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18 January 2018 Go non-binary, wear gender-neutral

18 January 2018 Transgender nondiscrimination bill reintroduced in NH

18 January 2018 UVic exhibition reveals hidden history of transgender art and activism

18 January 2018 Sunday Times admits report bashing transgender charity was untrue

18 January 2018 Delaware’s transgender students: Separate but equal?

18 January 2018 This court ruling may have just changed same-sex marriage and trans rights across the Americas

17 January 2018 Transgender Rights Align with Conservative Values

17 January 2018 NH lawmakers get another shot at transgender anti-discrimination bill

17 January 2018 Man charged in stabbing death of transgender woman in Pico-Union

17 January 2018 Trump Admin To Transgender Kids: We Won’t Deal With Your Civil Rights Complaints

17 January 2018 Boulder County expands gender classifications for job applicants in bid for greater inclusivity

17 January 2018 What it Takes to Pursue Acting as a Transgender Woman

17 January 2018 Jinkx Monsoon Talks New Album, Coming Out as Gender Nonbinary & ‘Steven Universe’ Role

16 January 2018 Washington state weighs LGBTQ training for long-term care workers

16 January 2018 LGBT activists protest Pope Francis in Chile

16 January 2018 REVIEW: Queer Taiwan Is a ‘Heartfelt Attempt to Find Common Ground’

16 January 2018 Latin America countries urged to abide by landmark LGBT rights ruling

16 January 2018 Two New England States Could Offer Third Gender Option On Driver’s Licenses

16 January 2018 Claremont Program Fosters Inclusion Via Children’s Books

16 January 2018 Scholastic Book ‘George’ About Transgender Child Outrages Conservative Group Calling for Boycott

16 January 2018 PBS to remove common testosterone hormone replacement therapy

16 January 2018 Trans men not offered NHS routine screening for cancers

16 January 2018 ‘Billions’ actor Asia Kate Dillon explains what it means to be non-binary

15 January 2018 ‘A monumental change’: how Ireland transformed transgender rights

15 January 2018 Peter Bone: MP who warned gays would destroy marriage leaves wife for woman 20 years younger

15 January 2018 Landmark Ruling Could Bring Marriage Equality Across Latin America

15 January 2018 Why do so many in Alabama oppose same-sex marriage?

15 January 2018 Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien: The First Trans Murder Victim of 2018

15 January 2018 Labour Party row over transgender women on all-women shortlists for Parliament

15 January 2018 Canadian Women’s Hockey League player comes out as transgender

15 January 2018 Health for all: KP Government enrolls transgender community

15 January 2018 Iran’s transgender community: Legally recognised yet socially ostracised

15 January 2018 WA Senate bill would ban conversion therapy

15 January 2018 Utopia of the Neutral Gives Voice to Trans Artists at Cabal Gallery

15 January 2018 European Court advises all EU nations must recognise same-sex couples

12 January 2018 Panelists speak at ‘Ask A Trans Person Anything’ Previous HIDE CAPTION Stiles Zuschlag, right, chats with a friend during “Ask A Trans Person Anything” on Thursday night at the Teatotaller in Somersworth. [John Doyle/] HIDE CAPTION From left, Chloe LaCasse, Liam Magan and Stiles Zuschlag chat it up during “Ask A Trans Person Anything” on Thursday night at the Teatotaller in Somersworth. [John Doyle/] HIDE CAPTION Eli Kuti of the Equality Health Center tends to an information table during “Ask A Trans Person Anything” on Thursday night at the Teatotaller in Somersworth. [John Doyle/] HIDE CAPTION Stiles Zuschlag, right, chats with a friend during “Ask A Trans Person Anything” on Thursday night at the Teatotaller in Somersworth. [John Doyle/] HIDE CAPTION From left, Chloe LaCasse, Liam Magan and Stiles Zuschlag chat it up during “Ask A Trans Person Anything” on Thursday night at the Teatotaller in Somersworth. [John Doyle/] HIDE CAPTION Eli Kuti of the Equality Health Center tends to an information table during “Ask A Trans Person Anything” on Thursday night at the Teatotaller in Somersworth. [John Doyle/] HIDE CAPTION Stiles Zuschlag, right, chats with a friend during “Ask A Trans Person Anything” on Thursday night at the Teatotaller in Somersworth

12 January 2018 Judaism Needs to Be Kinder to Transgender People

12 January 2018 Now sworn in, 1st openly transgender legislator in Va. goes right to work

12 January 2018 Transformation Street is an insightful and positive look at transgender issues: review

12 January 2018 CWHL’s first transgender woman finds comfort, confidence in professional hockey

12 January 2018 Gay couples merit EU residency rights, court adviser says

12 January 2018 Inter-American Court endorses same-sex marriage; Costa Rica reacts

11 January 2018 Pakistan’s Transgender Women, Long Marginalized, Mobilize For Rights

11 January 2018 SCOTTISH PLAY SCOTT Telling gay WWII history

11 January 2018 Scottish Labour leader shrugs off criticism over equality spokesperson who opposes gay equality

10 January 2018 Supreme Court must strike down Section 377 to cure India of homophobia

10 January 2018 Broward Bans Forced Conversion Therapy For Gay, Transgender Children

10 January 2018 Three transgender men challenge Hong Kong policy requiring full sex change before they are legally considered male

10 January 2018 Let’s make 2018 the year the non-binary community is embraced

10 January 2018 First gay marriage takes place in Australia

10 January 2018 Why I embrace the term Latinx

10 January 2018 Steven Universe’s Stevonnie Is Bringing Non-Binary Representation to TV in a Brand New Way

10 January 2018 Theresa May sacks equalities chief Justine Greening, leaving LGBT reforms up in the air

10 January 2018 Anna Friel films new transgender drama in Manchester

10 January 2018 These Transgender Teenagers Are Excited To Have Their Own Float At Mardi Gras

10 January 2018 Utah Supreme Court wades into transgender rights and birth certificates

10 January 2018 Doraville swears in Georgia’s only transgender elected official

8 January 2018 Respite for Pakistan’s trans citizens

8 January 2018 Tasmania to push to become the same-sex marriage and honeymoon capital

8 January 2018 Ukrainian TV Station Forced To Apologize For Gay-Bashing ‘Pinocchio’ Parody

8 January 2018 How a Homeless Graduate Became Andhra Govt’s First Transgender Employee

8 January 2018 India’s only gay prince is opening his palace up to vulnerable LGBT people

8 January 2018 How to Protect LGBT Rights in 2018

8 January 2018 ‘Blue wave’ in Texas could also bring a wave of gay elected officials

8 January 2018 Rural Minnesota Catholic parish dismisses musicians over gay marriages

8 January 2018 Same-sex marriage is tearing the Mormon Church apart

8 January 2018 Trans women struggle to survive in El Salvador city

8 January 2018 Transgender community gets an app to tackle violence

8 January 2018 Transgender in Egypt: the forbidden life

8 January 2018 Judge Rejects Injunction to Ban Transgender Girl from Female Restrooms

8 January 2018 Meet the Five Transgender Texans on the Ballot in 2018

8 January 2018 WeHo Jesus dead at 57

8 January 2018 Marriage equality plaintiff runs for state Senate

8 January 2018 Tennis legend Margaret Court turns back on Australian Open

8 January 2018 LGBT angles for all 12 NFL playoff teams

8 January 2018 Sydney Festival set to host a huge wedding reception to celebrate legalising gay marriage

5 January 2018 Trump expected to rollback transgender inmate protections

5 January 2018 PARENTS Mum Launches Support Group To Let Parents Of Transgender Kids Know They’re Not Alone

5 January 2018 Planned Parenthood embraces transgender hormone therapy

5 January 2018 First openly transgender woman in British Vogue

5 January 2018 Meet Alexandra Chandler, the Transgender Military Intelligence Analyst Running for Congress

5 January 2018 Washington state birth certificates will soon have nonbinary option

5 January 2018 Unite for pride

5 January 2018 SAGE Offers New Program to Combat Loneliness and Isolation of LGBTQ Elders

5 January 2018 Shunned And Homeless LGBTQ Ukrainians Are Finding Shelter In Kiev

5 January 2018 Vast majority of Conservative Party still opposes same-sex marriage in the UK

5 January 2018 Trump Judicial Nom Doesn’t Think Gay Judges Should Hear LGBT Cases

5 January 2018 Court rejects marriage appeal by third lesbian couple

5 January 2018 Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ann Widdecombe’s shocking views on gay and transgender people

4 January 2018 Meet Transgender Evangelist Selena Little

4 January 2018 Judge refuses to order school to suspend transgender policy

4 January 2018 Love your body: introduction

4 January 2018 How secret Facebook communities have helped guide my creative career

4 January 2018 P.C. Language Saved My Life

3 January 2018 Kentucky Judge Resigns Because Christian Faith Prevents Him from Ruling on Gay Adoptions

3 January 2018 Munroe Bergdorf slams the media for ‘screwing up’ transgender kids

3 January 2018 The Transgender Scientist Who Changed How We See the Brain

3 January 2018 New law simplifies gender identity on birth certificate

3 January 2018 LGBT IPC Introduce New Inclusive Mx Category For Transgender, Non Binary and Intersex Athletes

2 January 2018 Transgender Women In Pakistan Demand Equal Rights

2 January 2018 3 Inspiring Trans Politicans to Follow This Year

2 January 2018 Oregon court upholds $135,000 fine against bakery owners in gay wedding cake case

2 January 2018 Asia made big strides in LGBT rights in 2017

1 January 2018 This is exactly how long it will take to win global LGBTI rights

1 January 2018 Today Ruism (Confucianism) Can Unconditionally Support Same-Sex Marriage

1 January 2018 Malaysian transgender conversion plan sparks alarm

1 January 2018 Queer to the future

1 January 2018 U.S. Military To Allow Transgender Recruits After Trump Administration Drops Appeal

1 January 2018 Scottish Government gives go-ahead for gender neutral school uniforms

1 January 2018 9 things to stop saying to bisexual people

1 January 2018 Swedish church defends gender neutral pronoun for Jesus

1 January 2018 How Young Consumers (And Employees) Are Driving Gender Inclusivity

29 December 2017 Bathrooms lose their genders at Vashon Island high school after students push for change Read more here:

29 December 2017 Activists want states to copy Illinois’ ban of “gay panic defense”

29 December 2017 Government delays transgender rights review amid right-wing press backlash

29 December 2017 Mourning Ben Barres, The Transgender Scientist Who Changed Neuroscience

29 December 2017 WATCH: South Africa’s Brand-New Trans Webseries

29 December 2017 Starting Jan. 1, individuals can change sex on Oregon birth certificates to non-binary

28 December 2017 Tunisia’s first LGBTQ radio station keeps playing despite threats

28 December 2017 Marriage equality is a reality – so what’s the next LGBTI battle?

28 December 2017 Outsports Male Heroes of the Year: Mack Beggs and Harrison Browne

28 December 2017 Appeals court overturns shocking parental rights ruling against trans woman

28 December 2017 Year ender 2017: The many first steps India took to embrace transgender people

28 December 2017 Court reinstates transgender man’s discrimination suit against Starbucks

28 December 2017 A trans review of 2017: the year of transgender moral panic

28 December 2017 Transgender Issues Energize Typically Sleepy School Board Elections

28 December 2017 Trans and non-binary fitness trainers are building tiny empires — on Instagram

27 December 2017 This Is Not About Cake: LGBTQ People Deserve Equal Service

27 December 2017 Without family support, Detroit’s trans community leans on each other for the holidays

27 December 2017 Iowa Kid Who Defended Lesbian Mothers Now Running For Office

27 December 2017 Is the Supreme Court Backsliding on LGBT Rights?

27 December 2017 Familial Rejection & Abuse: The Heartbreaking Stories Of Homeless LGBT People

27 December 2017 Catholic Bishops Encourage Parents to Reject Their Transgender Children

27 December 2017 New Batman Comics Promoting Transgender Awareness

27 December 2017 How to survive Christmas with your transphobic relatives

27 December 2017 4 Remarkable Queer Events In 2017 That Can Pave The Way Forward For The New Year

24 December 2017 Transgenders fill lives of schoolkids with colour

24 December 2017 Batman Comics Are Fighting For Transgender Awareness

24 December 2017 23 Same-Sex Wedding Proposal Videos That Reminded Us Love Was Still Alive In 2017

24 December 2017 How the Wrong Holiday Gift Traumatized Me as a Transgender Child

24 December 2017 Following National Trend, RI Has Its First Openly Transgender Woman Running For Office

24 December 2017 America’s First Transgender Suicide Hotline Is Now Live

24 December 2017 Why I will visit my transphobic dad at Christmas even after he attacked me

24 December 2017 There came three wise people of non‑binary gender

22 December 2017 New lawsuit: local hospital denied surgery to trans patient

22 December 2017 Church of England Schools Encourage Students to Report ‘Homophobic,’ Transgender Bullying with New Forms

22 December 2017 Transgender In Tehran: Arsham’s Story

22 December 2017 Religious leaders pen open letter speaking out against transgender identities

22 December 2017 US appeals court denies stay of transgender military ban

22 December 2017 Too many men: How the voices we should have heard were marginalized in 2017

21 December 2017 The Terrible Anti-LGBTQ First Year Of The Promised ‘Pro-Gay’ President Trump

21 December 2017 UK government: It’s ‘not the time’ for equal marriage in Northern Ireland

21 December 2017 S.F.’s First Trans-Specific Clinic to Open in 2018

21 December 2017 The League of Gentlemen creators defend transgender character

21 December 2017 HRC projected “transgender” and Trump’s other banned words on his DC hotel

21 December 2017 Reading, PA Becomes Latest Municipality to Protect Youth from Conversion Therapy

21 December 2017 Families of Chicago celebrates LGBTQ youths of color

21 December 2017 11 Amazing Things That Happened For LGBT People In 2017 In Spite of Trump

21 December 2017 Meet Dave Welch, the ‘Pastor of Pastors’ who Mobilizes Texas Churches Against LGBT Rights

21 December 2017 This tiny island just passed same-sex marriage

20 December 2017 LGBT+ issues could be taught in school sex education for the first time in history

20 December 2017 How to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns

20 December 2017 Japan urged to end forced sterilization of transgender people

20 December 2017 Three women explore what it means to be bisexual in China’s capital

20 December 2017 President Of The Philippines: “I Am For Same-Sex Marriage”

19 December 2017 Catholic Bishops spearhead letter encouraging parents to reject their transgender kids

19 December 2017 Vigilantes Stalk Indonesian Transgender Women

19 December 2017 Botswana to recognise a transgender woman’s identity for first time after historic High Court ruling

19 December 2017 Children to be taught transgender issues in sex education lessons

19 December 2017 DC Introduce New Non-Binary Character in Supergirl #19 Co-Written by Non-Binary Writer

19 December 2017 First same-sex marriages take place in Australia following legalisation

18 December 2017 America: SPEAK the 7 words. Evidence-based. Science-based. Fetus. Diversity. Transgender. Vulnerable. Entitlement.

18 December 2017 Transgender woman working to ease lives of Ukrainians like herself

18 December 2017 Eye on Texas: Transgender Youth in Texas

18 December 2017 Once a spy who fought WMD proliferation, this transgender woman is running for Congress

18 December 2017 CDC gets list of forbidden words: Fetus, transgender, diversity

18 December 2017 Transgender community barred from Hajj, Umrah

18 December 2017 South West charity launch transgender helpline to give advice to those in need this Christmas

18 December 2017 Same-sex marriage paves the way for couples to be recognised as next-of-kin

18 December 2017 2017 Was Fashion’s Most Inclusive Year Yet

18 December 2017 The State of Worldwide Marriage Equality

18 December 2017 Hawaii case draws attention to same-sex child support issues

15 December 2017 BONELA hails court ruling on transgender case

15 December 2017 Transgender woman who was a ‘loving, beautiful person’ becomes the 28th killed this year

15 December 2017 UKIP politician banned from Welsh Assembly after attacking ‘nutty’ transgender people in vile speech

15 December 2017 Transgender woman running for Colombian Senate

15 December 2017 Transgender troops — how open is Germany’s army?

15 December 2017 Glenbrook school district drafts transgender student policy: ‘We look to include, not to exclude’

15 December 2017 2 men to stand trial in shooting of transgender woman

15 December 2017 The Woman Tracking All of Trump’s Damage, Week by Week

15 December 2017 Study: 1/4 of California kids seen as gender nonconforming

15 December 2017 Beyond the binary: Gender nonconforming students share their stories

15 December 2017 Labour’s plan for Northern Ireland to vote on gay marriage

15 December 2017 Gay activist details undercover journey inside alt-right

14 December 2017 LGBTQ People Are Also Silence Breakers. Listen When We Say #MeToo

14 December 2017 16 Days Of Activism Should Be 365 Days Of Activism

13 December 2017 Senate Confirms Unqualified, Antigay Judge to Lifetime Appointment

13 December 2017 Doug Jones pulls off win against Roy Moore, slays anti-LGBT candidate

13 December 2017 This is what LGBTQ people should look for when choosing hospice care

13 December 2017 Uganda’s Only LGBTQ Film Festival Shut Down By Police

13 December 2017 CBC pulls ‘harmful’ Transgender Kids documentary from schedule after online complaints

13 December 2017 Botswana Court Orders Government to Recognize Transgender Woman as Female

13 December 2017 In Singapore, it’s time to change closed minds towards the LGBT community

13 December 2017 Transgender teen takes the stand in civil trial over bathroom rights

13 December 2017 Government halts same-sex marriages in Bermuda

11 December 2017 What it’s like to be young and transgender in Wales

11 December 2017 This 17-year-old is changing the lives of transgender children

11 December 2017 Transgender preacher defies dysphoria

11 December 2017 Author discusses book based on life of transgender child

11 December 2017 This Edmonton-based gym for LGBTQ people is the first of its kind in Canada

11 December 2017 Transgender Woman’s Murder in Trinidad & Tobago Highlights Ostracism Faced by LGBTQ Community

11 December 2017 How Clueless Straight White Guys Excuse Religious Homophobia

11 December 2017 Australian Gay couples register weddings on day one of marriage equality

11 December 2017 Young people want better sex education, gender-neutral toilets and LGBTI history taught in schools

11 December 2017 Meet the Makeup Line Specifically Made for Trans People

11 December 2017 Trans Lifeline co-founder Chaubal appears before immigration-court judge

11 December 2017 For LGBTI in Eastern Europe, a struggle to exist

11 December 2017 Transgender Woman Runs For Massachusetts Congressional Seat

11 December 2017 These 6 gender activists are shaking up the world

8 December 2017 Same-sex marriage by country: All the places where gay marriage is now legal

8 December 2017 Couple aims to wed in every country with same-sex marriage

8 December 2017 Australia Makes Same-Sex Marriage Legal

8 December 2017 Yesterday The Supreme Court Jolted LGBTQ People With A Frightening Reality

8 December 2017 Rockwell, 60 other companies join new coalition supporting transgender rights

8 December 2017 Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis ramps up anti-transgender activity in 2017

8 December 2017 Chhattisgarh police to recruit transgender constables, deploy them to combat Maoists

8 December 2017 Grief over murder of transgender woman

8 December 2017 Trump administration seeks to delay order to accept transgender recruits

8 December 2017 Up to 400 Communities Across Nation Join National “I Am Jazz” Day of Readings

7 December 2017 Hillary Hails Synagogue For LGBT Community As ‘Bold Spiritual Community Of Resistance’

7 December 2017 What the latest research really says about LGBTQ youth in schools

7 December 2017 Martha Stewart: I ‘Don’t Differentiate’ Between Gay And Straight Weddings

7 December 2017 Sydney Harbour Bridge to celebrate gay marriage with New Year’s Eve rainbow fireworks

7 December 2017 Violence against LGBT Australians rocketed during the marriage equality vote, research shows

7 December 2017 Transgender teen files lawsuit against largest IL school district over denial of locker room access

7 December 2017 Washington considers non-binary ‘X’ gender option for birth certificates

6 December 2017 The Challenges Transgender Immigrants Seeking Asylum in The U.S. Face

6 December 2017 A child was dumped by her parents because a transgender woman donated blood to her

6 December 2017 EU court adviser says Britain was wrong to refuse transgender woman’s pension

6 December 2017 Knowing a transgender person could influence one’s political stance, study finds

6 December 2017 The Alliance Defending Freedom continues to oppose transgender rights abroad

6 December 2017 Transgender teen wants treatment. Parents want ‘Christian-based’ therapy

5 December 2017 Gay marriage in Austria approved by Constitutional Court

5 December 2017 U.S. Supreme Court declines to consider Houston fight over same-sex marriage benefits

5 December 2017 Valentina Sampaio Becomes Vogue Brazil’s First Transgender Cover Girl

5 December 2017 Mother to walk, receive diploma for local transgender man who passed away

5 December 2017 Gay Argentinian rugby player left with fractured eye after brutal homophobic attack

5 December 2017 Calls for same-sex marriage legalization growing in Japan

5 December 2017 Transgender, gender non-conforming photo shoot ‘disrupts’ Oxford

5 December 2017 Supreme Court considers religious objections to serving gay customers

5 December 2017 World AIDS Day passes unnoticed

5 December 2017 2017: A landmark year for queer films

5 December 2017 Meet trans comedian Julia Scotti, America’s Got Talent’s potty mouthed grandma

5 December 2017 What Obama Said To This Indian ‘Criminal’ Reignites Our Hope For A Better Tomorrow

5 December 2017 Transvision, India’s First YouTube Channel For Transgenders Launches

5 December 2017 Gay couple’s marriage declared ‘void’ by Greek Supreme Court

5 December 2017 Why Are Transgender Individuals Not Allowed Into The Indian Armed Forces?

5 December 2017 Time for national anti-discrimination workplace law?

5 December 2017 Caring for Transgender Patients Clinicians need a better understanding of unique health issues

5 December 2017 Susan Sarandon Produced Documentary ‘Deep Run’ Explores Transgender Teen Life in North Carolina

5 December 2017 Vigil provides ‘reason to hope’ for transgender community

5 December 2017 Why we must act now to bring marriage equality to Northern Ireland

5 December 2017 Taiwanese Couples’ Agonizing Wait for Same-sex Marriage

1 December 2017 Woman sentenced for brutal murder of a homeless transgender man

1 December 2017 Landmark court ruling a victory for transgender citizens of Turkey

1 December 2017 Karnataka transgender activist Akkai Padmashali to attend Town Hall with Obama

1 December 2017 Madras HC calls for upliftment of Transgender community

1 December 2017 Eddie Izzard vows to become first transgender member of Labour’s governing body

1 December 2017 How Trump May Inadvertently Advance Transgender Rights

1 December 2017 What It Means to Transition When You’re Non-Binary

1 December 2017 Lifting the veil on same-sex church weddings

1 December 2017 Barbie ‘comes out as lesbian’: Doll shows same-sex marriage support

1 December 2017 PM urged to legalise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland amid Stormont impasse

1 December 2017 Same-sex marriage legislation could become law ‘within days’

30 November 2017 McGill delivers voice training workshops for transgender students

30 November 2017 Mayor of London Sadiq Khan: In London, transgender people should be free to be who they are

30 November 2017 Jo Cox women’s leadership scheme rebukes The Times over attacks on transgender teen

30 November 2017 Transgender Woman Murdered in Oklahoma City

30 November 2017 Japan Forces Sterilization on Transgender People

30 November 2017 New public lavatories in London will be gender-neutral

30 November 2017 HRC releases 2018 corporate index

30 November 2017 GLAAD releases TV diversity report

30 November 2017 Do Anti-Gay Laws Impact Tourism Markets? Part I

30 November 2017 Same-sex marriage bill clears Australia’s Senate

29 November 2017 Exclusive: Transgender Youth Find Their Voice at Saturday Church

29 November 2017 WWJD about ‘Transgender’? A trans Christian responds

29 November 2017 Girlguiding is accepting transgender girls – and it’s sparked a backlash

28 November 2017 Aged Care for Transgender and Intersex Australians Lags Behind

28 November 2017 Federal Judge Rules That Military Must Move Forward With Plan Allowing Transgender Recruits

28 November 2017 Baril: Breaking the transgender glass ceiling is good, but universities can do better

28 November 2017 Corporate America: Get Ready for Trans Employees

28 November 2017 Study: Atheists, More Than Any Religious Group, Accept Transgender Identities

28 November 2017 ‘Terrorized at home’, Central America’s LGBT people to flee for their lives: report

28 November 2017 Calgary celebrates Transgender Awareness Week

28 November 2017 Russia’s ‘Anti-Gay Propaganda’ Law Triggers Anti-LGBTQ Hate

28 November 2017 DUP says Northern Ireland should have the same laws as Britain – except if you’re gay

27 November 2017 Spokane declares its own ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’

27 November 2017 Smirnoff highlights non-binary artists with campaign

27 November 2017 Thaarika becomes India’s first transgender medical student after fighting for her rights

27 November 2017 Oxford students inspired by black transgender model

27 November 2017 Same-sex marriage: Push to let florists and bakers discriminate against gay weddings dropped

27 November 2017 14 Egyptian men get three years in jail for homosexuality

27 November 2017 Questions raised as body of transgender person found in ravine

27 November 2017 Another transgender person meets violent death in Peshawar

27 November 2017 6 Trans And Non-Binary Creatives Describe Their Paths To Success

27 November 2017 Huge procession marks 10th anniversary of Bengaluru’s pride march

27 November 2017 Hate in America is on the rise

27 November 2017 Moonlight clinics — taking HIV treatment to those who live in the shadows

27 November 2017 Transgender Volleyball Player Makes Debut for Spanish Club

27 November 2017 Christian School Fires Gay Teacher After He Admits He’s in a Relationship

27 November 2017 Push for gay marriage rights

27 November 2017 Chile will officially debate marriage equality

27 November 2017 Australia’s anti-LGBT lobby still wants to block equal marriage despite public vote

24 November 2017 Swansea & Bournemouth give transgender and non-binary supporters a gender-neutral option

24 November 2017 Transgender flag honours deceased

24 November 2017 ‘Rainbow couples’ fight for approval in Cambodia

24 November 2017 WLU trans students facing hate on-campus and online: advocate

24 November 2017 Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard named New Zealand’s Commonwealth Games team

24 November 2017 Pembroke adopts policy for protecting transgender students

24 November 2017 Sikhs joins movement to protect rights of transgender community in Pak’s KPK province

24 November 2017 Rainbow theme, indeed: Chandigarh Carnival to have stall for transgenders

24 November 2017 China has published its first study of transgender people and it’s exactly as worrying as you’d expect

24 November 2017 Zimbabwe LGBT Activists Celebrate Robert Mugabe’s Departure

24 November 2017 LGBTQ Philanthropy is Growing Yet Under Attack

24 November 2017 Australian PM orders ‘religious freedom’ review to appease anti-gay marriage lobby

24 November 2017 Same-sex marriage debate could yet claim Malcolm Turnbull as a victim

24 November 2017 Ten veterans inducted as part of LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor ceremony

24 November 2017 Republicans in Virginia Refuse to Call Transgender Lawmaker Danica Roem a Woman


23 November 2017 WEFEST to Showcase Female, Non-Binary and Trans Artists at Pride Arts Center

23 November 2017 Transgender Woman Shot, Robbed in Detroit on the Eve of the TDOR

23 November 2017 GLAAD to Help Fund New Documentary About Being Transgender In the Military

23 November 2017 Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crimes Double In Russia Following ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

23 November 2017 Canberra’s rainbow roundabout marks same-sex marriage Yes vote

23 November 2017 Romania Gay Marriage Case Could Have Outsize Impact in Europe

22 November 2017 Andrea Jenkins’ and Phillipe Cunningham’s Victories Are a Triumph for Trans Youth of Color

22 November 2017 20 nonbinary creators you need to keep an eye out for

22 November 2017 Government urged to change law that ‘outs’ transgender business people

22 November 2017 Health Care System Fails Many Transgender Americans

22 November 2017 Second federal judge halts Trump’s transgender military ban

22 November 2017 Transgender professor awarded $1.1M after school denied her tenure and fired her

22 November 2017 Transgender students answer common questions about identity, terminology

22 November 2017 10 Trans Youth Share Their Struggles And Hopes In This Emotional Short Film

21 November 2017 China Marks Transgender Day of Remembrance With National Survey

21 November 2017 Grindr updates its app to be more inclusive of transgender and non-binary users

21 November 2017 Same-sex marriage paves the way to residency for foreign partners

21 November 2017 New book shows existence of transgender people isn’t a recent phenomenon

21 November 2017 The People Who Marched At The First Mardi Gras Are Reuniting For The 40th Parade

21 November 2017 UC’s LGBTQ Center hosts Trans Fashion Show

21 November 2017 12 Things We Should Be Doing For Transgender Women Of Color

21 November 2017 Jury awards transgender professor $1.1 million in discrimination case

21 November 2017 Violence Isn’t the Only Threat to Transgender Youth

21 November 2017 Transgender artists of color speak on reclaiming their resilience in powerful art project

21 November 2017 Turkish authorities ban LGBT events in Ankara

21 November 2017 Cracks emerge over marriage protections

21 November 2017 EU fails to identify and protect gay, lesbian, and transgender asylum seekers

21 November 2017 Trans teen’s war with his body started when he was just 10

21 November 2017 Trans, Non-Binary, Intersex and Gender Diverse Games Dev Community to hold first networking event

21 November 2017 Non-Binary People Are Changing the World for Good

21 November 2017 Lucy Meadows was a transgender teacher who took her own life. Her story must be remembered

21 November 2017 Transgender activist named Red Crescent ambassador

20 November 2017 This trans organization is going to protest a transgender job fair tomorrow

20 November 2017 Watch: Raquel Willis on Bringing Your Black Transgender Identity to Work

20 November 2017 Inaugural Transgender Day of Remembrance Memory Mile Walk planned for Rehoboth

20 November 2017 Manipur Sangai Festival to have separate toilets for transgenders

20 November 2017 Transgender activist named Red Cross ambassador

20 November 2017 State Department Recognizes Transgender Day Of Remembrance

20 November 2017 Family, friends mourn slain Toledo woman on Transgender Day of Remembrance

20 November 2017 California Becomes The First State To Approve LGBTQ-Inclusive History Books For Its Schools

20 November 2017 Proposed amendment to SSM bill would protect right to discriminate against same-sex marriage

20 November 2017 Transgender icon finds acceptance and millions of fans on YouTube

20 November 2017 Will a Transgender Woman Make History as the First Academy Award Nominee for Best Actress?

20 November 2017 Children calling Childline about transgender issues

20 November 2017 HRC releases guide on engaging prospective trans an non-binary foster and adoptive parents

20 November 2017 Transgender job fair aims to crack the last glass ceiling

20 November 2017 Conference aims to improve healthcare for transgender kids

20 November 2017 Transgender people in US facing an ‘epidemic of violence’ as number of murders hit record high

20 November 2017 LGBTQ Activists Amplify Their Plea For A Global End To Conversion Therapy

20 November 2017 ‘I tried to condition myself out of being gay’: Matthew Mitcham

20 November 2017 Bermuda Government Attempting to Repeal Marriage Equality

18 November 2017 Metropolitan Community Church Illiana hosting Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil Nov. 20 (Indiana, USA)

17 November 2017 We should follow Church’s cue on transgender inclusion

17 November 2017 Transgender refugee defies critics by inviting military recruiters to a trans job fair


17 November 2017 Engaging Prospective Transgender, Non-Binary Foster and Adoptive Parents, a new guide


17 November 2017 First transgender minister ordained by Methodist Church

17 November 2017 Walk to remember transgender victims of violence

17 November 2017 Planned Parenthood of Illinois Marks Transgender Awareness Week, Highlights

17 November 2017 Pride Foundation announces largest ever community grants

17 November 2017 Australia’s oldest gay couple plan to wed following historic vote to legalise same-sex marriage

17 November 2017 Australia’s Curious Path to Legalizing Gay Marriage

16 November 2017 Geneva woman could become first openly transgender NY lawmaker

16 November 2017 Emmanuel flies Cambridge’s first-ever transgender flag

16 November 2017 ‘Allah doesn’t care if you are transgender’: the Indonesian school fighting a backlash


16 November 2017 GLAAD Confirms That the Majority of LGBTQ Representation on TV Is White and Male

15 November 2017 Transgender Woman Sues Massachusetts for Housing Her in Men’s Prison

15 November 2017 Lithuania Finds Itself in the Middle of Transgender Debate

15 November 2017 How same-sex marriage has changed New Zealand

15 November 2017 How life is tough for transgenders in conservative Malaysia, who face violence, religious and official bias, and abusive media

15 November 2017 Transgender hate crimes on public transport rise by 70%

15 November 2017 Support Transgender Youth in Your Classroom and Community

15 November 2017 HRC suspends Walmart’s perfect Equality Index rating over harassment of transgender workers

14 November 2017 Australia Has Voted YES To Same-Sex Marriage In A Landmark National Survey

14 November 2017 This Mom’s Poem For Her Transgender Daughter Is A Beautiful Reflection On Both The Joy & Fear Parents Have Raising Trans Children In 2017

14 November 2017 Lessons in resonance: Clinic helps transgender clients match voice to identity

14 November 2017 More than 1,400 parents of transgender young people sign National Declaration of Rights

14 November 2017 Mascoma High Holds First Intersectionality Day

14 November 2017 Transgender Comedians Are Carving Their Own Path In An Industry That’s Not Always Enlightened

14 November 2017 Ganga Kumari becomes first transgender to be appointed in Rajasthan Police

14 November 2017 Talking to Andrea Jenkins, the First Out Trans Woman of Color Elected in American History

14 November 2017 For the first time, Denver City Council marks Transgender Day of Remembrance

13 November 2017 Malaysian transgender trailblazer Khartini named regional ‘hero’

13 November 2017 Church of England tells schools to let children ‘explore gender identity’

13 November 2017 LGBT+ community sees outpouring of love at Delhi Queer Pride parade

13 November 2017 Meet the transgender model who just walked the ramp at Van Heusen + GQ Fashion Nights

13 November 2017 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival brings hope after progressive election wins

13 November 2017 Celebrating Gender Variance In Burma’s Spirit Cults

13 November 2017 Abby Stein, transgender woman who left Hasidic community, to speak at Yale

13 November 2017 After 13 years in the military, this is my toughest Veterans Day

13 November 2017 Bringing the Transgender Veterans Community Together

13 November 2017 Transgender candidate announces U.S. Senate campaign in Minn., seeking Green Party endorsement

13 November 2017 How I Overcame My False Fear Of Transgender People

13 November 2017 Small Quebec town elects Canada’s first openly transgender mayor


13 November 2017 Denver to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance for first time

13 November 2017 Pop Star Kim Petras On Her Infectious New Single & Being A Trans Artist

13 November 2017 Trans lives are systemically unsafe in the UK

13 November 2017 Why gender neutral school uniform policies matter


13 November 2017 Rainbow Week Brought Forward to Offer Support Ahead of Christmas

13 November 2017 Scottish Government wants teens to be able to change their gender at 16

13 November 2017 A letter to … my non-binary child, who has officially laid my son to rest

12 November 2017 Toronto woman launches transgender-focused job fair

10 November 2017 Pew survey: Transgender views follow partisan divide

10 November 2017 Transgender Texas Mayor Jess Herbst’s Fight for LGBTQ Rights

10 November 2017 ‘Meet your transgender neighbor’ forum held

10 November 2017 Palm Springs City Council now entirely queer after election of transgender, bisexual women

10 November 2017 Violence Against Transgender People Is on the Rise, Advocates Say

10 November 2017 GLAAD report shows LGBTQ representation on TV improving

10 November 2017 TV finally starting to include non-binary and asexual characters

10 November 2017 You Need Help: Coming Out as Non-Binary at Work

10 November 2017 Legal recognition for non-binary people planned in Scotland

9 November 2017 Matherne becomes Stamford’s first transgender lawmaker

9 November 2017 Second transgender candidate wins spot on Minneapolis City Council

9 November 2017 What the election night wins tell us about the future of transgender politics

9 November 2017 LGBTQ workers still face higher unemployment rates

9 November 2017 Germany constitutional court rules non-binary gender option must be available at birth

9 November 2017 A Guide To Non-binary Pronouns And Why They Matter

8 November 2017 Transgender Candidate Elected To Erie School Board

8 November 2017 Tyler Titus wins seat to become first transgender person elected in Pennsylvania

8 November 2017 Transgender candidate wins, makes history in California

8 November 2017 First openly transgender woman of color elected to public office in US

8 November 2017 Virginia Elects Its First Openly Transgender State Lawmaker

8 November 2017 The Importance of HIV Research for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Individuals.

8 November 2017 The Consequences of Being Disbelieved by Your Doctor

8 November 2017 This Creator Is Proving Why Non-Binary Representation Matters

8 November 2017 Students learn about trans rights, etiquette

8 November 2017 Key LGBT races to watch in Election 2017 as voters head to polls

8 November 2017 How Does Your State Rank In Trans Equality?

8 November 2017 7 Transgender Women Share The First Makeup Product They Ever Wore

8 November 2017 Emmy Award winner, gallery founder to speak at Amherst College about transgender empowerment

8 November 2017 Study Finds Latinx Transgender People Face Greater Hardship Than Their White Counterparts in the U.S.

7 November 2017 Los Angeles LGBT Center Hosts 9th Annual Transgender Job Fair

7 November 2017 Supporting Transgender Patients: Collaborating for Truly Transformational Care

7 November 2017 Transgender Woman Says She Was Jailed With Men, Assaulted

7 November 2017 Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey speaks out

7 November 2017 Meeting the Need for Gender-Affirmation Services

7 November 2017 Transgender Vet Will Speak at WeHo Veterans Day Ceremony

7 November 2017 A Gay Teacher’s Epiphany: “Kids Don’t Think The Way Adults Do”

6 November 2017 Strange Fruit: Bisexual Visibility In A Non-Binary World

6 November 2017 ASOS and GLAAD Collaborate on a Gender-Neutral Capsule Collection

6 November 2017 700-plus Oregonians choose third gender on ID cards

6 November 2017 Opinion | Rethinking your vocab to help be more inclusive

5 November 2017 At least 29 openly transgender candidates running in US

5 November 2017 New guidelines on school sports for trans pupils

5 November 2017 ‘Better the street than a shelter’: LGBTQ people loath to use homeless services

5 November 2017 As non-binary actors become more visible, this website supports their work

4 November 2017 Health Teacher Suspended After Handing Out LGBTQ Info To Students

4 November 2017 Virginia legislator says trans opponent defies ‘Laws of Nature’

4 November 2017 This Texas Restaurant Will Serve You A Side Of Transphobia For Free

4 November 2017 A letter to … my children to tell them I am transgender

4 November 2017 Transgender Women Of Indonesia Have A Champion In A 26-Year-Old Doctor

4 November 2017 Dr Pani Farvid: Sexuality – so many ways to go

3 November 2017 How India’s First Plus-Size Transgender Model Breaks Several Stereotypes at Once

3 November 2017 Researchers to develop NIH-funded HIV prevention app for transgender women

3 November 2017 Remembering the transgender people killed in 2017

3 November 2017 Senate Dems Urge DOJ to Reinstate Trans Protections Under Title VII

3 November 2017 Meet the man who could be the first transgender CEO of HSBC

3 November 2017 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

3 November 2017 Transgender people face two-and-a-half year wait for NHS appointments

3 November 2017 Communities Come Together for Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigils

3 November 2017 Transgender activist Mara Keisling launches Penn State’s Transgender Visibility Month

3 November 2017 Mental health of transgender people is under increasing pressure, study finds

3 November 2017 U.N. confab looks at faith, LGBTI oppression | Faith Matters

3 November 2017 Lauren Field’s Portraits Spotlight Sublime Queerness

3 November 2017 Queeries: Non-binary people get to be gay too

3 November 2017 Students at local school fed up with bullying

3 November 2017 With Candace Towns’s Death, The Number of Trans People Killed This Year Hits an All-Time High

3 November 2017 Life Affirming Transition Stories Can Be Life Saving

3 November 2017 Author Honors Transgender Awareness Month with Book Signing in Watertown

3 November 2017 Report Highlights Experiences of Black Transgender People in U.S.

3 November 2017 The Weekly Chirp: Students, faculty weigh in: Should “nonbinary” be added as a gender option on state ID?

2 November 2017 Transgender & Non-Binary Book Display

2 November 2017 World Rugby’s transgender policies are discriminatory, and this student is fighting to change them

1 November 2017 Nearly 1,300 faith leaders representing 500,000 congregants oppose anti-LGBTQ religious exemptions in Supreme Court case

1 November 2017 Growing up with a non-binary gender

1 November 2017 UK Athletics considers third gender plan piloted in Scotland

1 November 2017 Newspaper faces backlash for article ‘shaming’ a transgender woman

1 November 2017 New app will help prevent HIV among transgender women

1 November 2017 Respect decisions of transgender students, professor tells Exeter panel

1 November 2017 Out for Votes: Battle Over Rights Inspires More U.S. Transgender Candidates

1 November 2017 Trump’s ban on transgender troops blocked by US federal judge

1 November 2017 Washburn University students soon to petition to add another gender identity option

1 November 2017 Touching new PSA takes aim at gender norms ahead of Halloween

30 October 2017 ‘T’ for transgender in railway tickets soon

30 October 2017 Differently-abled, transgenders to perform at Baliyatra

30 October 2017 A trans woman was found shot to death in Texas & the media misgendered her

30 October 2017 Five Government agencies will no longer ask your sex because of new gender laws

30 October 2017 Hillary Clinton slams Trump administration’s record on LGBT issues

30 October 2017 Goa’s first-ever rainbow pride walk to be held in Panaji today

30 October 2017 UN expert: Laws banning consensual gay sex repealed in 25 countries in 20 years

30 October 2017 Police in Cumbria are investigating an alleged hate crime against a transgender woman on a bus.


30 October 2017 Singer Teddy Geiger Tells Fans That He Is Transitioning: “This Is Who I Have Been”

30 October 2017 Jeremy Corbyn praises Theresa May for pushing forward with transgender rights reforms

30 October 2017 Schools to adopt transgender policy

30 October 2017 Queercore Veteran Scott Moore on How Gay Punk Has Changed

30 October 2017 In a World of #MeToo, Women’s Empowerment Takes Initiative

30 October 2017 Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy, & Jill Soloway Support Diversity In Hollywood In These Simple, Yet Effective Ways

27 October 2017 SUNY Geneseo trans students react to sociology professor’s transphobic quiz

27 October 2017 Community Groups Decry Misgendering in Local Election

27 October 2017 Genderfluid teen was ‘kidnapped and murdered after boys discovered they were non-binary’

27 October 2017 Ex-AG Holder honored for advancing gay, transgender rights

27 October 2017 Australian of the Year Awards: Transgender teen Georgie Stone named national finalist

27 October 2017 New York courts consider policy to stop judges from discriminating against trans people

27 October 2017 What I’ve learnt from my 5-year-old transgender daughter

27 October 2017 State’s transgender policy gets Cabinet approval

27 October 2017 New course to certify medical providers in handling transgender patients with dignity

26 October 2017 Australian Defence Force backs transgender personnel

26 October 2017 Virgenes de la Puerta: Photo series portrays Peruvian trans women as saints

26 October 2017 Haverford introduces policy to protect transgender students

26 October 2017 Minneapolis Transgender candidates get boost from BreakThrough PAC

26 October 2017 Prominent British Ex-Politician Claims Pollution Is Making People Transgender

26 October 2017 Report Highlights Experiences of Latino/a Transgender People in U.S.

26 October 2017 What The Mainstream Is Getting Wrong About Gender Neutral

26 October 2017 Gender Neutral Restroom Debate Continues in Nation’s Schools

26 October 2017 An HSBC manager tweaked titles and voice systems—transforming LGBT+ lives globally

26 October 2017 California legally recognizes non-binary as third gender

26 October 2017 I’ll Keep Fighting Until I’m Legally Recognized As A Non-Binary Canadian

25 October 2017 Job application: Kerala High Court allows transgender to declare sex as woman

25 October 2017 New Course is First to Certify Medical Providers in Handling Transgender Patients with Dignity

25 October 2017 Iowa Safe Schools hosts first ever transgender education summit

25 October 2017 Trans and gender-queer prisoners face a double punishment.

25 October 2017 Sam Smith Shouldn’t Be Called Non-Binary: Here’s Why

25 October 2017 When a Student Says, ‘I’m Not a Boy or a Girl’

25 October 2017 Pa. court overturns denial of transgender woman’s request for a feminine name change

25 October 2017 Transgender woman tortured and beheaded in Pakistan

25 October 2017 CSD clinic offers transgender voice services

25 October 2017 My worst moment: ‘Transparent’ co-star Alexandra Billings confronts transgender negativity

24 October 2017 ‘I FOUND MY HAPPINESS’ Transgender man Barnaby Forrest Royce tells how shock of his brother’s suicide spurred him to become his ‘true self’

24 October 2017 Man accused of killing transgender Burlington teen goes to trial

24 October 2017 Central American Transgender Asylum Seekers Released

24 October 2017 This Life with Gracie: How a school assignment became a campaign to help transgender youths

24 October 2017 Clashes in Brazil over controversial play about transgender Jesus

24 October 2017 Researchers tackle inadequate transgender inmate care

24 October 2017 Transgender rights ordinance gains traction in De Pere

24 October 2017 Transgender model Andreja Pejic signs up to Ford Models

24 October 2017 Public attitudes are more negative toward policies specific to transgender issues than gay rights policies, study finds


24 October 2017 China’s Complicated Approach to Transgender Rights

23 October 2017 New album puts spotlight on transgender soul singer from 1960s Toronto

20 October 2017 Portage takes step to form Human Rights Committee

20 October 2017 300 unique New Orleans moments: Gay Liberation Front of New Orleans founded in late 1970

20 October 2017 Virginia Statehouse Race Pits ‘Bathroom Bill’ Author Against Transgender Woman

19 October 2017 Deal Reached on N.C. Bathroom Law That Expands Transgender Protections

19 October 2017 Brutal crackdown has gay and transgender Egyptians asking: Is it time to leave?

19 October 2017 Here’s how schools are supporting transgender and non-binary pupils

19 October 2017 Transgender activist to hold Q&A session at NDSU

19 October 2017 Australian Sports Commission developing transgender athlete guidelines

19 October 2017 North Carolina deal would expand transgender protections

19 October 2017 Transgender woman denied access to Busch Gardens over skirt

19 October 2017 Two states brace for public campaigns against transgender equality

19 October 2017 Virginia Democrat Could Make History As First Transgender State Lawmaker

19 October 2017 Theresa May said being transgender is “not an illness” as she vowed to change the law

18 October 2017 Transgender state employee sues over health plan provision

18 October 2017 ACLU aims to stop transgender bathroom initiative in Montana

18 October 2017 Inside The Fight For Transgender Americans In The Mountains of North Carolina

18 October 2017 Donald Trump to meet leader who doesn’t believe transgender people exist

17 October 2017 AFL blocks transgender footballer from AFLW


17 October 2017 Exeter School Board explores adopting transgender policy

17 October 2017 Printer sparks transgender row over Christian beliefs

16 October 2017 LGBT campaigners call for NHS to ask if patients are transgender

16 October 2017 Christian printer refused to create business cards for transgender Portsmouth woman

16 October 2017 Transgender footballer could be the first to play in women’s Australian rules league


16 October 2017 Hate Crime Tackled on Yorkshire Coast

16 October 2017 Perth’s Anglican ​​church offers ‘heartfelt apology’ to LGBT community

16 October 2017 60 transgenders ordained as sanyasis into Kinnar Akhara

16 October 2017 Human Rights Arts Festival Relocates From St. Mary’s Church After Archbishop Objects to Gay Content

16 October 2017 Sen. Harris to headline Human Rights Campaign’s national dinner

16 October 2017 17-year-old pushes for equality, DL High School establishes gender neutral bathroom

16 October 2017 A row over transgender rights erupts between Greece’s politicians and its clerics

16 October 2017 Festival Moves Event After Church Objects to Gay-Themed Content

16 October 2017 PBS Series Is Seeking 20-Something Transgender Individuals

16 October 2017 Brogan-Kator discusses transgender rights at Gender Colloquium

16 October 2017 Model Leyna Bloom becomes the first out transgender model of color to be featured in ‘Vogue’ India

16 October 2017 Eastern Europe’s Trans Community Fights Stigma, ‘Unconscionable’ Laws

16 October 2017 Transgender YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous’ new video angers fans

16 October 2017 Pope Francis once again attacks transgender people

13 October 2017 19 Years After Our Son Matthew Shepard’s Murder, We Stand Stronger Than Ever

13 October 2017 17-year-old pushes for equality, Detroit Lakes High School establishes gender neutral bathrooms

13 October 2017 Proposed rule could make it easier to change gender on birth certificate

13 October 2017 Casting Society of America announces international open call for trans actors

13 October 2017 Transgender attacked in front of police station

13 October 2017 Transgender and gay Scots report wave of hate crime

13 October 2017 Couple Raises Thousands for LGBTQ Hurricane Survivors in Puerto Rico

13 October 2017 Two people per month turn to transgender programme at Iceland’s National University Hospital

12 October 2017 Close-Knit REVIEW: A touching look at the Japanese transgender community

12 October 2017 Church leaders target anti-gay laws; conservatives protest

12 October 2017 British transgender woman given residency in ‘safer’ New Zealand

12 October 2017 It’s National Coming Out Day. Here’s how to make your workplace more trans-inclusive

12 October 2017 In Small Towns, Planned Parenthood Fills A Need For Transgender Health Services

12 October 2017 Student Organizers Win Transgender Equality Battle In Maryland

12 October 2017 Author of transgender book for kids will visit Wichita

12 October 2017 Community Input Wanted for New Transgender Church

12 October 2017 How Trump Uses “Religious Liberty” to Attack L.G.B.T. Rights

12 October 2017 This Is the Ugliest, Most Explicitly Anti-LGBTQ Presidency in U.S. History

12 October 2017 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary adopts Nashville Statement on sexuality, transgender

12 October 2017 Ministers to face court challenge over gender-neutral passports

11 October 2017 Popular YouTuber surprises fans by coming out as transgender

11 October 2017 Transgender story ‘Girl’ wins Connext Work In Progress prize

11 October 2017 Transgender youth health study reveals ‘alarming’ statistics on mental health

11 October 2017 ‘Why I want gender-neutral UK passports’

11 October 2017 Transgender homecoming king spreads ‘love where there’s hate’

11 October 2017 Six ways to be more inclusive of transgender people in the workplace

11 October 2017 New Mexico AG: Transgender people deserve equal protections

11 October 2017 Attorney General Reverses DOJ Policy On Protection Of Transgender Employees Under Title VII

11 October 2017 Bradford City’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) fans’ group joins Queer Football Fans network

11 October 2017 Greece Passes Transgender Rights Bill Amid Furious Church Protests

11 October 2017 AP Stylebook on transgender coverage: Don’t say trans person was ‘born a girl or boy’

11 October 2017 This transgender parent and teen are transitioning at the same time, and the photos are so inspiring

10 October 2017 Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry to meet head of charity for transgender children

10 October 2017 First transgender SI takes charge in Chennai

10 October 2017 Couple in Nepal’s ‘first transgender marriage’ finds acceptance

10 October 2017 Botswana Trans Man’s ID Should Reflect His Gender Identity, Court Rules

10 October 2017 Maryland Schools Adopt New Transgender Bathroom Policy

10 October 2017 San Diego Opera’s ‘As One’ Follows a Transgender Woman’s Transition

9 October 2017 British tourist faces jail in Dubai after brushing against man in bar

9 October 2017 Transgender charity considers legal action over Sunday Times story

9 October 2017 The Times mocks transgender people with offensive ‘birds and bees’ cartoon

9 October 2017 Transgender identity: Greece debates the right to decide

9 October 2017 Man arrested in shooting death of transgender woman in Lynchburg

9 October 2017 Indonesia police detain 51 men in Jakarta “gay spa” raid

9 October 2017 Transgender Brazilians Embrace Hit Soap Opera: ‘Now You Can See Us’

9 October 2017 UK Catholic Girls School Tells Students to Use Transgender Pronouns

9 October 2017 Don’t we count? Transgender Pakistanis feel sidelined by census

9 October 2017 For transgender college basketball coach, using men’s restroom for first time was affirming

9 October 2017 Pope condemns gender confirmation surgery for transgender people

9 October 2017 Review ‘The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson’ a poignant portrait of a transgender activist

9 October 2017 DOJ rescinds protections for transgender workers

9 October 2017 Lawyer and LGBT Activist to be Uruguay’s First Transgender Senator

6 October 2017 Trump Justice Dept ends transgender workplace protections

6 October 2017 Tom Petty’s final tour supported transgender rights

6 October 2017 Civil rights law doesn’t apply to transgender workers, says Justice Department memo

6 October 2017 Brazil: Transgender singers hope to change country’s view on rights

6 October 2017 Gina Duncan delivers transgender equality speech

6 October 2017 Catholic School promises to use ‘preferred pronoun’ and ‘preferred name’ of transgender pupils

6 October 2017 Kerala shows the way, again: Leftist youth body launches first transgender-majority political unit

6 October 2017 Transgender woman from Guatemala granted asylum in U.S.

6 October 2017 DOT Eases Driver’s License Changes for Transgender Iowans

6 October 2017 Federal Court To Rule On Transgender’s Firing From Christian Funeral Home


6 October 2017 Activists celebrate Botswana’s transgender court victory

6 October 2017 ACLU: R.I. schools will adopt policy supporting rights of transgender students

6 October 2017 Female-Only Cambridge College to Allow Transgender Women

6 October 2017 Mississippi’s ‘Turn Away the Gays’ Law May Head to Supreme Court

4 October 2017 Botswana: Victory for Gender Identity in Botswana

4 October 2017 Young and trans in Chile

4 October 2017 SPLC wins asylum for transgender woman who received death threats in Guatemala

4 October 2017 Egypt Expands Crackdown on Gay and Transgender People

4 October 2017 Denver tire company sued after rescinding job offer to transgender man

4 October 2017 Shakti Kapoor wants equal treatment for transgenders

4 October 2017 How LGBTQ Stars Are Changing Society Through Pop Culture

4 October 2017 6th Circuit to weigh religious ‘burden’ of employing transgender workers

4 October 2017 7 suspended in wake of attack on transgender student (VIDEO)

2 October 2017 WATCH: This is what it’s like to be a non-binary teenager

2 October 2017 Older and wiser: Armistead Maupin, chronicler of gay life, feels lucky to be here

2 October 2017 CPI(M)’s youth wing opens doors for transgenders

2 October 2017 Son Tus Niños También: Esperanza Offers Resources to Transgender Youth, Families

2 October 2017 BWW Review: Philip Dawkins’ Uplifting CHARM Inspired By Transgender Teacher Miss Gloria Allen

2 October 2017 Thousands March in Uruguay to Demand Rights for Trans People

2 October 2017 Rescheduled Pride Parade a success as thousands march down Congress Ave.

2 October 2017 Healthcare in Costa Rica applies to transgender people

2 October 2017 Firetruck Pull To Benefit Vermont Gay And Transgender Youth

2 October 2017 Azerbaijan detains abuses gay and transgender people

2 October 2017 Egypt: Stop Anti-LGBT Crackdown, Intimidation

2 October 2017 New Jersey Transgender Teen Viciously Beaten, Bullied At School

2 October 2017 Transgender teen brutally murdered in Missouri

2 October 2017 Botswana court grants transgender identity change

2 October 2017 Transgenders get a political voice

2 October 2017 Hate group Alliance Defending Freedom seeks to expand public funding for schools that discriminate against LGBTQ students

29 September 2017 Jail terms handed to gay and transgender people arrested in Azerbaijan

29 September 2017 Former rally driver becomes the UK’s first transgender ballet dancer

29 September 2017 ‘Christian’ Group Raising Money to Pay for Transgender Surgeries to ‘Atone for Church’s Discrimination’

29 September 2017 Transgender in prison: A look inside Canada’s system

29 September 2017 A transgender minister’s ‘long, painful, joyous, happy and dizzying’ road to acceptance

29 September 2017 Transgender teen goes viral with epic retort to transphobe

29 September 2017 ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Stars Endorse Transgender Spider-Man

29 September 2017 Hockey Coaches Need To Complete Transgender Training In Order To Hit The Ice

29 September 2017 Positive Impact: Seeing transgender people on TV changes attitudes

29 September 2017 Experts confirm gender identity is biological and say insurers should cover trans health needs

29 September 2017 Missouri prosecutors: Brutal murder of transgender teen is not a hate crime

29 September 2017 California university searching for professor to teach classes on ‘transgender studies’

27 September 2017 Dozens Of LGBTQ People Have Reportedly Been Arrested & Beaten In Azerbaijan

27 September 2017 Ally Lee Steinfeld is at least the 21st transgender person killed so far in 2017

27 September 2017 Transgender, Deaf Artist Chella Man Opens Up About Kind Comments on Instagram

27 September 2017 Bisexual teenager tells how gay and transgender pupils face classroom bullying

27 September 2017 Ontario minor hockey makes transgender training mandatory for coaches

27 September 2017 ‘Just who I am’: In new ad, Va. Democratic candidate discusses being transgender

26 September 2017 Transgender Activist Alok Vaid-Menon Challenges The Standard Binary Gender System


26 September 2017 Transgender woman running for Honduras congress

26 September 2017 Greece Should Do Better on Transgender Legal Recognition

26 September 2017 Playwright slams “dangerous” attempts to ban her work featuring a transgender Jesus

26 September 2017 HT poses little excess risk for bone health, CV outcomes in transgender adults

26 September 2017 Activists for early passage of bill to safeguard transgender persons’ rights

25 September 2017 Headteacher faces backlash over move towards gender neutral language

25 September 2017 Transgender students kicked off school bus for refusing to sit with girls

25 September 2017 Bath Spa University transgender research block labelled ‘astonishing’

25 September 2017 How Facebook’s “Authentic Name” Policy Serves to Create a Hostile Environment for Transgender Stalking Victims

25 September 2017 UWSP group holds transgender unity event


25 September 2017 Thousands attend VA PrideFest in Richmond: ‘It’s just love’

25 September 2017 Catbird & Transparent Created A Gorgeous Collection That Supports Transgender Rights

25 September 2017 ‘Waria’ documents struggle with identity

25 September 2017 Transgender teen ‘assaulted’ by person yelling abuse at Yes campaign

25 September 2017 Transgender voices must be heard Please credit and share this article with others using this link: View our policies at and © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.

25 September 2017 Z. Nicolazzo speaks to UMaine students and faculty

25 September 2017 Transgender activists take on ELCIN’s Nambala

21 September 2017 Select Citywalk to host ‘Hijra Habba’ an event for transgender community


21 September 2017 Death of Scout Schultz Highlights LGBTQ Mental Health Needs on Campus

21 September 2017 Channel 5’s India Willoughby becomes victim of online abuse for being transgender

21 September 2017 When football players join in to mock transgender people, Kansas high school students protest with a sit-in

19 September 2017 Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard qualifies for Commonwealth Games

19 September 2017 Japan’s women’s colleges grapple with shifting views on gender

19 September 2017 Study examines counseling experiences of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals

19 September 2017 Boots now stocks Notts entrepreneur’s make-up brushes aimed at transgender people

19 September 2017 Hamilton board of health will debate improving health care for transgender residents

19 September 2017 Indonesia’s Only Transgender Islamic School Quietly Running Again

18 September 2017 Yavapai County courts work to protect LGBT youth

18 September 2017 Transforming, a documentary about kids who identify as transgender or intersex

18 September 2017 Pentagon: Transgender Troops Can Re-Enlist In Military, For Now

18 September 2017 Jesuit Priest Stands Up for Gay Catholics, Then Faces Backlash

18 September 2017 Religious leader backs Hong Kong law banning sexual orientation discrimination … with conditions

18 September 2017 11 Transgender & Non-Binary Musicians You Need to Know

18 September 2017 Transgender Edmonton teen calls on all shelters to adopt LGBTQ guidelines

18 September 2017 ACLU requests “immediate halt” to Trump’s transgender military ban

18 September 2017 Trump’s pick for top civil rights post opposed equal pay act for women and transgender bathroom use

18 September 2017 Derricka Banner Becomes 19th Transgender Person Murdered In The U.S. This Year

14 September 2017 Police official suspended in Bahawalpur after transgender community protests alleged harassment

14 September 2017 CLPR launches 4-week course on transgender Identity, laws

14 September 2017 New Denver shelter on the way for homeless women and transgender individuals

14 September 2017 Living ‘an authentic life’ invites many questions, transgender man says

14 September 2017 Illamasqua hires transgender model Munroe Bergdorf

14 September 2017 Model Teddy Quinlivan Comes Out as Transgender

13 September 2017 Canada’s first transgender judge being his ‘authentic self’

13 September 2017 ‘The personal is the political’: Model Teddy Quinlivan comes out as transgender

13 September 2017 ASB to Issue Statement in Support of Transgender Students

13 September 2017 Abergavenny GP under investigation over work with transgender patients

13 September 2017 Transgender Models of Color You Should Know at NYFW

13 September 2017 Transgender youth nearly twice as likely to report suicidal thoughts

13 September 2017 Kerala government to open transgender clinics in medical colleges

12 September 2017 Bipartisan Senate Amendment To Protect Transgender Soldiers Sends Trump Reeling

12 September 2017 Nancy Pelosi slams Trump’s transgender military ban at GLAAD gala

12 September 2017 Eddie Izzard could ‘give up comedy’ to become first transgender MP

12 September 2017 Emerging School Restroom Trends Help Ensure Transgender Student Safety

12 September 2017 Former Novato mom pens memoir of raising transgender son

12 September 2017 A patient gets the new transgender surgery she helped invent

11 September 2017 NY Fashion Week runways featuring more diverse models than ever before

11 September 2017 Family to sue UK school over boys wearing dresses

11 September 2017 AMA joins brief seeking VA coverage of sex reassignment Sx

11 September 2017 Grandparents Day Reflection: Loving our Transgender Grandchild

11 September 2017 Finland Continues To Force Trans People To Get Sterilized

11 September 2017 India’s first online transgender channel launched

11 September 2017 Philly conference on transgender health opens with ceremony commemorating beloved founder

11 September 2017 Shakti Kapoor in ‘Raktdhar’ will fight for the transgender community

11 September 2017 LGBT hate crimes up 82% in Wales in four years, poll shows

11 September 2017 First West Africa LGBT-inclusive religious gathering takes place

8 September 2017 Gender identity: An opportunity to teach acceptance

8 September 2017 DACA Reversal Could Be ‘Death Sentence’ for LGBTQ Immigrants

8 September 2017 ‘CiviliTy of Albert Cashier’: A timely musical about a trans soldier

8 September 2017 Improving cervical cancer screening rates for transgender men

8 September 2017 Why do transgender children raise the hackles of ‘tolerant’ Australians?

8 September 2017 Marriage Could Offer More Protections to Transgender Couples

8 September 2017 Miss USA Welcomes First Openly Transgender Contestant

8 September 2017 Transgender woman’s death highlights toll of violence and community distrust of police

8 September 2017 Groups urge RIDE to adopt statewide policy for transgender students

7 September 2017 Breaking stereotypes: Educating the transgender community in Islamabad

7 September 2017 Hickory-area community celebrates LGBTQ pride at Third Annual Pridepalooza

7 September 2017 Halifax hospital conducting study to improve care for transgender population

7 September 2017 DACA Ends; Gay And Transgender Illegal Immigrants Hardest Hit, Gay Group Declares

7 September 2017 Glee star breaks Philippine walls as transgender icon

7 September 2017 Demonstration Project Amplifies Transgender Leadership in Fight Against HIV

7 September 2017 This 6-Year-Old Spent A Year Of Her Life Fighting To Use Her School’s Bathroom

7 September 2017 Sens. Collins, Gillibrand to offer amendment challenging transgender troop ban

7 September 2017 Spelman College: Transgender Women Can Now Attend Historically Black School

7 September 2017 School bans skirts to make uniform ‘gender neutral’ for transgender students and combat complaints about ‘decency’

6 September 2017 Kochi Metro All Set to Deploy 60 Transgender Employees in the Next 2 Years!

6 September 2017 Transgender teen ‘mocked’ by security at Newcastle pub

6 September 2017 Seattle voice coach helps transgender people find their true voice

6 September 2017 This transgender athlete is donating to trans causes for every home run she hits

6 September 2017 Elite US women’s colleges accepting transgender students for first time

6 September 2017 Trump’s administration is rewriting a rule that made transgender health care accessible. Patients are scared

5 September 2017 California would be first to give residents a third gender option

5 September 2017 ‘I hate you people’: Alt-righter arrested for pepper-spraying a transgender woman at anti-racist rally

5 September 2017 No delay in transgender donors giving blood, IBTS says

5 September 2017 Woman in custody after fatal stabbing of transgender person in Gates

5 September 2017 The Purge Of Transgender People From American Life Has Begun

5 September 2017 Why a hardline religious party in Pakistan is backing transgender rights Read more at:

4 September 2017 LGBT rights were accepted in ancient India, Section 377 must be repealed: writer Amish Tripathi

4 September 2017 The best costumes of Southern Decadence 2017

4 September 2017 Canada sets international example in LGBT rights

3 September 2017 Blood Transfusion Service working on transgender solution

3 September 2017 Government drops plan to protect transgender labour rights

2 September 2017 Transqueen 2017: A platform that aims for more inclusivity

2 September 2017 Trump’s pick for German ambassador would be his first openly LGBT ambassador

2 September 2017 This YouTube Channel Is All Set to Break Myths Surrounding Transgender

2 September 2017 Indiana appeals court rules in transgender birth certificate case

1 September 2017 L’Oreal Fires Its First Transgender Model

1 September 2017 ACLU of Nevada questions new policy on transgender prisoners

1 September 2017 How a transgender Chechen escaped Russia and found asylum in the United States

1 September 2017 This lawyer fights for his ‘heroes’ – transgender youth

1 September 2017 When Jesus Agreed With Lady Gaga: What The Bible Says About Transgender Persons

1 September 2017 Transgender teenager who killed himself ‘was angry at school’ over name change

31 August 2017 Transgender community sees ray of hope in SC’s privacy judgment

31 August 2017 Transgender students push change on college campuses

31 August 2017 Transgender people targeted in fatal Karachi attack

30 August 2017 UK’s First Transgender Mental Health Helpline Rolled Out Nationwide

30 August 2017 Mattis freezes transgender policy; allows troops to continue serving, pending study

29 August 2017 Transgender couple get death threats after announcing their wedding

29 August 2017 Transgender nurse sues state for alleged discrimination

29 August 2017 UAE prison time dropped for transgender Singaporean, friend

29 August 2017 Transgender service members sue Trump administration for violating the constitution

28 August 2017 Transgender community rejects census results

28 August 2017 Transgender inmate branded “it” by prison officer barred from mixing with other women in jail

28 August 2017 Transgender-Verbot in US-Armee nun offiziell

28 August 2017 Jewish History Helped Me Understand Transgender Communities

28 August 2017 Trump signs directive banning transgender military recruits

28 August 2017 Fair City is set to welcome its first transgender character as RTE reveals autumn schedule

28 August 2017 Spokane fire chief embraces diversity, helping pave way for transgender fire captain

25 August 2017 Transgender crosswalk colours hit Calgary

25 August 2017 New adult gender identity services for transgender people in Wales

25 August 2017 Canadians will soon be able to choose ‘X’ as gender on their passports

25 August 2017 Senator who lost both legs in Iraq war blasts Trump on transgender military ban

25 August 2017 Man Drives Car Through Activists Protesting Transgender Woman’s Death

25 August 2017 Public works introduces government’s 1st transgender workplace guide

24 August 2017 Study gauges perceptions of transgender youths in small towns

24 August 2017 UAE imprisons transgender Singaporean, friend for their look

24 August 2017 White House to Send Memo to Pentagon Soon on Transgender Ban

24 August 2017 Chile families fight for acceptance of transgender children

24 August 2017 Want a ‘Transgender Narrative’? Then Listen to Transgender People

23 August 2017 Creator of transgender symbol Holly Boswell dies age 66

23 August 2017 Seattle hosts Gender Odyssey, the country’s largest transgender conference

23 August 2017 Delhi to host transgender beauty contest on August 27

23 August 2017 Chile families fight for acceptance of transgender children

22 August 2017 Esperanza Center to Host ‘Trans Kids Back-to-School’ Workshop

22 August 2017 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights announces opposition to Trump’s transgender military ban

22 August 2017 Transgender Pakistanis Will Be Officially Recognized as Citizens for First Time Ever

21 August 2017 Texas resident is the 17th transgender person killed in America this year

21 August 2017 North Devon’s first transgender group launched

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