resources

Stewardship Summit

As a result of doing church assessments for the Size Summits, it is clear that churches are struggling with issues that surround Stewardship so we are eager to work with churches to improve all aspects of Stewardship in the local church. Though we offered some recommendations to churches at the Size Summits we are very aware that we need to delve into this area more deeply.

What You Will Learn

  • How to effectively run Pledge Campaigns
  • The importance of education around generosity of time, talent and treasure
  • The role of Stewardship Teams
  • Resources for creating a culture of generosity.
  • Key lessons from church assessments about per capita giving and how to improve it

Worship Summit

From our founding, MCC has placed worship at the center of our relationship with God and our identity as a Christian community. Through evaluating worship in MCC churches as part of the Size Summits, we have learned a number of things we believe can assist all our churches in offering more powerful and relevant worship.

This Summit will Explore

  • What things characterize dynamic worship in a church our size?
  • What is “blended worship” and why is it working so well in so many MCC
  • churches?
  • The “when, why and how” of multiple worship services
  • Building effective worship planning and support teams
  • The role of music in worship
  • Where to find creative worship resources
  • Creative use of worship space
  • The Liturgical Year
  • Assessment and recommendations regarding your individual church’s worship
  • And more!

Upcoming Summits! TBA

To get more information about upcoming summits, email Rev. Stedney Phillips OR Kay Hale.