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hands+logoWelcome to the Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) pages. This is your place to find out all the latest about the search for the next Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches. We hope these pages will be helpful to you, and most of all, we hope to hear from you! Thank you for your support and prayers throughout this process. We couldn’t do it without you!
With gratitude,

Your Moderator Nominating Committee


We need your prayers!

We give thanks to God for the strong leadership that has been evident since the establishment of the Metropolitan Community Churches. We are embarking on a new season and it is the task of the Moderator Nominating Committee to search and present applicants for this important role. Please would you share the following prayer with us:  


Moderator Nominating Committee Prayer

We pray for METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCHES in the journey towards finding a new Moderator. Our prayers are for unyielding faith in God throughout this time of searching. May we have a deep knowing that God’s Spirit is calling forth the next prophetic leader, trusting that this person will be well equipped to lead MCC into the future.

We pray for the MODERATOR NOMINATING COMMITTEE, that they would remain faithful to the task set before them. With wisdom and discernment in Christ, it is our prayer that they are not easily distracted. May their weekly meetings be productive and intuitive as they choose the right priorities.  

We pray for sustained energy as they breathe in the Spirit of Life daily. May they always remember that this is not about them or because of them, but it is simply through them that God will reveal the candidates to be elected for the Moderator position.

We pray for the FUTURE LEADER of MCC, that their calling will grow stronger every day and that they will experience deep affirmations along the way that will lead to them being able to say a resounding Yes!

And we pray for GENERAL CONFERENCE XXVI in 2016, that delegates will be able to make an informed decision when they vote and that everyone will be left with a great sense of confidence and trust in our newly elected Moderator.

This is our prayer.