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Stop Trans Pathologization

MCC Transgender Ministries supports the Stop Trans Pathologization efforts in anticipation of the upcoming International Day of Struggle for the Depathologization of Trans Identities – 23 October 2010.

“As a spiritual voice among the many human rights organizations working for transgender equality, inclusion, and safety, MCC is poised to make a global impact to help depathologize transgender identities.  Though the current initiative endeavors to tackle medical categories inflicted upon trans identities, MCC can easily and vehemently add to the voices against making any of God’s creation a ‘pathology’.  Our prayers, our action, and our inclusive gospel is needed in this struggle.”  -Mel Martinez, Co-Lead MCC Transgender Ministries

MCC’s siblings struggle with the appropriateness and benefits of a classification in the American Psychiatric Association’s “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM) which guides the treatment and classification of people based on identified symptoms.  Within United States’ medical insurance and coverage, a classification within the DSM may provide an avenue to medical intervention.  However, global impact of a DSM classified “disorder” causes a ripple effect of pathology and mistreatment as well.

STP – Stop Trans Pathologization

The campaign Stop Trans Pathologization-2012 is an action coordinated by the International Net for Trans Desphatologization. This net is a coordination platform created by a group of advocates from different citites (mainly from the Spanish State) who work for the trans identities’ despathologization.

MCC Transgender Ministries encourages local MCC churches to learn more about this campaign and consider engaging local congregants in dialogue about the importance of depathologizing our transgender and gender-variant siblings.  (Click here to visit the STP website and learn how you can participate.)

The Manifesto

The advocates and groups who sign this document, and are part of the International Network for Trans’ Identities’ Despathologization, publicly denounce once again the psychiatrization of our identities and the serious consequences of the so called “Gender or Sex Identity Disorder” (GID). In the same way, we want to make visible the violence done to intersex people throughout the current medical procedures. (read the full Manifesto here)

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