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Moderator’s Circle Update – February 2014

Dear Friends:

We just held one of our two yearly Governing Board face-to-face meetings, this time at King of Peace MCC in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, with key staff and invited guests.

Governing Board (and guests) - March 2014

Because of your continued generosity, and that of our churches, our Governing Board is making some strategic investments this year towards our Strategic Plan, specifically in our global growth goal, which includes the U.S. Our Office of Emerging Ministries has hired a full-time staff person to oversee that work, Rev. Rachelle Brown, from Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Rev. Rachelle Brown, Rev. Alejandro Escoto

In addition, we are collaborating with Founders MCC in Los Angeles, California, USA, and contracting for some of Rev. Alejandro Escoto‘s time to develop Hispanic ministries in North America. Rev. Alejandro presently pastors the Latino congregation that is embedding in Founder’s MCC, which has attendance in the 80′s at their weekly service.

Hispanic Gathering 2014
(Photo: Resurrection MCC)

About 35 people attended the Hispanic Network gathering last month in Houston (Texas, USA) to begin to plan for growth in North America!

Thanks to a Carpenter grant, our Office of Formation and Leadership Development is inaugurating our new Online Learning Center. Stay tuned.

Through 24 March, I am in Southern and Northern California, preaching and visiting with churches, pastors, and lay leaders; visiting two of our partner seminaries; reaching out to other organizations; and speaking at two Moderator’s Circle gatherings! See the full schedule below.

In the midst of that trip, I am going with Rev. Dr. Neil Thomas to Salt Lake City, where I will be speaking at the University of Utah. We will be making connections with Equality Utah and activists in the midst of their struggle for marriage equality. I will be signing books and meeting with folks who are interested in MCC in that Utah.

I have already been to the following places:

  • 16 March, 9:45am – Preached at MCC of the Coachella Valley, Cathedral City, California
  • 16 March, 6pm – Preached at Resurrection Beach MCC, Costa Mesa, California
  • 17 March, 3:30-5pm – Reception at Claremont College, Claremont, California
If you show up to any of these events, wear your Moderator’s Circle pins:
  • 19 March, 6pm – Speaking at University of Utah, “Outing the Church: LGBT Christians & Same Sex Marriage,” Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 20 March, 12:30pm - Speaking at Pacific School of Religion, “Leading an LGBT Denomination in 21st Century,” Berkeley, California
  • 20 March, 5:30pm - Dinner with MCC of the Redwood Empire, Guerneville, California
  • 22 March, 11am - Meet and Greet at Peninsula MCC, San Mateo, California
  • 22 March, Time TBD - Dinner at Valley Ministries MCC, Stockton, California
  • 23 March, 11am - Preach at Valley Ministries MCC
  • 23 March, 2pm – Visiting City of Refuge/The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, Oakland, California
  • 23 March, 7pm - Preach at MCC San Francisco, California
  • 24 March, 9am - Breakfast with local clergy, San Francisco, California

Other upcoming travel:

  • Speaking at the Florida Network Gathering on 29 March in Sarasota (USA)
  • Installing Rev. Wes Mullins as pastor of MCC of Greater St. Louis, Missouri, USA, on 6 April
  • Attending MCC New York (USA) for their Holy Week services, including Easter, 16 to 20 April
  • Presiding at MCC Louisville, Kentucky, USA, on 26 April, for the memorial service for Judy Dale, a dear friend and colleague for many decades in MCC
Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson on The Stream (March 2014)
(We found this unofficial recording, so we cannot guarantee how long it will be available.)

Last week, I spoke on The Stream, an Al Jazeera program, along with our ally Jay Bakker (son of Tammy Faye and Jim), as well as with two conservative guests: “Christianity’s culture clash: How is the faith’s struggle with homosexuality playing out in the U.S. and overseas?” We found out as the show was airing that this station is currently blocked in the U.S. (with plans for access in August 2014), but it reaches over 280 million homes worldwide, and this program is popular! (Click on the image above for an unofficial recording.) I had a great time, and it created lots of excitement and attention around the world!

Our new Commission on the MCC Statement of Faith met for the first time and is planning their first face-to-face at Chicago Theological Seminary in a couple of months! I am thrilled about the creativity and passion this commission has for uniting MCCers around our special lens on the faith that unites us.

Intersections 2014 Awards Celebration header

It is official. Intersections International is honoring me on 29 May: 2014 Intersections Awards Celebration honors Reverend Dr. Nancy L. Wilson. If any of you decide to attend, let us know!

And I was surprised and honored to see myself included in this article: 50 Powerful Women Religious Leaders To Celebrate On International Women’s Day, which links to a page on our MCC website.

Besides the two Moderator’s Circle events in California, we are in the planning stages for one in Florida on 23 August at King of Peace MCC. We are also working on an event in Washington, D.C., for later this year. Stay tuned.

PAD Conference 2014 banner

We will have a Moderator’s Circle connection at the PAD Conference in May – HAVE YOU REGISTERED? This promises to be a amazing gathering, as it always is.

2014 LMR, YALMR banner

And please help me recruit for our next two LMRs. Here is the application for the 2014 Leadership Mentoring Retreat in April, and here is the application for the 2014 Young Adult Leadership Mentoring Retreat in November.

Things we can use some extra prayer with:

  • Please pray our first REVM in Eastern Europe, planned for May in Tallinn, Estonia, to be conducted by Rev. Mona West, Rev. Brent Hawkes, and Rev. Jim Mulcahy
  • Please encourage your congregation to take up an offering in Eastertide for our Global Justice Institute (email RevPat@GlobalJusticeInstitute.com to sign up), and let’s praise God in advance for abundance
  • Please pray for our sisters and brothers in Uganda, Nigeria, Russia, and Ukraine at this time
  • Please pray for our Governing Board and Senior Leadership Team as we move forward into our Strategic Plan

I so appreciate your support and prayers for all we do in MCC globally. We live in such challenging and historic times.

God bless you in all you do, right where you are.

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson signature
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson





Why we give to MCC…

Here are some stories of people like you who contribute regularly to MCC.

“We each love our local church, yet the denomination offers us a shared history and a common future. Being part of something bigger makes us stronger and gives us a wider focus, beyond our own congregation. How many organisations can you be part of where you know that you are making a difference to the lives of individual people all over the world? Each day MCC worldwide saves a life and gives a person hope. Isn’t that what we are called by Christ to do?”

read more…

“While there is an increasing visibility and recognition of the spiritual needs of the LGBTQ community in “mainstream” denominations , MCC remains as the foundational organization that not only “affirms” but “celebrates” our lives, including our sexuality. The ability to express our entire, authentic selves in the context of a community that reflects our inherent worth and value makes it incumbent upon all of us who benefit from this movement

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“I tithe to my local church, but I also felt called to tithe to the MCC denomination that I work for. Tithing is biblical and I cannot keep taking from the barn if I am not prepared to replenish it with the fruit of my labor. I believe in the mission of MCC, I believe in our global outreach and I believe in our Moderator’s vision.

read more…

“ I invite you to join me in becoming a member of The Moderator’s Circle, as the best way MCCers in this generation and in this moment can partner with Nancy to realize our Moderator’s vision for launching new church starts, reaching a new generation of young people, doing justice around the globe, and continuing the vital work of changing the heart and face of Chr

read more…

“MCC helped me to reconcile my spirituality with my God-given sexuality. The message and the people of MCC helped me become whole. I am a monthly donor to The Moderator’s Circle because I want others to heal just as I have, and so that others who are still oppressed can become free.

read more…

“On the last night of the Leadership Mentoring Retreat in January, we visited with MCC’s Governing Board. As I listened to their calling to serve, I was humbled and inspired. I was humbled by their faithfulness, against so many odds, to be leaders in a movement that continues to invite all into God’s welcoming embrace. And I was inspired by their energy to give: of their wisdom, their gifts, and their tithes to the ministry of MCC.

read more…

Click Here to read more testimonials from more people for whom MCC’s ministry has been life-changing.



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 UFMCC is a 501(c)3 Religious Organization. Contributions or gifts to Metropolitan Community Churches are tax deductible as charitable contributions.


Moderator’s Circle Members

Adam DeBaugh
Adrain Bowie
Adrian Buganey
Aileen Koke and Deborah Wilson
Allan Hauth
Ann S. Brown (in Memory of Mildred ‘Millie’ Warren)
Ann Craig
Ann Perry and Pat Turner
Ann Vassilaros and Fran Solitro
Ann Willbrand and Patricia Woody
Anne Atwell
Annette Beall and Carolyn Gay
Ayawnda Alise
Anthony Harris
Barb Crabtree
Barbara Mann
Bethene O’Neal
Bob Skaggs and Parker Fortier
Bob Whitman and Will Knicely
Bonnie Alberti and Wendy LaChaunce
Brett Doig
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Bruce Brooks and Charles Kline
Bryan Parker
Camille Jones and Shirley Mould
Carl Krysa and Lary Bank
Carlos Chavez and Roman Perez
Carol Scherfenberg and Bonnie Dostie
Carol Youngblood
Carole Weissman and Bonnie Moore
Cate Bransfield
Catherine and Robert Stanlick
Charlene and Elizabeth Bisordi
Christopher Lacharite
Christopher Van Ast
Chuck Phelan and Steve McIntyre
Clyde W. Proch and Scott K. Farmer
Colleen Stuppy and Lisa Thome
Connie Meadows and Haviland Houston
Curtis L. Smith
Cynthia A. Marquard and Darlene R. Stille
D. Anne Bruetsch
Dale Schafer
Darlene E. Purugganan and Michelle Gaffron
Dallas McGee
Dave Dishman
David Hettinger
David Russell
David Sorey and Donald Johnson
Deb Kassien
Deb Krusemark
Deborah Blanton and Bernadette Comstock
Derrick Williams and Robert Gessell
Donn Ferrell
Donna Olsen
Doug Napier
Douglas C Berger & Shawn Cochran
Dr. Gail Evans (In memory of Rev. Jean Hart)
Elaine Davis and Lois Clark
Elijah Nealy
Elizabeth Dunn
Fenicia Ballard and Sandra Meaders
Frank Vitale
Frieda E. Smith
Gail Rissler
Gail Simonds
Gary Hampshire
G.C. Brafford
George Murphy
Glenn Stover
Holly Blonde
H R Nicholson
Huey Lee
Jack Dollevoet
Jackie Carter and Claudia Griffith
James Carpenter and Dean Turner
Jaymes Grace
Jason O’Neill & Thomas Renner
Jerry Small
Jimmy McClure
Jo-Anne and Melinda Ludy
Joan Higgs and Sandra Carlile
Joe Baker Jr
John Adkins
John and Colleen Foley
John Garcia and Elroy Hahn
John Magisano
John Moehnke
John Weyersmiller
Judith Longman and Rev. Lisa Dawn McCabe
Julie Ramza and Patricia Fester
Justin Ritchie and Jason Beverley
Kam Cummings
Kareem Murphy and Rev. DeWayne Davis
Karen Dillaman
Kathy Hanas
Kathy Probst and Linda Renaud
Kay H. Neill
Keith Thompson and Dan Dowd
Keith Waataja
Kenneth Theriault and Douglas Furness
Kevin Highfield
Kevin Marik
Kevin Markham and Terry French
Kevin Tuck
Kim Habermann
Lauren Elizabeth Bennett
Linda Brenner-Beckstead and Susie Brenner
Linda Hardy and Phyllis Nelson
Linda Mudd
Liz Bupp
Lynne McCarthy
Lynda Simmons
M.J. Blackburn
Madelyn Lee Taylor
Marcia Morgan
Mari Gilman and Jackie Gascho
Maria Lau
Marian Schoenwether
Mark and Mittie Dick
Mark Hahn
Mark Kornmann
Mark Roderick
Marnie Osborne
Marsha and Cindy Stevens-Pino
Marsha Warren and Michelle Burnett
Martha Marinara
Marvin Bagwell
Mary Ann Bangiorno and Gwendolyn Templeton
Mary L. Warders and Linda K. Price
Melanie Frahm and Rev. Katie Houts
Melvina Davis
Michael Cavett
Michelle Kirby Randall
Pam Osborne and Nancy Baca
Pat Boyd and Sharon Sylvester
Paul Moyer and Mark Mell
Paul P. Steindel
Phil Griffin and Carl Johnson
Phyllis Moore and Janice Danielson
Preston Pulliam
R J Hadley
Raquel Benitez and Carmen Llanos
Ray Nutter and Vince Larkin
Ray Robinson and Ashley Smith
Redimido en Cristo
Rev. Aaron Miller
Rev. Anthony Freeman
Rev. Barbara Freeman and Rebecca Milam
Rev. Booth Iburg and Denise Williams
Rev. Brad Rice

Rev. Carol Hale
Rev. Carol Chambers
Rev. Carolyn Mobley
Rev. Cathy Alexander
Rev. Cathy Porter and Robyn Proctor
Rev. Charley Garrison and Mark Barnett
Rev. Clarence Witt
Rev. Clinton Crawshaw
Rev. Dan Koeshall
Rev. David and David Eichelberger
Rev. David Farrell and Gilbert Caldwell
Rev. Deana Dudley
Rev. Dee Dale
Rev. Donna Twardowski and Marilyn Kane
Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis and Barbara Tyner
Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell
Rev. Dr. Danny Spears and Richard Lofstrand
Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt and Al Leach
Rev. Dr. Joan Saniuk and Sharilyn Steketee
Rev. Dr. Keith J. Phillips
Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos and Kala Payne
Rev. Dr. Lea Brown and Sarah-Helen Land
Rev. Dr. Mark Lee and Ivan Loy                                
Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz
Rev. Dr. Mona West
Rev. Dr. Neil Thomas and Isai Cazares
Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy
Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin and Rev. Dr Durrell Watkins
Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline
Rev. Dr. Stephanie Burns and Tracey Kennedy
Rev. Dr. Thomas Bohache and Tom Laughingwolf Simmons
Rev. Dr. Tony Thieman-Somora and Tony Somora
Rev. Dr. Troy Perry and Phillip De Blieck
Rev. Dr. William Knight
Rev. Dusty Pruitt and JoAnne Rhodes
Rev. Dwayne Johnson
Rev. Edwin Yates
Rev. Elder Arlene Ackerman
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston
Rev. Elder Charlie Arehart and David Black
Rev. Elder Darlene Garner and Rev.Candy Holmes
Rev. Elder Diane Fisher
Rev. Elder Don Eastman
Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson and Dr. Paula Schoenwether
Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez
Rev. Elder Kenneth Martin
Rev. Fern Gaffey and Laura DaltonRev. Fran Mayes
Rev. Gail Hicks
Rev. Gale Rawson and Dr. Gail Atchison
Rev. George McDermott
Rev. Gordon R. McCoy and Dr. Eugene M. Thomas
Rev. Harry Knox and C. Michael Bozeman
Rev. Jake Kopmeier and Sandra T. Stewart
Rev. Jane Carl and Rev. Susan Deitrick
(in Memory of Rev. Elder Jean White)
Rev. Jane Nelson and Gay Fritzemeier
Rev. Janice Bowker and Marina Laws
Rev. Jeanne George
Rev. Jo Bell and Cheryl Meyer 
Rev. Joe Cobb
Rev. John Mark Hild
Rev. John McLaughlin
Rev. John Torres
Rev. Joy Etwell
Rev. Kay Seitz
Rev. Kurt Krieger and Larry Bailey
Rev. Lisa Heilig and Tammy Johnson
Rev. Lori Dick
Rev. Lori Rivera and Darlene Hatch
Rev. Lorraine Brock
Rev. Margarita Sanchez de Leon and Frida Kruijt
Rev. Marian Cavagnaro
Rev. Mark Beckett
Rev. Maxwell Reay and Lewis Reay
Rev. Melanie Martinez and Tammy Erwin
Rev. Melissa Smithee
Rev. Mike Hydes
Rev. Onetta Brooks
Rev. Peter Trabaris
Rev. R. David Smith
Rev. Renae Phillips and Terrie Bennett
Rev. Renwick Bell
Rev. Rick Sosbe and Michael Rhen
Rev. Robert Life
Rev. Robin White and Barry Christensen
Rev. Ron LaRocque
Rev. Ruth and Elizabeth Jensen-Forbell
Rev. Sandy Williams
Rev. Sky Anderson and Ofelia Fay Anderson
Rev. Steve Torrence and John Hernandez
Rev. Suzie Chamness
Rev. Terri Echelbarger and Eileen McCree
Rev. Terri Steed
Rev. Thomas Emmett III
Rev. Tim Hamilton
Rev. Vickie Miller and Carol Lidey
Rev. Victor H. Floyd and Lou Grosso
Richard Henry
Robert Bayer 
Robert Cooley
Robert Firster
Robert Fleming
Robert Landry and Donald Kinghorn
Robert Ochoa
Robert W. Pope and Lawrence Konrad
Robin Lee
Ron Reeser and Vince Olivier
Russell Murphy
Sally Deike
Samuel Ramirez
Sara Sills and Kay Hedgepeth
Sarah-Jane Ramage and Andrew Smithers
Scott Strickler
Sharon Cox Ludwig
Sherrill Parmley
Sir Robin Hixson O.B.E.
Skip Chasey
Stan Kimer
Stephanie Breaker
Stephen Filizzi
Steven Jones
Sue Schwerin
Susan Lukwago
Teresa White
Terry Fetters
Tim Mitchell and Randy McGuire
Tina Rayfield
Toby Bishop and Kevin Downer
Todd Goewey
Tory V. Topjian
Toni Smith
Vickey Gibbs and Cassandra White
Walter Weiss
Walter Wilson
William Tucker
Wayne Davis
Yew-Hoe Tan


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