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We do not celebrate the death of Fred Phelps….We choose love

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First Gathering of Hispanic Ministries Network – A Resounding Success

See this news story on the event:


Thanks to all of you we had a fantastic First Gathering of Hispanic Ministries Network, with among other things, 32 participants, more than what we are expecting!!!!

Let me share this story with you. Three weeks after the event, there were just three people registered, I was concerned and thinking: we should cancel the meeting.  With a lot of faith our Elder Héctor said me “please be confident, we will succeed”.  These are some of the signs of these success:

32 participants (among them pastor and lay leaders eager to have information to plant  Hispanic ministries in their context)

Powerful presentations: MCC Hispanic Ministries History, Vision of future, analysis of demographic data, Bible study, analysis  of relationship of power and our ministries, presentation of “We are family” campaign of Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Powerful worship and preaching – We had three marvellous worship, with good representation of our diversity and listened an excellent reflection  (sermon) about inclusion.

Covered by the local press – Thanks to the excellent work of Ann, the event was covered by two media, public had the opportunity to listen about this ministry thru diverse MCC voices.

Participation and integration of Resurrection MCC – RMCC were not only host but active and committed participants in the event.  Friday evening  more than 20 members of the congregation joined us during the presentation  “We are family” and received with joy all participants of the First Gathering during the two Sunday worship services.

How this could happen? : “Team working and faith”.

Thanks Hector, for your vision and faith

Thanks Rev. Vicky for your unconditional  support in all logistical thing of the event

Thanks, Rev. Troy for your generosity

Thanks, Rev Michael, for your support organizing the event.

Thanks, Kay for helping us with the registration process, (the collaboration between programs is effective.)

Thanks Revs. Edgard, Rachelle, Jorge, Elder Larry, Christian Castro for your excellent presentations.

Thanks, Robert ,  Bridgett and Mark, faces and bodies of  RMCC’s hospitality and kindness

Thanks Rev. Alejandro, Brian and Rev.Jorge for your support as  interpreters.

Thanks Rev. Alejandro for creative worship moments and Rev. Edgard for the excellent and inspiring sermon.

Thanks to our Elders and to Rev. Tony Freeman, for believe in this ministry putting all their enthusiasm and all their resources available to make this possible.

People left the activity with great expectancy and hope and Hispanic Ministry founders embraced the whole event with tears and laughter; maybe God is calling MCC into new fields, new adventures… and we are ready!




Rev. Margarita Sánchez  De León


People of African Descent, friends, and allies conference

 2014 MCC Conference for People of African Descent, Friends, and Allies
15-17 MAY 2014



The MCC PAD conference is for everyone. Let us come together to proactively transform ourselves as we create the beloved community and transform the world!

This is going to be a remarkable journey, folks! And it is our sincerest hope that you can get on the bus and come along for the ride!  Transforming Ourselves As We Transform the World is our charge and “BE”ING THE CHANGE is our goal. Whether you are a person of African descent, a friend or an ally – ALL ARE WELCOME and we hope to see you there!


 Keynote Speakers

KellyBrownDouglas Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas renowned for her work on sexuality and the Black Church, will lead the charge with a historical perspective on how far we’ve come as LGBTQI peoples of African descent and what’s on the horizon as we fully show up as we are.
hopson Rev. Dr. Ronald Hopson a scholar in psychology and religion/theology, will help us reimagine what healing and transformation can look like in our lives in light of and in spite of our collective stories.
carijackson Rev. Dr. Cari Jackson , widely known for her community-building efforts across cultures and faith traditions, will talk about Jesus and social justice, focusing us on the outward manifestation of inward spiritual health and wellness.
macflournoy Rev. MacArthur Flournoy  will round out the plenary sessions, along with an esteemed panel of local and national leaders, to help us understand the value of building a faith movement that makes room at the table for all that we are and all that we bring.


Worship Preachers


revkensamuel Rev. Dr. Ken Samuel, Senior Pastor of Victory for the World Church believes that our love for Jesus should never be separated from justice.  He will be the guest preacher for opening worship on Thursday evening.
RevCarolynMobley (1) Rev. Carolyn Mobley, Interim Pastor of MCC of Richmond will use her gift as a minister who speaks through her music to start the day on Friday for the morning worship.
RevTonyiaRawls (1) Bishop Tonyia Rawls, Founder and Executive Director of The Freedom Center for Social Justice (FCSJ) and Founder of Sacred Souls Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a spiritual leader and social activist.  She will be bringing a dynamic message to the conference on Friday evening.
Rev. Mykal O’Neal Slack Rev. Mykal Slack, Founder of 4LYFE Ministries provides pastoral and educational resources to address sexual orientation and gender identity issues in faith communities across a broad spectrum. On Saturday morning he will share a word of inspiration to take us into the final day of the conference.
RevWilson Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of MCC will round out the conference on Saturday evening.  She will offer visionary words of truth, passion, and love.


gospel-choir-mdSaturday evening will also come alive with a Gospel Extravaganza.  Come and join your fellow conference participants in an event overflowing with music.



Volunteer Today

Do you have time to volunteer during the 2014 People of African Descent, Allies, and Friends Conference?  We are looking for people with kind hearts and generous spirits to volunteer their time. Volunteer opportunities include (but are not limited to): conference registration, worship (usher, greeter, acolyte), workshops, audio visuals, hospitality, VIP Buddies, and so much more.

To find out more about all of the volunteer opportunities:


Looking for:



Singers/Choir Members


beasponsor Promote your business, group, or ministry by becoming a sponsor.Our Sponsors:
HRClogo many voices mcc-logo


registernowRegister to join us for this powerful and inspiring event.

Be a Pillar to help someone attend the conference.

Volunteer to help make a difference at the conference.

Become an Exhibitor or Sponsor to promote your business, movement, or ministry.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Candy Holmes, PAD Conference Planning Chair for more information.


Fin de Año 2013


¿Te gustaría conocer más sobre las Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana?

¿Qué significa “SER ICM”?

La Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana (ICM) valora la inclusión, la comunidad, la transformación espiritual y la acción social. Estamos comprometidos  a difundir el Evangelio liberador de Jesucristo y responder fielmente al llamado de Dios por la justicia. El contexto de hacer justicia es la creación de la comunidad y la preservación de toda la creación.

Para suscribirte al boletín Headline News – Boletín electrónico Bimestral de ICM – ir aquí.

Para el Círculo de la Moderadora de ICM – Los miembros contribuyen cada mes directamente para apoyar el ministerio y visión de ICM – ir aquí.

Para saber cómo llevar a ICM a tu área enviar un email a

Para conocer sobre las oportunidades de la Iglesia Virtual de ICM favor de enviar un email  a

Sí tienes una Petición de Oración favor de escribir un email a

Querido(a) Amigo(a) de ICM:

Mientras el año comienza a moverse a su fin, nuestros pensamientos se dirigen a la gratitud y a lo que significa para la mayoría de nosotros(as) –nuestras familias y amigos(as), nuestros compromisos más profundos, el tipo de mundo que anhelamos.

Como ustedes, este es mundo momento en que estoy inundada de peticiones de donaciones navideñas e invertir en formas que puedan bendecir a otros y confirmar mis propios valores de justicia, esperanza y compasión, incluyendo mi iglesia local de ICM.

Hoy más que nunca, me enorgullece el servir cada día como la Líder Mundial de las Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana, un movimiento que salva vidas, que da a luz nuevas comunidades, que abre sus puertas a los refugiados – políticos, religiosos, y espirituales. Una iglesia que apoya a activistas en lugares difíciles y peligrosos, que encarna el amor y la inclusión radical en nuestro mundo dividido. Una iglesia que recientemente fue una poderosa testigo en el Consejo Mundial de Iglesia en Corea del Sur. Un movimiento que desde hace 45 años, ha estado hablando de un Jesús que nos enseña a amar a nuestro prójimo como a nosotros mismos. 

A principios de este año, recibí un correo electrónico de Vittorio, un joven italiano. Quien estaba ansioso por tener conexiones con personas de fe LGBT, sintiéndose aislado y desconectado. El disfruta participar viendo Founders MCC en Los Ángeles, California (USA), y al Rev. Dr. Neil Thomas, virtualmente pero aun anhela tener una comunidad local en la cual participar.

Dejaré que Vittorio hable de la alegría y gratitud que siente por nuestra respuesta a su necesidad:

Vittorio Amaruso (Segundo de la derecha) participa en su primera Marcha del Orgullo mientras asistía a la Conferencia General en Chicago Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sosteniendo el cartel de ICM, incluye de izquierda a derecha: Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderadora de ICM; Rev. Lisa Heilig, Pastora Interina de MCC of Our Redeemer; Vittorio, y Rev. Marian Cavagnaro, Pastora de Congregational Life at MCC de Palm Beaches.

“Mi nombre es Vittorio Amoruso. Vivo en Italia. Después de largo período de profunda reflexión y sentirme oprimido por la Iglesia Católica por ser gay, Decidí cambiar con la ayuda de mi familia. Solamente quiero ser yo mismo en un lugar que sea llamado IGLESIA. Después de descubrir la presencia de las Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana, pedí a la Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, que me diera una oportunidad de ser parte de la Iglesia ICM en los Estados Unidos. Ella re-envío mi correo electrónico al Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt quien me ofreció la posibilidad de pasar dos meses como invitado Trinity MCC en Gainesville, Florida, descubrí que Dios tiene un amor incondicional y eterno para cada ser humano, incluyendo a las personas LGBT. ICM me salvó y ayudó a comprender el plan que Dios tiene establecido para mí. He sido llamado a ser un Pastor/Ministro de ICM y servir a la comunidad LGBT en Italia, donde ICM no tiene presencia.”

Rev. Jim Mulcahy, pastor de ICM que trabaja en Europa del Este y en Rusia me envió esta nota recientemente:

“Recibí esta nota de una joven mujer rusa que es parte de una familia muy tradicional quienes literalmente la matarían si se enteran que ella es lesbiana. ‘Hi Jim! Permíteme agradecerte nuevamente por tu visita a Moscú. El servicio del domingo pasado me dio la fortaleza de vivir. Es la primera vez que recibo la comunidad en una Iglesia no Ortodoxa. En tus acciones reconozco que Cristo partía el pan. Muchas gracias por tu sermón tan inspirador y lleno de amor, esperanza y sinceridad. Tus palabras me enseñaron a aceptarme y amarme.’ ”

Jóvenes como Vittorio y esta mujer de Rusia nos necesitan, en cada país, incluyendo Estados Unidos. Ellos necesitan que seamos ICM, con un mensaje fuerte e inequívoco, con nuestra celebración inspiradora, nuestras comunidades locales vibrantes y comprometidas con la justicia y la inclusión radical.


Así que, para todos los Vittorios y todos los que conocemos debemos ser familia y comunidad para muchos como él, les invito a unirse en el recuerdo de ICM en esta temporada navideña con su generosidad. Cada donativo hará posible el salvar vidas y sanar corazones.

Gracia y paz,


Rev. Obispa Nancy Wilson
Moderadora de la ICM






Year End 2013


Do you want to know more about Metropolitan Community Churches?

What does it mean to “Be MCC”?

Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) values inclusion, community, spiritual transformation, and social action. We are committed to spread the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ and to respond faithfully to God’s call for justice. The context of doing justice is the creation of community and the preservation of all creation.

To sign up for Headline News - MCC’s electronic bimonthly international newsletter – click here.

For MCC Moderator’s Circle - Members contribute directly to MCC to support its ministry and vision through a monthly donation – click here.

To find out about  bringing an MCC to your area please email

To learn more about MCC’s virtual church opportunities please email

If you have a Prayer Request please email

From the Moderator

Dear MCC Friend:

As the year begins to move to its end, our thoughts turn to gratitude and to that which means the most to us–our friends and family, our deepest connections and commitments, the kind of world for which we yearn.

Like you, this is a time when I am inundated with requests for holiday giving, and invest in ways that will bless others and confirm my own values about justice, hope, and compassion, including my local MCC church.

More than ever, I am proud every day to serve as the global leader of Metropolitan Community Churches, a movement that saves lives, that gives birth to new communities, that opens its doors to refugees – political, religious, and spiritual. A church that supports activists in difficult and dangerous places that embodies love and radical inclusion in our divided world. A church that recently made a powerful witness at the World Council of Churches in South Korea. A movement which for 45 years, has been speaking up for a Jesus who tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Earlier this year, I got an email from Vittorio, a young man from Italy. He was starving for connections with LGBT people of faith, feeling so isolated and disconnected. He loved watching Founders MCC in Los Angeles, California (USA), and Rev. Dr. Neil Thomas, virtually but still longed for face-to-face community.

Vittorio Amaruso (second from right) walks in his first Pride Parade while attending General Conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Also holding the MCC banner include, from left: Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, MCC Moderator; Rev. Lisa Heilig, Interim Pastor at MCC of Our Redeemer; Vittorio, and Rev. Marian Cavagnaro, Pastor of Congregational Life at MCC of the Palm Beaches.

I will let Vittorio speak for the joy and gratitude he feels for our response to his need:

“My name is Vittorio Amoruso. I live in Italy. After a long period of deep thinking and feeling oppressed by the Italian Catholic Church because of my being gay, I decided to make a change, with the support of my family. I just wanted to be myself in a place where it is called CHURCH. After discovering the presence of Metropolitan Community Churches, I asked Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, to give me an opportunity to be part of an MCC church in the United States. She forwarded my email to Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt who gave me the possibility to spend two months as a guest of Trinity MCC in Gainesville, Florida, and discover how God has an unconditional and everlasting love for each human being, including LGBT people. MCC saved my life and helped me understand the plan that God has in store for me. I’ve been called to be an MCC Pastor/Minister and serve the LGBT community in Italy, where there is no MCC at present.”

Rev. Jim Mulcahy, an MCC pastor who works in Eastern Europe and Russia, sent me this note recently:

“I received this note from a young Russian woman from a very traditional family who literally would kill her if they knew she was a lesbian. ‘Hi Jim! Let me again thank you for your visit to Moscow. Last Sunday’s service gave me the strength to live. It was the first time I took communion not in an Orthodox Church. It your actions I recognized Christ breaking the bread. Thank you very much for your inspiring sermon full of love, hope, and sincerity. Your words taught me to accept and love myself.’ ”

Young people like Vittorio and this young woman from Russia need us, in every country, including in the United States. They need us to be MCC, with our strong, unequivocal message, our inspiring worship, our vibrant, local communities committed to justice and radical inclusion.


So, for all the Vittorios and all of us who know we must be family and community for so many like him, join me in remembering MCC this holiday season in your generous giving! Every gift makes it possible for us to save lives and heal hearts.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson
Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches


Transforming graphic (black/transparent)



Fellowship Sunday 2013 – Resourcing our Networks


2013 Fellowship Sunday Offering Pacesetters

(in alphabetical order)

aChurch4me? MCC
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Rev. Rachelle Brown, Provisional Pastor

Agape MCC
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Rev. S. David Wynn, Pastor

All God’s Children MCC
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Rev. DeWayne L. Davis, Pastor

Augustine United Reformed Church
& Our Tribe
Edinburgh, Scotland
Rev. Maxwell Reay, Pastor, Associated Minister

Church of The Trinity MCC
Sarasota, Florida, USA
Rev. Charles Tigard, Pastor

Cornerstone MCC
Mobile, Alabama, USA
Rev. Sandy O’Steen, Pastor

Emerald City MCC Seattle
Washington, USA
Rev. Kimberly Brown, Interim Pastor

Exodus MCC
Abilene, Texas, USA
Rev. Margaret C. Walker, Pastor

FirstCoast MCC
St. Augustine, Florida, USA
Rev. Ruth Jensen Forbell, Pastor

First MCC of Atlanta
Georgia, USA
Rev. T. Paul Graetz, Pastor

First MCC of Wichita
Kansas, USA
Rev. Jackie Carter, Pastor

Founders MCC Los Angeles
California, USA
Rev. Dr. Neil G. Thomas, Pastor

Heartland MCC
Springfield, Illinois, USA
Rev. Tony Thieman-Somora, Pastor

Holy Covenant MCC
Brookfield, Illinois, USA
Open Pulpit

Imago Dei MCC
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, USA
Rev. Janice Bowker, Pastor

Orlando, Florida, USA
Rev. Terri S. Steed, Pastor

King of Peace MCC
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis, Pastor

Liberating Spirit MCC of the Treasure Valley
Garden City, Idaho, USA
Renee McCall, Pastoral Leader

Living Springs MCC
Bath, UK
Rev. Kieren Bourne, Pastor

MCC Austin
Texas, USA
Rev. Karen Thompson, Pastor

MCC Boston
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Open Pulpit

MCC Brighton
Rev. Michael Hydes, Pastor

MCC Brisbane
South Brisbane, Australia
Rev. Dr. Leigh R. Neighbour, Pastor

MCC Corpus Christi
Texas, USA
Rev. Ed Paul, Interim Pastor

MCC Family in Christ
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Rev. Ken Pilot, Pastor

MCC Hartford
Connecticut, USA
Rev. Aaron Miller, Pastor

MCC Key West
Florida, USA
Rev. Steve Torrence, Resident Pastor

MCC Knoxville
Tennessee, USA
Rev. V. Jill Sizemore, Pastor

MCC Louisville
Kentucky, USA
Rev. Colleen Foley, Pastor

MCC New York
New York, USA
Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Pastor

MCC Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Pastor

MCC of Albuquerque
New Mexico, USA
Rev. Judith L. Maynard, Pastor

MCC of Baltimore
Maryland, USA
Open pulpit

MCC of Baton Rouge
Louisiana, USA
Rev. Keith Mozingo, Pastor

MCC of Charleston
South Carolina, USA
Rev. Lorraine Brock, Pastor

MCC of Central Iowa
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Rev. Peter Trabaris, Pastor

MCC of Greater Saint Louis
Missouri, USA
Open pulpit

MCC of Lubbock
Lubbock, Texas, USA
Open Pulpit

MCC of New Orleans
Louisiana, USA
Rev. Gail Minnick, Pastor

MCC of Northern Virginia
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Rev. Dr. Danny Spears, Pastor

MCC of Ocala
Florida, USA
Rev. Vickie Miller, Pastor

MCC of Omaha
Nebraska, USA
Rev. Tom Emmett, Pastor

MCC of Our Redeemer
Augusta, Georgia, USA
Rev. Lisa Heilig, Interim Pastor

MCC of Paducah
Kentucky, USA
Rev. Lillian Ferguson, Pastor

MCC of Rehoboth
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA
Rev. Dusty Pruitt, Pastor

MCC of Richmond
Virginia, USA
Open Pulpit

MCC of San Antonio
Texas, USA
Rev. Mick Hinson,  Pastor

MCC of The Blue Ridge
Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Rev. Joe Cobb, Pastor

MCC of the Coachella Valley
Cathedral City, California, USA
Rev. Clinton Crawshaw, Pastor

MCC of The Gentle Shepherd
Vancouver, Washington, USA
Rev. Ken Kerr, Pastor

MCC of the Good Shepherd
Western Sydney, Australia
Rev. Robert Clark, Pastor

MCC of the Palm Beaches
Florida, USA
Rev. Dr. Lea Brown, Pastor

MCC of The Quad Cities
Davenport, Iowa, USA
Rev. Rich D. Hendricks, Pastor

MCC of the Spirit
Pennsylvania, USA
Rev. Lori E. Rivera, Pastor

MCC of Topeka
Kansas, USA
Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell, Interim Pastor

MCC of Winston-Salem
North Carolina, USA
Rev. Ron LaRocque, Pastor

MCC Peoria
Illinois, USA
Rev. Tony Thieman-Somora, Pastor

MCC Portland
Oregon, USA
Rev. Nathan Meckley, Pastor

MCC Sacred Journey
Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA
Rev. Jane Nelson, Pastor

MCC San Francisco
California, USA
Rev. Victor Floyd, Pastor

MCC Sydney
Rev. Greg Smith, Pastor

Neema MCC
Nairobi, Kenya
Rev. Michael Kimindu, Pastor

New Creation MCC
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Rev. Margaret Hawk, Pastor

New Light MCC
Hagerstown, Maryland, USA
Rev. Dr. Y’Lon Dozier, Interim Pastor

New Spirit MCC
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Open pulpit

Open Arms MCC
Pahoa, Hawaii, USA
Rev. Dr. William H. Knight, Pastor

Open Arms MCC
Rochester, New York, USA
Rev. Tom Decker, Interim Pastor

Open Circle MCC
Belleview, Florida, USA
Rev. Carol Chambers, Pastor

Open Door MCC
Boyds, Maryland, USA
Rev. Miller Hoffman, Pastor

Peninsula MCC
San Mateo, California, USA
Rev. Terri Echelbarger, Pastor

Resurrection MCC
Houston, Texas, USA
Rev. Troy Treash, Pastor

River of Life MCC
Dorchester, UK
Rev. Catherine Dearlove, Pastor

River of Life MCC
Kennewick, Washington, USA
Rev. Janet Pierce, Pastor

St. John’s MCC
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Rev. Brendan Y. Boone, Pastor

St. Jude MCC
Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
Rev. John McLaughlin, Pastor

Spirit of Hope MCC
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Rev. Kurt Krieger, Pastor

SunCoast Cathedral MCC
Venice, Florida, USA
Rev. Dr. Sherry L. Kennedy, Pastor

The Met (MCC San Diego)
California, USA
Rev. Dan Koeshall, Pastor

The Rock MCC
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Open Pulpit

Trinity MCC of Gainesville
Florida, USA
Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt, Pastor

Valley Ministries MCC
Stockton, California, USA
Rev. Terri Miller, Pastor

Water of Life MCC
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Rev. Elder Dr. Charlie Arehart, Pastor

Wichita Falls MCC
Texas, USA
Rev. Mel Martinez, Pastor

MCC Senior Leadership
Governing Board & Staff

Have you ever started a new program or ministry, knowing it would require a season of extra attention, nurture and investment if it were to succeed for the long-term? According to Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, that’s exactly where we are today with MCC’s Networks!

That’s why October’s Fellowship Sunday Offering is dedicated to resourcing MCC’s Networks by providing training opportunities for Network leaders and teams, enhancing communications between Networks and local congregations, and increasing the support and resourcing of local churches.

“The focus of this year’s Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign is on MCC’s Networks,” said Rev. Dr. Wilson, “but the long-term beneficiaries are the health and growth of our local congregations.”

Has your church signed up to participate in MCC’s 45th anniversary observance by receiving a special, designated Fellowship Sunday Offering on 6 October 2013, or on another Sunday in October?

Signing up literally takes less than 60 seconds! Simply write to Rev. Dr. Wilson at and let her know your church will participate. “I would be thrilled if your church would sign up this week to become a 2013 MCC Pacesetter Church by committing to receive a second offering in support of MCC’s Networks on Fellowship Sunday, 6 October 2013, or on another Sunday in October. I hope to hear from your church this week!”


2013 Fellowship Sunday Bulletin Insert
2013 Fellowship Sunday Bulletin Insert
2013 Fellowship Sunday Bulletin Insert.pdf
Date Updated: 1 October 2013
2013 Fellowship Sunday Bulletin Insert A4
2013 Fellowship Sunday Bulletin Insert A4
2013 Fellowship Sunday Bulletin Insert_A4.pdf
Date Updated: 1 October 2013
2013 Fellowship Sunday Press Release
2013 Fellowship Sunday Press Release
2013 Fellowship Sunday Press Release.docx
Date Updated: 25 September 2013
2013 Fellowship Sunday Press Release
2013 Fellowship Sunday Press Release
2013 Fellowship Sunday Press Release.pdf
Date Updated: 25 September 2013
2013FellowshipSundayBullIns SpanEd
2013FellowshipSundayBullIns SpanEd
Date Updated: 2 October 2013

To download photos for use in your church’s Fellowship Sunday Offering promotion, first click the image to open the full-sized version, place your mouse cursor over photo, right click, and select “Save Image.”

Members of MCC's Southwestern U.S. Network Team make themselves accessible to localchurches and foster connectedness by sharing their names, photos and e-mail addresses.

Members of MCC’s Southwestern U.S. Network Team make themselves accessible to local churches and foster connectedness by sharing their names, photos and e-mail addresses.

Networks provide care, connection and communicationto local churches. Here members of the Heartland Network take part in a Network Gathering at MCC Omaha (Nebraska).

Networks provide care, connection and communication to local churches. Here members of the Heartland Network take part in a Network Gathering at MCC Omaha (Nebraska).

MCCers in the Carolinas Network gather from across North andSouth Carolina at St. John's MCC for workshops, training,resourcing and fellowship with Rev. Elder Ken Martin.

MCCers in the Carolinas Network gather from across North and South Carolina at St. John’s MCC for workshops, training, resourcing and fellowship with Rev. Elder Ken Martin.


MCC leaders in the Midwest Network draw inspiration, find fresh vision for ministry and deepen their connectedness with other MCC churches at this Network Gathering held at MCC Iliana.

MCC local church leaders taking part in the Western Europe andthe United Kingdom Network Gathering at MCC Newcastle (Upon Tyne, UK), joined by Rev. Elders Darlene Garner and Dr. Mona West.

MCC local church leaders taking part in the Europe Network Gathering at MCC Newcastle (Upon Tyne, UK), joined by    Rev. Elders Darlene Garner and Dr. Mona West.



Feel free to use this in bulletins at your Fellowship Sunday service

MCC Moderator’s
2013 Fellowship Sunday Prayer

1968 – 2013

On the Occasion of the

45th Anniversary of the Founding

of Metropolitan Community Churches

God of Liberating Hope:
     We thank you for 45 years of the miracle
          of Metropolitan Community Churches.

Today, October 6th, 
     is truly a feast day for us,
          as we remember the blessings of our past,
               as we open ourselves to renewal,
                    as we boldly embrace the future .

Jesus Christ, in whom our faith is rooted:
     How could we have imagined that You
          would use our humble beginnings
                to change lives and change history
                     in so many places around the world?

We thank you for being Emmanuel,
      -- God with us!  --
               for all these decades.

Today we lift up Founders’ MCC, where it all began;
     we lift up the newest MCC’s in many places around the world;
          we lift up churches that are seeking a new pastor; 
               churches that are re-examining their vision and mission; 
                    churches that are persevering through tough times; 
                         churches on the brink of a new era of ministry.

We lift up those who have not found MCC, 
     but who are starting to find us
          on websites and from newsfeeds,
               through press stories and in social media,
                    and by the public witness of local MCC congregations
                         and their ministries of compassion and justice.

We lift up those who have not found MCC, 
     but who are waiting...
          to connect with a community of faith;
     who are longing...
          to discover hope-filled spirituality;
     who are ready...
           to celebrate MCC
                in villages and towns, in cities
                     and countries, around our world.

God of our Past and of our Future:
     Grace us, we pray,
          to love relentlessly,
               to do justice faithfully,
                    to live hopefully
                         In a world that needs You,
                              and that needs us to BE MCC.

These things we pray
     in Your Many Names.

MCC Governing Board Announcement

  • MCC’s Governing Board has accepted Reverend Tony Freeman’s letter of resignation from the Governing Board. We extend our sincerest thanks to Tony for his service to MCC over the past three years. We wish him well on his next endeavor. Tony was elected by the 2010 General Conference XXIV in Acapulco, Mexico, for a six-year term of office. 

    Pursuant to UFMCC Bylaw,  Article V.C.4.e  – GOVERNING BOARD: Vacancies: “In the event of a vacancy on the Governing Board, the Governing Board may appoint someone who meets the qualifications to fill the vacancy until the next General Conference, when an election shall be held to fill the unexpired term.” 


    To that end, the Governing Board will appoint a Clergy Person to complete the remaining three-year term until the 2016 General Conference XXVI in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). At such time, the General Conference will elect a new Clergy Person to begin a six-year term ending at 2022 General Conference XXVII.


    We are seeking an interested Clergy person who meets the qualifications stated in UFMCC Bylaw, Article V.C.4.a – GOVERNING BOARD: QUALIFICATIONS:

    “Members of the Governing Board must be members in good standing within the Fellowship who, in the sole discretion of the UFMCC, have spiritual quality and leadership, are mature, have sound judgment, and have a proven record of accomplishment.  Consideration will be given to elect members with diverse perspectives, core competencies, and complementary skills consistent with the required functions and responsibilities of the Governing Board.”


    We have implemented the following process to fill this vacated seat by our October 2013 Governing Board meeting:



    • Applications are due by 9:00 pm UTC/GMT (5:00 pm U.S. ET) on Thursday, 12 September 2013.


    • The Governing Board will review all applications received.


    • The Governing Board will pre-select and conduct interviews with candidate(s).


    • The Governing Board will select and appoint a Clergy Person to serve by our October Governing Board meeting.


    • The Governing Board will send out an announcement to introduce our new Governing Board member following our October meeting.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rev. Onetta Brooks,


    We look forward to receiving your application to serve on MCC’s Governing Board!


    Thank you!

    MCC Governing Board

Global Justice Statement on anti-LGBT violence in Russia

Today we join our voices with many others calling for an end to the rampant violence against LGBT people in Russia. Reports of anti-LGBT violence continue to be received, including harassment, physical brutality and government condoned murder of LGBT people since Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill banning the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors.”


2013-142-2013-05-22T124351Z_1_CBRE94L0ZD700_RTROPTP_3_RUSSIAProminent British broadcaster Stephen Fry likened the new laws to the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews earlier this week, and on Thursday, Russia’s envoy to the United Nations was personally confronted on his New York doorstep by activists wielding a petition signed by more than 300,000 people.

The events unfolding in Russia should rightly cause concern for all fair-minded citizens of the world. They’re a complete travesty meant to divert the attention of the Russian people from President Putin’s failure as their leader,” said Human Rights Campaign Vice President for Communications Fred Sainz.


Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Executive Director of the Global Justice Institute (GJI), said, “We, as human beings, must not remain silent while any of our lives are criminalized.  It’s not simply the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly that are at stake here, but our very lives when you consider the rise in violence and increased rates of HIV in areas where LGBTI life is deemed illicit.” She added, “Russia, and indeed the world must be put on notice: Attempt to silence any of us and you will hear from all of us.”


The GJI calls for an end to violence against LGBTQ people in Russia around the world. We call on fair minded people of faith to join efforts to speak against these acts of violence and murder and to stand in solidarity with those who are victimized. We call on members of the clergy to speak boldly for the divine value of every person. Finally, we join our prayers with those of people of faith for an end to the victimization of LGBTQ people in Russia and around the world.


Take Action:

  • The GJI calls on people of good will around the globe to make your voice heard on behalf of the freedom and safety of LGBTI people in Russia by contacting the Russian Embassy or Consulate nearest you and demanding that the legislation criminalizing LGBTI life be rescinded.


This statement prepared by Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt on behalf of

The Global Justice Institute, Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Executive Director.

 Contact:  Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt at 

Who am I to judge?

Pope Francis asked a stunning question: “Who am I to judge?” This was in response to inquiries about whether or not there are gay priests in the Vatican — the now-renowned “gay lobby.”

In a 90-minute interview returning from his travels in Brazil, an affable, relaxed Pope Francis covered a range of topics, but the “who am I to judge?” response made the world do a double take.


“Who am I to judge?”

Well, the pope! You are the pope who inherited two millennia of, well, pontificating about what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s moral and what’s immoral.

I am sure the Vatican leaders are wringing their collective hands over a pope who may be viewed as a security and PR nightmare. He may seem out of their control, dispensing mercy and off-the-cuff pastoral kindness that blurs the lines of official church policy and pronouncements. We could almost feel the winds of Vatican II blowing.

My hope is that this is not just the kind of rock-star popularity that masked the sometimes-kind conservatism of John Paul II. He gave “warm fuzzies” to big crowds but became increasingly dogmatic as a corrupt system of financial and sexual exploitation lurked beneath the surface.

Pope Francis’ step toward humility was stunning, but few are naïve enough to think that everything has changed. Gay priests must still be celibate, and Pope Francis declared that “the door is closed” on the ordination of women. But what the pope did in that interview was to begin to live up to the Catholic Church’s own teachings about humankind.

Honestly, if all Christian denominations and traditions lived up to their own teachings about humanity, there would be a great revolution of respect. But that respect must include women as full human beings, worthy of greatness — worthy of ordination — and it must include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people.

I sincerely hope this pope really does want to shake up things. Celibacy should be optional. Catholic women need the church to move into the 20th, not to mention the 21st, century and recognize their full eligibility for the priesthood. Sexual assaults on children must be eliminated. Decisions about contraception, reproductive health and choice should be in the hands of women, not by unaffected men who like to dictate policy. The use of condoms to save lives through prevention of HIV/AIDS must be commonplace. A revolution of respect can happen!

Virtually every faith tradition has a core belief that human beings have inherent worth as creations of God. The inherent worth of each human being means that Christians should be aghast at the brutal murders of gay men in RussiaCameroonYemen and even in theUnited States.

In South Africa, where so-called “corrective rape” is used mostly against lesbians but also against transgender people and gay men, the brutality is shocking and too often endorsed by family members. Duduzile Zozo was raped with a toilette brush and left to die in early July. Bishop Tutu presided at her memorial service and famously said that he “would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven.”

Most anti-LGBTQ rapes, beatings, tortures and murders happen with little comment because it is too dangerous to report the assault or murder of a gay friend or family member for fear of police reprisal. Even with high publicity, the Cameroon police do not seem to be pursuing the person(s) who murdered gay rights advocate Eric Lembembe. Instead, Cameroon police arrested three organizers who have been critiquing the lack of action by Cameroon officials!

Where are the faith voices? Pope Francis, we urge you not to be silent! Use your moral weight to stop vicious attacks and cruel persecution. Promote a campaign for tolerance. We do not have to punish people for being different!

Why are Christians silent when Eric Lemembe is tortured with a hot iron in his own home? Why are Christians silent when lesbians are raped — even raped to death? Why are Christians silent as Russia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and so many other countries pass laws that make talking about the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people punishable by prison or fine?

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe recently condemned LGBTQ people and promised to cut off our heads. Pronouncements like these are de facto endorsements of street violence, mob attacks, family rejection and official persecution against anyone who is perceived to be LGBTQ — as well as against their families. Mugabe is a Catholic who should hear from his new pope that violent homophobia is unacceptable for Catholic leaders.

Although the pope did not suddenly change the church’s view that LGBTQ people should remain celibate, whether as priests or as lay people, he did tell Christians around the world that it’s time to live up to the highest values of the faith rather than descend to base disrespect for human beings.

Pope Francis modeled a more tolerant approach to LGBTQ people. He is the first pope to use the word “gay.” Tolerance is a humble platform from which people across the world can be speaking out for mutual respect. It is not a perfect platform, but it appears that it might suit a pope who doesn’t think of himself as infallible but as a human being who respects God’s good diversity. How refreshing!

As the head of Metropolitan Community Churches, which has ministries in 40 countries, I know that it is time that Christians step up and strive to fulfill the basic teachings of Jesus: Feed the poor, clothe the naked, visit prisoners — and, like the pope, judge not.

Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls for Prayer and Personal Discernment as Zimmerman Trial Verdict is Released

Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches

Calls for Prayer and Personal Discernment

as Zimmerman Trial Verdict is Released


Earlier this evening, a jury of six women found George Zimmerman, a now 26-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer, not guilty in the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.


Trayvon Martin was 17 years old when, walking to his father’s home through a residential area in Sanford, Florida on a rainy evening , he was shot in the heart after an altercation with Zimmerman.   Wearing a hoodie and talking on his cell phone, having just purchased a package of Skittles and a can of iced tea, Martin became a symbol of young people of color across the United States who are often targeted by law enforcement, shop owners and other citizens as “suspicious.”


Approached and followed by Mr. Zimmerman for this reason, a physical fight ensued that would end in the death of a child, and come to symbolize our nation’s on-again/off-again struggle to accept and value its diverse citizenry.


As a community of largely LGBTI people of many religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, many of us know what it is like to be viewed with suspicion simply because of who we are.  Many of us still live in parts of the world where our sexual orientations or gender identities are sufficient to endanger our lives.


Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s parents, appealed for peace in the wake of a verdict and said that they could finally see “the end of the tunnel.”


The real end of the tunnel for all of us will be on that day when we stand face to face with the Creator God who made us all and pronounced all life good.  In the end, we will be invited to share one table together.  The Gospel of Matthew says people will come to that table from East and West, North and South, meaning from many directions.


I know the members and friends of Metropolitan Community Churches may be coming from many directions with regard to this case and all the issues it has raised, from racially motivated animosity to the use of firearms.   People around the globe suffer and struggle daily with the loss of children’s lives to violence — violence that is often times fueled by the failure to value the diversity of God’s creation.


Yesterday at the United Nations, another child targeted by violence, a 16 year old girl from Pakistan named Malala, spoke to the world saying that education is the key to a future of peace and good will for all of us.  Shot because she was a girl wanting to go to school in a culture devaluing its female children, she said, “They thought that the bullet would silence us,” but what really happened was that “weakness and fear died…and courage was born.’


I urge all of us on this night when many of us may be reacting with shock, disbelief and anger and others with support for a legally rendered verdict, to really search our hearts and minds and spirits for the ways prejudice and fear have weakened our commitment to the prophetic vision of a world where lions lay down with lambs, and little children play safely over adder’s dens.   I urge all of us as people of faith to recommit to the Biblical injunction against taking a life for any reason.   The legal standard for “self defense” can never replace Scripture’s call to love others as God loves all of us.


Pray with me this night for the family of Trayvon Martin who, regardless of a verdict, lost a child to fear and violence.  Pray for the day when all of us are at ease in the presence of difference and see only in each other’s faces a brother or sister in Christ.



The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator

Metropolitan Community Churches


This statement prepared in conjunction with the Moderator’s Public Policy Team,

The Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Chair.  For more information or to arrange further comment

contact The Rev. Jim Merritt, Public Policy Team Communications, at