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Moderator’s Circle Update – February 2015

Dear Moderator’s Circle Friends:

The year is off to a very busy start for MCC, even as marriage equality is embattled in Alabama, and we come closer to a Supreme Court decision in the U.S. by June of this year.

We are excited to welcome an emerging ministry in Sweden this month: Queersamfundet Olivträdet. Pray for our new church starts ministry in the U.S., as well as globally this year. We have many exciting prospects and conversations going on, and I sense a real renewal of energy and passion for starting new MCC churches and ministries. In the U.S. alone, there are so many smaller cities and towns that need and can sustain a vibrant, healthy, and engaged new generation MCC church!

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Our Moderator’s Nominating Committee has published the process and application for candidates for MCC Moderator. We value your participation in this important effort to identify candidates that meet our criteria as we move towards our General Conference and time of decision in 2016. What an exciting time for MCC as we look to the future! Have faith with me that the Spirit will inspire people to offer themselves for this important role and give our committee wisdom and clarity as they do their work on our behalf.

I have appointed seven people to become Elders in MCC. They will join the four current members of the Council of Elders. We will hold a virtual General Conference in May 2015 to affirm these appointments, and I ask you to keep the appointees in prayer as we discern the future together.

Allegheny College (Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA), my alma mater, invited me to preach at Ford Chapel on 1 February and to dedicate the new doors for their bicentennial celebration. I preached on “God’s Love is an Open Door” and spent time in classes with students, many of whom are struggling to find a faith that works for them. I so enjoy getting to know the students there and am working with “out” faculty, administration, and students as we consider creating an LGBT alumni group.


Check out the new book by Allegheny College Chaplain Rev. Jane Ellen Nickell, We Shall Not Be Moved: Methodists Debate Race, Gender, and Homosexuality (Pickwick Publications).

From Pennsylvania, I went to Denver (Colorado, USA) to the annual Creating Change Conference, which, as always, is inspiring and challenging. Focusing on the murders of trans women of color in particular, the theme “Black Lives Matter” was very prominent. MCCers offered a variety of workshops from topics related to trans-faith, climate change, spirituality and activism, and human trafficking! It is always a time to see colleagues and activists from all over the country, to connect and network. I am so proud of Angel Collie for his leadership role in Creating Change. Angel and MCC clergy Rev. Jakob Hero are now leading a national network of trans seminarians!

I had the opportunity to preach at MCC of the Rockies. Rev. Jim Mitulski was at the Creating Change conference, along with volunteers from the church. Worship was wonderful!


In March, our General Conference worship team meets face-to-face at our Conference site in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada! Don’t forget to take part in the Early Bird Registration rate that closes on 31 March 2015! Make sure to start thinking about the travel time and make plans to get to Victoria on Sunday so you don’t miss the opening plenary Monday morning.

After that meeting, I will drop down to Emerald City MCC in Seattle (Washington, USA) to preach on 15 March. Join us, if you can.

Our Governing Board recently published a year-end report for MCC. I hope you will rejoice with us on a successful year. At our upcoming Governing Board meeting in March, we will be meeting with our Development consultant, working on ways to engage more deeply and strategically in cultivating the resources needed to implement our Strategic Plan.

I’ve had TWO blog posts published by The Huffington Post since last month’s update:

 #UseMeInsteadPrisons in Sunny Florida



Mormons and ‘Religious Liberty’ — Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?

As always, a special thank you for your part in helping us to serve our pastors, churches, members, and so many who are still yearning to connect and be a part of MCC globally! Every dollar you donate makes it possible for us to share our message, to nurture ministries, to uplift churches and pastors. They are on the front lines, creating models of faith communities that hold fast to our vision and purpose! Thanks for your generosity that helps us BE MCC everywhere we are needed.

Grace and Peace,

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Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson






Why we give to MCC…

Here are some stories of people like you who contribute regularly to MCC.

“We each love our local church, yet the denomination offers us a shared history and a common future. Being part of something bigger makes us stronger and gives us a wider focus, beyond our own congregation. How many organisations can you be part of where you know that you are making a difference to the lives of individual people all over the world? Each day MCC worldwide saves a life and gives a person hope. Isn’t that what we are called by Christ to do?”

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“While there is an increasing visibility and recognition of the spiritual needs of the LGBTQ community in “mainstream” denominations , MCC remains as the foundational organization that not only “affirms” but “celebrates” our lives, including our sexuality. The ability to express our entire, authentic selves in the context of a community that reflects our inherent worth and value makes it incumbent upon all of us who benefit from this movement

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“I tithe to my local church, but I also felt called to tithe to the MCC denomination that I work for. Tithing is biblical and I cannot keep taking from the barn if I am not prepared to replenish it with the fruit of my labor. I believe in the mission of MCC, I believe in our global outreach and I believe in our Moderator’s vision.

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” I invite you to join me in becoming a member of The Moderator’s Circle, as the best way MCCers in this generation and in this moment can partner with Nancy to realize our Moderator’s vision for launching new church starts, reaching a new generation of young people, doing justice around the globe, and continuing the vital work of changing the heart and face of Chr

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“MCC helped me to reconcile my spirituality with my God-given sexuality. The message and the people of MCC helped me become whole. I am a monthly donor to The Moderator’s Circle because I want others to heal just as I have, and so that others who are still oppressed can become free.

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“On the last night of the Leadership Mentoring Retreat in January, we visited with MCC’s Governing Board. As I listened to their calling to serve, I was humbled and inspired. I was humbled by their faithfulness, against so many odds, to be leaders in a movement that continues to invite all into God’s welcoming embrace. And I was inspired by their energy to give: of their wisdom, their gifts, and their tithes to the ministry of MCC.

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 UFMCC is a 501(c)3 Religious Organization. Contributions or gifts to Metropolitan Community Churches are tax deductible as charitable contributions.


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