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TRANSformative Church Ministry Program

What does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8


Become an MCC TRANSformative Church!

through intentional, guided ministry to/with your congregants on all areas of gender identity and expression.


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Program Overview

This ministry program endeavors to provide education, worship opportunities, and activism opportunities to church congregations through guided, intentional ministry.

The Goal

To provide local church congregations tools and resources to create, enhance, and maintain sustainable trans*, gender non-conforming, and gender-identity-focused ministry.


Even in the most inclusive church, our trans* and gender non-conforming siblings struggle to find a place both to be ministered to and in which to embody the priesthood of all believers. Metropolitan Community Churches has heard this need and, through MCC Transgender Ministries, is offering this program to enhance the ministry experiences of faith communities to and with trans* and gender non-conforming people.

This program offers the local church an opportunity to better welcome trans* and gender non-conforming individuals in the local worshiping and ministry community by guiding the formation and/or enhancement of ministries already alive in the faith community.

Become a TRANSformative Church!

Program Description

The MCC TRANSformative Church Ministry Program requires an intentional focus on the education of church members and friends on gender and the needs of trans* and gender non-conforming people within their community. During the course of six months to three years of focused ministry opportunities, the church congregation will experience community, learn about gender, and advocate for trans* and gender non-conforming siblings in their area. Successful participation of this program leads to acknowledgement certificates identifying the community as a TRANSformative Church”.

This program is designed to provide options for any size church or community organization and focus on three main areas; Worship, Education and Activism. Do not be overwhelmed by the list of requirements or perceived budgetary restraints- we are committed to tailoring the program to fit the needs and size of your congregation!

Program Summary

Empowered and Equipped

“It is very exciting that MCC is offering these groundbreaking and innovative resources for local churches in support of a full transgender ministry. Our churches can now be empowered and equipped in their journey towards radical inclusivity of our trans* and gender non-conforming siblings.” ~ Rev. Elder Darlene Garner, Director of the Office of Emerging Ministries

The MCC TRANSformative Church Ministry Program is designed to engage as many members of your church or local community as possible in a covenantal journey into creating safe space for trans* and gender non-conforming people. The program has five acknowledgement certificate levels:

    • Walk Humbly Certificate – completed program requirements and at least five (5) activities in one or more categories within two years.
    • Love Kindness Certificate – completed program requirements and at least ten (10) activities in two or more categories within two years.
    • Do Justice Certificate – completed program requirements and at least fifteen (15) activities in three or more categories within two years.
    • Symposium/Retreat Certificate – completed gender symposium or retreat.
    • Micah 6:8 Award Certificate – completed all levels above within three years of program start.

Program Benefits

Successful participation in the MCC TRANSformative Church Ministry Program will provide local congregations with multiple benefits.

The program will enhance ministry and social action ability for the local congregation in the following areas:


“We are learning in MCC that to live fully into the holy integration of sexuality and spirituality requires a deep knowledge and understanding of gender. I am hopeful that this new TRANSFormative Church Ministry Program will provide us with the tools we need to make the journey.” ~Rev. Dr. Mona West, Director of the Office of Leadership Development

    • Inclusion of trans* and gender non-conforming Individuals in:
      • Worship
      • Education
      •  Outreach
      •  In-Reach
      • Activism
      • Congregational Empowerment
      •  Spiritual Development
      •  Educating the Local Community
      • Legislative Participation
      • Church Marketing to trans* and gender non-conforming Communities
      • Church Marketing to Key Like-Minded Organizations

Program Administration

MCC Transgender Ministries understands the challenges of administering a new ministry program in a local church or spiritual community. To best assist volunteer program leaders and clergy, MCC Transgender Ministries staff are available to track, record and guide participation in this program. The MCCTM staff and volunteers manage program materials and provide ministry level acknowledgement certificates.

Program materials, including worship aides, educational workshops, activism checklists, theological studies, and all program forms are provided by MCC Transgender Ministry staff and volunteers.

Program administration services are free to all churches and community organizations, which enter the program and complete the first requirement: Local Church Focused Ministry Plan. Team-building meetings and general advising on activities is also available via conference calls with MCCTM staff at NO COST to the local church or community.

Program Availability

Download the MCC TRANSFormative Church Ministry Program below.

Transformative Church Program
Transformative Church Program
Date Updated: 24 July 2013
Workshop - HolyConversations
Workshop - HolyConversations
Workshop - HolyConversations.pdf
Date Updated: 18 November 2010


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