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Moderator Nominating Committee – FAQs

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  1. What is the purpose of the Moderator Nominating Committee?

The Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) was appointed by the MCC Governing Board to facilitate the overall process to solicit, recruit, screen, evaluate, and present qualified candidates for Moderator to the General Conference XXVI delegates for election in July 2016 in Victoria, Canada. The MNC is comprised of three (3) members and two (2) alternate members. The three members have voting rights; the two alternates have voice only.


  1. Why are we searching for a new Moderator?

The current Moderator, Reverend Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, will be retiring and not seeking re-election to the position of Moderator at the 2016 General Conference.


  1. What is the Moderator ?

The Moderator is the Chief Executive Officer of the denomination, as well as its spiritual and pastoral leader. The Moderator also is the head-of-staff for MCC employees (see the ROLE page).


  1. How long is the term of the Moderator?

The Moderator is elected at General Conference every 6 years.


  1. How is the Moderator elected?

The Moderator is elected by the MCC lay and clergy delegates at General Conference.


  1. What role does the Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) play in the selection of the Moderator?

The MNC selects the candidates for Moderator to be presented to the General Conference for election, of which one of the candidates is elected by the General Conference delegates as MCC’s new Moderator.


  1. How does the MNC select the candidates for Moderator?

By listening, receiving feedback, identify prospective candidates, screening and assessing applicants, interviewing and determining the candidates to be nominated, and the presenting candidates for Moderator to the General Conference in 2016 (see the PROCESS page).


  1. How many candidates for Moderator can the MNC nominate?

The MNC selects up to five (5) candidates to be presented to the General Conference for election, of which one will be elected by the General Conference delegates as the new Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches.


  1. When will the MNC announce the candidates for Moderator?

The MNC is currently planning to announce the candidates for Moderator in January 2016 (see the Search Process Timeline on the PROCESS page).


  1. What happens to the MNC after the new Moderator is elected?

The MNC ceases its role and is disbanded upon the election of the new Moderator.

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