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10 October 2017 Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry to meet head of charity for transgender children

10 October 2017 First transgender SI takes charge in Chennai

10 October 2017 Couple in Nepal’s ‘first transgender marriage’ finds acceptance

10 October 2017 Botswana Trans Man’s ID Should Reflect His Gender Identity, Court Rules

10 October 2017 Maryland Schools Adopt New Transgender Bathroom Policy

10 October 2017 San Diego Opera’s ‘As One’ Follows a Transgender Woman’s Transition

9 October 2017 British tourist faces jail in Dubai after brushing against man in bar

9 October 2017 Transgender charity considers legal action over Sunday Times story

9 October 2017 The Times mocks transgender people with offensive ‘birds and bees’ cartoon

9 October 2017 Transgender identity: Greece debates the right to decide

9 October 2017 Man arrested in shooting death of transgender woman in Lynchburg

9 October 2017 Indonesia police detain 51 men in Jakarta “gay spa” raid

9 October 2017 Transgender Brazilians Embrace Hit Soap Opera: ‘Now You Can See Us’

9 October 2017 UK Catholic Girls School Tells Students to Use Transgender Pronouns

9 October 2017 Don’t we count? Transgender Pakistanis feel sidelined by census

9 October 2017 For transgender college basketball coach, using men’s restroom for first time was affirming

9 October 2017 Pope condemns gender confirmation surgery for transgender people

9 October 2017 Review ‘The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson’ a poignant portrait of a transgender activist

9 October 2017 DOJ rescinds protections for transgender workers

9 October 2017 Lawyer and LGBT Activist to be Uruguay’s First Transgender Senator

6 October 2017 Trump Justice Dept ends transgender workplace protections

6 October 2017 Tom Petty’s final tour supported transgender rights

6 October 2017 Civil rights law doesn’t apply to transgender workers, says Justice Department memo

6 October 2017 Brazil: Transgender singers hope to change country’s view on rights

6 October 2017 Gina Duncan delivers transgender equality speech

6 October 2017 Catholic School promises to use ‘preferred pronoun’ and ‘preferred name’ of transgender pupils

6 October 2017 Kerala shows the way, again: Leftist youth body launches first transgender-majority political unit

6 October 2017 Transgender woman from Guatemala granted asylum in U.S.

6 October 2017 DOT Eases Driver’s License Changes for Transgender Iowans

6 October 2017 Federal Court To Rule On Transgender’s Firing From Christian Funeral Home


6 October 2017 Activists celebrate Botswana’s transgender court victory

6 October 2017 ACLU: R.I. schools will adopt policy supporting rights of transgender students

6 October 2017 Female-Only Cambridge College to Allow Transgender Women

6 October 2017 Mississippi’s ‘Turn Away the Gays’ Law May Head to Supreme Court

4 October 2017 Botswana: Victory for Gender Identity in Botswana

4 October 2017 Young and trans in Chile

4 October 2017 SPLC wins asylum for transgender woman who received death threats in Guatemala

4 October 2017 Egypt Expands Crackdown on Gay and Transgender People

4 October 2017 Denver tire company sued after rescinding job offer to transgender man

4 October 2017 Shakti Kapoor wants equal treatment for transgenders

4 October 2017 How LGBTQ Stars Are Changing Society Through Pop Culture

4 October 2017 6th Circuit to weigh religious ‘burden’ of employing transgender workers

4 October 2017 7 suspended in wake of attack on transgender student (VIDEO)

2 October 2017 WATCH: This is what it’s like to be a non-binary teenager

2 October 2017 Older and wiser: Armistead Maupin, chronicler of gay life, feels lucky to be here

2 October 2017 CPI(M)’s youth wing opens doors for transgenders

2 October 2017 Son Tus Niños También: Esperanza Offers Resources to Transgender Youth, Families

2 October 2017 BWW Review: Philip Dawkins’ Uplifting CHARM Inspired By Transgender Teacher Miss Gloria Allen

2 October 2017 Thousands March in Uruguay to Demand Rights for Trans People

2 October 2017 Rescheduled Pride Parade a success as thousands march down Congress Ave.

2 October 2017 Healthcare in Costa Rica applies to transgender people

2 October 2017 Firetruck Pull To Benefit Vermont Gay And Transgender Youth

2 October 2017 Azerbaijan detains abuses gay and transgender people

2 October 2017 Egypt: Stop Anti-LGBT Crackdown, Intimidation

2 October 2017 New Jersey Transgender Teen Viciously Beaten, Bullied At School

2 October 2017 Transgender teen brutally murdered in Missouri

2 October 2017 Botswana court grants transgender identity change

2 October 2017 Transgenders get a political voice

2 October 2017 Hate group Alliance Defending Freedom seeks to expand public funding for schools that discriminate against LGBTQ students

29 September 2017 Jail terms handed to gay and transgender people arrested in Azerbaijan

29 September 2017 Former rally driver becomes the UK’s first transgender ballet dancer

29 September 2017 ‘Christian’ Group Raising Money to Pay for Transgender Surgeries to ‘Atone for Church’s Discrimination’

29 September 2017 Transgender in prison: A look inside Canada’s system

29 September 2017 A transgender minister’s ‘long, painful, joyous, happy and dizzying’ road to acceptance

29 September 2017 Transgender teen goes viral with epic retort to transphobe

29 September 2017 ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Stars Endorse Transgender Spider-Man

29 September 2017 Hockey Coaches Need To Complete Transgender Training In Order To Hit The Ice

29 September 2017 Positive Impact: Seeing transgender people on TV changes attitudes

29 September 2017 Experts confirm gender identity is biological and say insurers should cover trans health needs

29 September 2017 Missouri prosecutors: Brutal murder of transgender teen is not a hate crime

29 September 2017 California university searching for professor to teach classes on ‘transgender studies’

27 September 2017 Dozens Of LGBTQ People Have Reportedly Been Arrested & Beaten In Azerbaijan

27 September 2017 Ally Lee Steinfeld is at least the 21st transgender person killed so far in 2017

27 September 2017 Transgender, Deaf Artist Chella Man Opens Up About Kind Comments on Instagram

27 September 2017 Bisexual teenager tells how gay and transgender pupils face classroom bullying

27 September 2017 Ontario minor hockey makes transgender training mandatory for coaches

27 September 2017 ‘Just who I am’: In new ad, Va. Democratic candidate discusses being transgender

26 September 2017 Transgender Activist Alok Vaid-Menon Challenges The Standard Binary Gender System


26 September 2017 Transgender woman running for Honduras congress

26 September 2017 Greece Should Do Better on Transgender Legal Recognition

26 September 2017 Playwright slams “dangerous” attempts to ban her work featuring a transgender Jesus

26 September 2017 HT poses little excess risk for bone health, CV outcomes in transgender adults

26 September 2017 Activists for early passage of bill to safeguard transgender persons’ rights

25 September 2017 Headteacher faces backlash over move towards gender neutral language

25 September 2017 Transgender students kicked off school bus for refusing to sit with girls

25 September 2017 Bath Spa University transgender research block labelled ‘astonishing’

25 September 2017 How Facebook’s “Authentic Name” Policy Serves to Create a Hostile Environment for Transgender Stalking Victims

25 September 2017 UWSP group holds transgender unity event


25 September 2017 Thousands attend VA PrideFest in Richmond: ‘It’s just love’

25 September 2017 Catbird & Transparent Created A Gorgeous Collection That Supports Transgender Rights

25 September 2017 ‘Waria’ documents struggle with identity

25 September 2017 Transgender teen ‘assaulted’ by person yelling abuse at Yes campaign

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25 September 2017 Z. Nicolazzo speaks to UMaine students and faculty

25 September 2017 Transgender activists take on ELCIN’s Nambala

21 September 2017 Select Citywalk to host ‘Hijra Habba’ an event for transgender community


21 September 2017 Death of Scout Schultz Highlights LGBTQ Mental Health Needs on Campus

21 September 2017 Channel 5’s India Willoughby becomes victim of online abuse for being transgender

21 September 2017 When football players join in to mock transgender people, Kansas high school students protest with a sit-in

19 September 2017 Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard qualifies for Commonwealth Games

19 September 2017 Japan’s women’s colleges grapple with shifting views on gender

19 September 2017 Study examines counseling experiences of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals

19 September 2017 Boots now stocks Notts entrepreneur’s make-up brushes aimed at transgender people

19 September 2017 Hamilton board of health will debate improving health care for transgender residents

19 September 2017 Indonesia’s Only Transgender Islamic School Quietly Running Again

18 September 2017 Yavapai County courts work to protect LGBT youth

18 September 2017 Transforming, a documentary about kids who identify as transgender or intersex

18 September 2017 Pentagon: Transgender Troops Can Re-Enlist In Military, For Now

18 September 2017 Jesuit Priest Stands Up for Gay Catholics, Then Faces Backlash

18 September 2017 Religious leader backs Hong Kong law banning sexual orientation discrimination … with conditions

18 September 2017 11 Transgender & Non-Binary Musicians You Need to Know

18 September 2017 Transgender Edmonton teen calls on all shelters to adopt LGBTQ guidelines

18 September 2017 ACLU requests “immediate halt” to Trump’s transgender military ban

18 September 2017 Trump’s pick for top civil rights post opposed equal pay act for women and transgender bathroom use

18 September 2017 Derricka Banner Becomes 19th Transgender Person Murdered In The U.S. This Year

14 September 2017 Police official suspended in Bahawalpur after transgender community protests alleged harassment

14 September 2017 CLPR launches 4-week course on transgender Identity, laws

14 September 2017 New Denver shelter on the way for homeless women and transgender individuals

14 September 2017 Living ‘an authentic life’ invites many questions, transgender man says

14 September 2017 Illamasqua hires transgender model Munroe Bergdorf

14 September 2017 Model Teddy Quinlivan Comes Out as Transgender

13 September 2017 Canada’s first transgender judge being his ‘authentic self’

13 September 2017 ‘The personal is the political’: Model Teddy Quinlivan comes out as transgender

13 September 2017 ASB to Issue Statement in Support of Transgender Students

13 September 2017 Abergavenny GP under investigation over work with transgender patients

13 September 2017 Transgender Models of Color You Should Know at NYFW

13 September 2017 Transgender youth nearly twice as likely to report suicidal thoughts

13 September 2017 Kerala government to open transgender clinics in medical colleges

12 September 2017 Bipartisan Senate Amendment To Protect Transgender Soldiers Sends Trump Reeling

12 September 2017 Nancy Pelosi slams Trump’s transgender military ban at GLAAD gala

12 September 2017 Eddie Izzard could ‘give up comedy’ to become first transgender MP

12 September 2017 Emerging School Restroom Trends Help Ensure Transgender Student Safety

12 September 2017 Former Novato mom pens memoir of raising transgender son

12 September 2017 A patient gets the new transgender surgery she helped invent

11 September 2017 NY Fashion Week runways featuring more diverse models than ever before

11 September 2017 Family to sue UK school over boys wearing dresses

11 September 2017 AMA joins brief seeking VA coverage of sex reassignment Sx

11 September 2017 Grandparents Day Reflection: Loving our Transgender Grandchild

11 September 2017 Finland Continues To Force Trans People To Get Sterilized

11 September 2017 India’s first online transgender channel launched

11 September 2017 Philly conference on transgender health opens with ceremony commemorating beloved founder

11 September 2017 Shakti Kapoor in ‘Raktdhar’ will fight for the transgender community

11 September 2017 LGBT hate crimes up 82% in Wales in four years, poll shows

11 September 2017 First West Africa LGBT-inclusive religious gathering takes place

8 September 2017 Gender identity: An opportunity to teach acceptance

8 September 2017 DACA Reversal Could Be ‘Death Sentence’ for LGBTQ Immigrants

8 September 2017 ‘CiviliTy of Albert Cashier’: A timely musical about a trans soldier

8 September 2017 Improving cervical cancer screening rates for transgender men

8 September 2017 Why do transgender children raise the hackles of ‘tolerant’ Australians?

8 September 2017 Marriage Could Offer More Protections to Transgender Couples

8 September 2017 Miss USA Welcomes First Openly Transgender Contestant

8 September 2017 Transgender woman’s death highlights toll of violence and community distrust of police

8 September 2017 Groups urge RIDE to adopt statewide policy for transgender students

7 September 2017 Breaking stereotypes: Educating the transgender community in Islamabad

7 September 2017 Hickory-area community celebrates LGBTQ pride at Third Annual Pridepalooza

7 September 2017 Halifax hospital conducting study to improve care for transgender population

7 September 2017 DACA Ends; Gay And Transgender Illegal Immigrants Hardest Hit, Gay Group Declares

7 September 2017 Glee star breaks Philippine walls as transgender icon

7 September 2017 Demonstration Project Amplifies Transgender Leadership in Fight Against HIV

7 September 2017 This 6-Year-Old Spent A Year Of Her Life Fighting To Use Her School’s Bathroom

7 September 2017 Sens. Collins, Gillibrand to offer amendment challenging transgender troop ban

7 September 2017 Spelman College: Transgender Women Can Now Attend Historically Black School

7 September 2017 School bans skirts to make uniform ‘gender neutral’ for transgender students and combat complaints about ‘decency’

6 September 2017 Kochi Metro All Set to Deploy 60 Transgender Employees in the Next 2 Years!

6 September 2017 Transgender teen ‘mocked’ by security at Newcastle pub

6 September 2017 Seattle voice coach helps transgender people find their true voice

6 September 2017 This transgender athlete is donating to trans causes for every home run she hits

6 September 2017 Elite US women’s colleges accepting transgender students for first time

6 September 2017 Trump’s administration is rewriting a rule that made transgender health care accessible. Patients are scared

5 September 2017 California would be first to give residents a third gender option

5 September 2017 ‘I hate you people’: Alt-righter arrested for pepper-spraying a transgender woman at anti-racist rally

5 September 2017 No delay in transgender donors giving blood, IBTS says

5 September 2017 Woman in custody after fatal stabbing of transgender person in Gates

5 September 2017 The Purge Of Transgender People From American Life Has Begun

5 September 2017 Why a hardline religious party in Pakistan is backing transgender rights Read more at:

4 September 2017 LGBT rights were accepted in ancient India, Section 377 must be repealed: writer Amish Tripathi

4 September 2017 The best costumes of Southern Decadence 2017

4 September 2017 Canada sets international example in LGBT rights

3 September 2017 Blood Transfusion Service working on transgender solution

3 September 2017 Government drops plan to protect transgender labour rights

2 September 2017 Transqueen 2017: A platform that aims for more inclusivity

2 September 2017 Trump’s pick for German ambassador would be his first openly LGBT ambassador

2 September 2017 This YouTube Channel Is All Set to Break Myths Surrounding Transgender

2 September 2017 Indiana appeals court rules in transgender birth certificate case

1 September 2017 L’Oreal Fires Its First Transgender Model

1 September 2017 ACLU of Nevada questions new policy on transgender prisoners

1 September 2017 How a transgender Chechen escaped Russia and found asylum in the United States

1 September 2017 This lawyer fights for his ‘heroes’ – transgender youth

1 September 2017 When Jesus Agreed With Lady Gaga: What The Bible Says About Transgender Persons

1 September 2017 Transgender teenager who killed himself ‘was angry at school’ over name change

31 August 2017 Transgender community sees ray of hope in SC’s privacy judgment

31 August 2017 Transgender students push change on college campuses

31 August 2017 Transgender people targeted in fatal Karachi attack

30 August 2017 UK’s First Transgender Mental Health Helpline Rolled Out Nationwide

30 August 2017 Mattis freezes transgender policy; allows troops to continue serving, pending study

29 August 2017 Transgender couple get death threats after announcing their wedding

29 August 2017 Transgender nurse sues state for alleged discrimination

29 August 2017 UAE prison time dropped for transgender Singaporean, friend

29 August 2017 Transgender service members sue Trump administration for violating the constitution

28 August 2017 Transgender community rejects census results

28 August 2017 Transgender inmate branded “it” by prison officer barred from mixing with other women in jail

28 August 2017 Transgender-Verbot in US-Armee nun offiziell

28 August 2017 Jewish History Helped Me Understand Transgender Communities

28 August 2017 Trump signs directive banning transgender military recruits

28 August 2017 Fair City is set to welcome its first transgender character as RTE reveals autumn schedule

28 August 2017 Spokane fire chief embraces diversity, helping pave way for transgender fire captain

25 August 2017 Transgender crosswalk colours hit Calgary

25 August 2017 New adult gender identity services for transgender people in Wales

25 August 2017 Canadians will soon be able to choose ‘X’ as gender on their passports

25 August 2017 Senator who lost both legs in Iraq war blasts Trump on transgender military ban

25 August 2017 Man Drives Car Through Activists Protesting Transgender Woman’s Death

25 August 2017 Public works introduces government’s 1st transgender workplace guide

24 August 2017 Study gauges perceptions of transgender youths in small towns

24 August 2017 UAE imprisons transgender Singaporean, friend for their look

24 August 2017 White House to Send Memo to Pentagon Soon on Transgender Ban

24 August 2017 Chile families fight for acceptance of transgender children

24 August 2017 Want a ‘Transgender Narrative’? Then Listen to Transgender People

23 August 2017 Creator of transgender symbol Holly Boswell dies age 66

23 August 2017 Seattle hosts Gender Odyssey, the country’s largest transgender conference

23 August 2017 Delhi to host transgender beauty contest on August 27

23 August 2017 Chile families fight for acceptance of transgender children

22 August 2017 Esperanza Center to Host ‘Trans Kids Back-to-School’ Workshop

22 August 2017 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights announces opposition to Trump’s transgender military ban

22 August 2017 Transgender Pakistanis Will Be Officially Recognized as Citizens for First Time Ever

21 August 2017 Texas resident is the 17th transgender person killed in America this year

21 August 2017 North Devon’s first transgender group launched

17 August 2017 Trans Pioneer Holly Boswell, Who Created The Transgender Symbol, Passes Away At 66

17 August 2017 Children recognize they’re ‘transgender’ by age 2: psychologist

17 August 2017 Why a transgender woman has sued the government, CBSE and Delhi University

17 August 2017 Providing a refuge for transgender men

17 August 2017 Cuomo announces transgender health care protections

17 August 2017 Edinburgh Festival, review, Adam / Eve: Honest first-person testimony from transgender people

16 August 2017 A New Rainbow in the Sky

16 August 2017 Another first in Pakistan: Transgender on the cover of a fashion magazine

16 August 2017 ‘Bathroom bill’ dies again in Texas as session abruptly ends

15 August 2017 Pakistan May Soon Put The U.S. To Shame On Transgender Rights

14 August 2017 Love is in the air on India’s first LGBT radio show

14 August 2017 The Uruguayan government is drafting a law to pay reparations to transgender people

14 August 2017 This Trans Republican Thinks Trump’s Military Ban Could Lead to Positive Change

14 August 2017 Trump’s Trans Military Ban Will Reportedly Cost $960 Million, Because That’s Not Expensive

11 August 2017 Navy Secretary defends trans troops as ‘patriots’

11 August 2017 Transgender Troops Sue Over Trump’s Trans Ban

11 August 2017 Trans Pride South West (UK)

9 August 2017 Respect transgender patriots

9 August 2017 Texas Transgender Bathroom Bill Falters Amid Mounting Opposition

9 August 2017 Inside the summer camp for transgender children in California

6 August 2017 Transgender African-Americans’ Open Wound: ‘We’re Considered a Joke’

6 August 2017 Behind the Headlines: The issues impacting LGBTQ people of African descent (Missouri, USA)

4 August 2017 Military scrambles for transgender policy after Trump tweets

4 August 2017 Transgender and 7 years old, a strong voice against Texas’ bathroom bill (USA)

31 July 2017 Troy Perry makes a visit (Texas, USA)

17 July 2017 Past time for Scott to honor vow to act against LGBT discrimination (Florida, USA)

21 June 2017 New York’s L.G.B.T.Q. Story Began Well Before Stonewall (New York, USA)

3 June 2017 Rev. Troy Perry on pain and joy of resistance and Pride

25 May 2017 On one of the churches’ most contentious issues, advocate tries to navigate way forward