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UFMCC – Global Emerging Church Specialist

Position Descripton Global Emerging Church Specialist
Position Descripton Global Emerging Church Specialist
Position Descripton_Global Emerging Church Specialist.pdf
Date Updated: 12 February 2014

MCC is seeking a professional-level Global Emerging Church Specialist to provide (1) oversight of implementation of the Global Emerging Church Strategy; (2) supervision of the Church Developers for Asia, the United States, Canada, Hispanic U.S. & Canada, Australasia, Europe, and Africa; and (3) implementation of the Emerging Church Strategy for the United States & Canada. The Global Emerging Church Specialist would also:

  • Provide training for church starters
  • Assist with recruitment and authorization of church starters
  • Develop resources and materials that are needed for the development successful emerging churches
  • Manage the bestowal of awards and recognitions
  • Oversee fund-raising for Global Ministry Development



  1. Develop budgets and tracking of budget expenses
  2. Coaching
  3. Supervision
  4. Fund raising
  5. Project management
  6. Management proficiency
  7. Process improvement
  8. Self-development
  9. Planning
  10. Volunteer management



  1. Can qualify for permission to work in the United States
  2. Can write and speak effectively in English
  3. Is familiar with and respectful of MCC vision and values
  4. Is familiar with current new church development theory
  5. Has successful experience with new ministry development, especially the development of new churches
  6. Can demonstrate cross-cultural competence
  7. Is skilled in the use of computer-based technology
  8. Is a self-starter and works well without strict hands-on supervision
  9. Able to travel


The Global Emerging Church Specialist position is accountable to the Director of the Office of Emerging Ministries and will begin on 1 April 2014.

The salary for the Global Emerging Church Specialist position is US$45,000. This is a full-time position and is eligible for employment benefits.  Benefits include health insurance (individual contribution may be required, depending on the insurance coverage selected); dental and vision (available for individual purchase); Paid Time Off; Sick leave; and opportunity to contribute to a 403b Plan.

The deadline for submission of applications is 28 February 2014.

Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest and a relevant resume by 28 February 2014 to:

Rev. Elder Darlene Garner
Director, MCC Office of Emerging Ministries