The Moderators Circle is a group of dedicated individual who contribute monthly to MCC.  Their monthly gifts create a reliable source of funding year round, as well as helping reduce our costs.  This allows MCC to spread or mission of love, hope and acceptance.

As a monthly donor, you will be welcomed into the Moderator’s Circle and receive information and updates from our Moderator, as well as the benefits listed below.


Your gift will be charged automatically each month and your monthly gift can be modified at any time.

For more information, please contact



Rev. Elder Troy Perry – Founder, Metropolitan Community Churches


Every single day, I pray for Rev. Nancy Wilson and I ask for God’s blessing on her incredible vision for MCC’s future. And every single month, I send a gift, over and above my local church giving, to bless the work of MCC worldwide. I invite you to join me in becoming a member of The Moderator’s Circle, as the best way MCCers in this generation and in this moment can partner with Nancy to realize our Moderator’s vision for launching new church starts, reaching a new generation of young people, doing justice around the globe, and continuing the vital work of changing the heart and face of Christianity. Won’t you join today?

Marsha Warren – MCC Member

Marsha Warren

I became a MCC monthly donor for purely selfish reasons — because of what MCC had done for me. MCC helped me to reconcile my spirituality with my God-given sexuality. The message and the people of MCC helped me become whole. I am a monthly donor to The Moderator’s Circle because I want others to heal just as I have, and so that others who are still oppressed can become free.