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The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (Task Force) seeks a visionary, action-oriented, collaborative leader for its faith work. The ideal candidate will have the deep religious grounding, movement-building experience, and political sophistication necessary to: 1) lead and significantly grow the faith work portfolio to its next level of impact and inclusiveness, 2) be a prominent public spokesperson for pro-LGBT religious perspectives, and 3) facilitate and lead networks of religious leaders.

Ideally, the new Faith Work Director will start March 2014, based in Washington DC.


The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force builds the power of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community from the ground up. The Task Force is the country’s premier social justice organization fighting to improve the lives of LGBT people, and working to create positive, lasting change and opportunity for all.

In a 2006 merger, the Institute for Welcoming Resources (IWR) became the initial faith work program of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Since then, the faith work at the Task Force has evolved to include a range of faith work initiatives. The faith work of the Task Force is located within the Task Force’s Academy of Leadership and Action to maximize the evolving collaboration and mutual learning between faith and secular organizing.


The faith work of the Task Force has a continuing crucial niche working to build pro-LGBT religious movement capacity and infrastructure and connect grassroots and grasstops leaders and strategies to accomplish policy change within faith settings, as well as at the state house and at the ballot box. The Task Force will continue – through its faith work initiatives – to leverage its network of relationships to engage in direct action, grow its impact and inclusiveness into the future. Through unique partnerships our efforts will be focused on clarity of vision, collaboration and achieving long-term change together. In a recent listening process, the Task Force was encouraged to focus on emerging movement needs and opportunities and to seek a Faith Work Director who has the capacity to lead the organization in this regard.


Faith work at the Task Force has several current areas of focus:

  • Intra-religious, denominationally-specific, capacity-building and policy change work. Increasing and diversifying the numbers of welcoming congregations and communities and supporting the living out of this commitment. Supporting the development of leadership working on organizational policy change and truly liberating, queer theology.
  • Creating and holding the collaborative and connective spaces within the pro-LGBT religious movement. This includes: training, sharing resources, collaborative organizing and thought-partnership with ecumenical, multifaith, and secular partners. The Task Force facilitates and convenes a faith network of three leadership circles: the Welcoming Church Program Leaders (WCPL), serving 18 denominations; the ecumenical Bishops and Elders Council (BEC) of 30 leaders; and the National Religious Leadership Roundtable (NRLR) of 100 multi-faith leaders. The 3 circles engage together during Practice Spirit, Do Justice at The National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change.
  • Creating models for effective faith work in secular ballot and legislative campaigns two years ago, the Task Force launched the Faith Partner Organizing Program and began working in deep collaboration with religious and campaign partners in several state and local campaigns to mobilize pro-LGBT religious infrastructure and develop grassroots lay leaders as campaign leaders and strategists primarily around marriage equality campaigns. That work continues to be refined based on our collaborations and best practices are being applied to local and statewide non-discriminatinon campaigns ands marriage equality campaigns in 2014.
  • Hosting a clearinghouse of pro-LGBT religious resources and a creator of reports, analyses and resources necessary for multi-faith pro-LGBT movement building and leadership development.

The Task Force values and is committed to: 1) developing sustainable grassroots religious leadership, 2) ecumenical and multifaith approaches, 3) an intersectional approach to movement building, and 4) developing intercultural sensitivity.

The faith work director manages a current team of 3 staff and a number of consultants.


The faith work director leads and works on several scales:

  • Leads and manages the team of staff and consultants.
  • Leads faith work within the Task Force and collaborates with other staff in the Academy of Leadership and Action and across other Task Force departments.
  • Leads, collaboratively, the 3 circles of religious leaders that the Task Force convenes.
  • Leads in the public sphere as a prominent public religious leader and spokesperson.

The Faith Work Director reports to the Director of the Academy for Leadership and Action or their designee. Specifically, the Faith work director is accountable for the following:

  1. Organizing and inspiring faith leaders and networks to action. Articulates and leads with a clear and compelling movement vision. Collaboratively leads, facilitates, and organizes the faith network around shared vision to strategize and take action together. Organizes and oversees the staff and consultant team to support action and convening of the three circles.
  2. Publically representing the Task Force, faith network, and a pro-LGBT religious world view. Presenting an out front, compelling, world view and identity through public speaking and writing that is accessible to a variety of religious and secular public audiences. Working closely with Task Force communications staff on public communications. Responding to partner requests for preaching and public presentations. Participating in key collaborative meetings, bodies and projects with faith colleagues and allies in the movement.
  3. Long-term and strategic visioning, planning, and decision-making. Collaborating to ensuring the faith work program has a clear and compelling movement-building vision and impact-oriented theory of change, power analysis that is in line with and integrated with the overall Task Force strategic plan. Providing proactive and reactive counsel on faith issues to Executive and Academy management to help assure that Task Force decisions, strategies and public comments on LGBT and other social justice issues resonate with progressive faith communities. Making strategic decisions that are both disciplined and adaptive about opportunities and prioritization of resources and work.
  4. Fundraising and garnering support to grow the faith work. Diversifying and increasing funding necessary to realize the future vision of the faith work and sustain the movement overall. Building relationships with foundations and individual donors. Generating and conceiving of partnerships, programs, and projects that attract resources both within the Task Force and externally. Working with the Task Force Development Department to increase fundraising capacity, write grants and grant reports.
  5. Advancing multifaith, intersectional and interculturally sensitive approaches to build on, and expand, the established intra-denominational success in mainline, predominantly white, Protestant denominations. Integrating these approaches throughout the Task Force’s faith work, including resources (available online and in person) and developing the intersectional and diverse Practice Spirit, Due Justice space at the Creating Change Conference.
  6. Program Management. 1) Supervising staff and consultants in different locations. Maintain a positive work environment that develops people and fosters self-care in a hard working environment, 2) Developing and managing annual budgets in coordination with Task Force budgeting processes, 3) Overseeing management and development of projects and programs with effective delegation.
  7. Program Development. Advising on faith organizing and movement building approaches and training/curriculum development for legislative and ballot measure campaigns where the director has expertise and/or ensuring the necessary expertise is available for impactful work (including calling on the expertise of other colleagues within the Task Force.


  1. Religious leader and professional with a history of service and a strong theological grounding. Immersed in their religious tradition. Able to inspire spiritual engagement of people in the movement. Sensitivity to and personal familiarity with issues facing LGBT religious/spiritual persons. Prefer welcoming movement experience.
  2. Action-oriented visionary with demonstrated passion and vision for pro-LGBT movement building and social change within and through faith communities. Experience within a social movement organization. Strategic thinker and decision-maker. Political savvy. Prefer experience and expertise with multiple models of organizing.
  3. Proven network and collaborative leadership style, skills, and experience. Experience leading and facilitating groups of leaders toward a common purpose and joint action. Works well on a team and develops the leadership of others.
  4. Multi-faith values, depth of approach, and experience.
  5. Demonstrated commitment to and skill working at the intersections of faith, LGBT, and other progressive justice issues.
  6. Cultural competence and history of developing intercultural sensitivity working across diverse races, ethnicities, socio-economics, gender identities, and sexual orientations.
  7. Exceptional written, oral communications skills. Strong, confident, and credible advocate and spokesperson for pro-LGBT, intersectional, multi-faith religious work. Able to articulate a religiously grounded, accessible argument for the faith work.
  8. Motivated and capable of fundraising to significantly increase the Task Force’s resources. Can conceive of partnerships, programs, and projects that attract resources.
  9. Trustworthy relationship builder. Exceptional interpersonal communication skills. Honest, compassionate, and approachable. Sense of humor. Has a significant network of relationships and positive reputation to benefit the Task Force.
  10. Proven senior manager (of staff and consultants, projects, programs, and finances). Virtual supervisory experience highly desirable.
  11. Energetic and comfortable with an intense pace. Likes to be on the move and is available to travel 50% time. Hardworking and able to work in a virtual environment with a small team. Models and supports emotional health and self-care.
  12. Significant theological grounding through some religious education is required.
  13. Computer literate and proficient in mobile communication. Familiarity and experience with current social media tools is ideal.


The Task Force seeks to locate the Director in the Washington, DC office to facilitate internal relationship building and collaboration, access to major media, and increase national visibility. The Director is expected to travel outside DC to connect with grassroots faith organizing leaders and work.


Commensurate with experience. Provides excellent benefits — health, dental and vision insurance; annual and sick leave; 403(b) plan with employer contributions.

This position is part of our collective bargaining unit.

Please submit a cover letter describing your interest in being a member of the TaskForce staff, a resume addressing your experience and qualifications relevant to the position responsibilities and three examples of your work. If possible, please submit the names, affiliations and contact information for three references. Applications submitted via e-mail for this position should be directed to; please write “Faith Work Director” in the subject line. No phone calls, please.

The Task Force is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, personal appearance, family responsibility, political affiliation or any other status protected by applicable law. Women, transgender people, veterans and people of color are encouraged to apply.

Applications without cover letters will not be considered. Deadline for submission is February 15, 2014.

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