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surveyresultstitleThe MNC asked you to participate in a survey that would help the team gain guidance and valuable insight regarding the skills and experience desired in our next Moderator.

THANKS TO YOU the puzzle pieces are coming together.

puzzlepiecesNearly 800 MCC voices from all over the world spoke up and the result is a clearer picture of what YOU felt were the skills and attributes most needed in the next Moderator.

Find out more about the results in the

MNC Global MCC Survey Summary Report

The report includes demographic data, feedback regarding the responsibilities, characteristics, skills, attributes, personal qualities, background and prior experience of our next Moderator, as well as data analysis that revealed major trends, surprises and other interesting findings. It is certainly worth the read!

Thanks to your survey responses the MNC can now begin shaping the Moderator selection criteria and move towards fulfilling the mandate of actively soliciting, recruiting, screening, evaluating and presenting up to five (5) qualified candidates for Moderator to be elected at the General Conference XXVI in Victoria, British Colombia, puzzlepieceCanada.

Download the
“Your voice, Your Future”
survey report here



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Please know that we will read, discuss and carefully consider everything that you share in these ways. You are welcome to contribute throughout the search process on this website and on our Facebook page.


Thank you so much for sharing your voice with us!  We are deeply grateful for your participation and prayers as we search for the next Moderator who will lead and empower us to “be MCC” together.