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MCC Governing Board has called a Special General Conference

The MCC Governing Board has called a Special General Conference (MCC Bylaws Article VIII.A.5):
Purpose: To affirm the appointment of Rev. Ines-Paul Baumann, Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Rev. Tony Freeman, Rev. Dwayne Johnson, Nancy Maxwell, J.D., LL.M., Rev. Margarita Sánchez De León and / or Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis to the position of Elder.
Nature: VIRTUAL meeting
(Virtual) Business Forum: Date(s) and Time(s) – 9 April 2015 at 11:00 PM UTC/GMT (7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, or EDT) and 11 April 2015 at 5:00 PM UTC/GMT (1:00 PM EDT) via Governing Board led WEBINAR





Thursday 9 April 4:00 pm Los Angeles
Thursday 9 April 7:00 pm New York
Thursday 9 April 8:00 pm Rio de Janeiro
Thursday/Friday 9/10 April Midnight London
Friday 10 April 1:00 am Cape Town
Friday 10 April 7:00 am Manila
Friday 10 April 9:00 am Sydney







Saturday 11 April 10:00 am Los Angeles
Saturday 11 April 1:00 pm New York
Saturday 11 April 2:00 pm Rio de Janeiro
Saturday 11 April 6:00 pm London
Saturday 11 April 7:00 pm Cape Town
Sunday 12 April 1:00 am Manila
Sunday 12 April 3:00 am Sydney

(Online/Virtual) Voting Date(s): Opens on 6 May 2015 at 1:00 PM UTC/GMT (9:00 AM EDT) through 7 May 2015 at 9:00 PM UTC/GMT (5:00 PM EDT) closing via Survey Monkey.


Who is eligible to vote at this Special General Conference?

ALL MEMBERS OF THE LAY HOUSE AND CLERGY HOUSE: In order to be eligible to vote at the Special General Conference to be held 6 – 7 May 2015, churches must have paid their UFMCC Assessment through 31 March 2015 by 9:00 PM UTC/GMT (5:00 PM EDT) on 10 April 2015, or a current signed Assessment covenant must be in place. For U.S. churches, Board of Pension payments must also be current through 31 March 2015.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact


Moderator Nominating Committee Alternates for General Conference 2016

The MCC Governing Board has appointed Beulah Durrheim (South Africa) and Stuart Sutherland (Australia) as Alternates to the Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC). They will serve dual roles as MNC alternates and as Committee aides. Should circumstances arise that do not allow one or more of the MNC members to fulfill their roles through General Conference XXVI in 2016, one or both would be appointed to serve those terms. Additionally, they will participate in the processes and decisions of the MNC, having voice and no vote.
We are pleased to introduce the alternates to the Moderator Nominating Committee: Beulah Durrheim (South Africa) and Stuart Sutherland (Australia) 

Beulah Durrheim PIC

Beulah Durrheim is currently the Pastoral Leader at Good Hope MCC in Cape Town, South Africa, a position she has held since September 2012. She also serves as the Spiritual Director for Africa Upper Room Ministries, as well as managing staff meetings in the Western Cape.

Prior to this, she has served as a Pastor in two Methodist churches for a period of 10 years. She has participated in various pastoral search committees with the task of interviewing and finding replacement pastors. She has been a recent advocate of LGBTI rights, in particular testifying at a variety of meetings within the Methodist church, e.g. Synod (meeting of all the ministers in the Western Cape), youth groups. She has also made herself available to the presiding Bishop to participate/facilitate the conversations regarding same-gender relationships.

She ran her own business, Creative Expressions, where she specialised in facilitating ceremonies, retreats, creating and designing teaching materials, and finding creative ways of facilitating spiritual journeys. It was a spiritual ministry based on the belief that every baby blessing, memorial, wedding, retreat, etc. should be a unique experience, tailored according to the personalities and needs of the client.

She has also volunteered to serve on Chrysalis and Emmaus, inter-denominational spiritual enrichment and training weekends for church leaders. She has served in various leadership roles for 10 years and was elected to be the Community Leader for Chrysalis in the Western Cape from 1999 to 2001. This has included her leading and facilitating team selection committees.

She and her spouse Charmaine were married in 2008, and they have two beautiful cats named Andor and Taishar.

She holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from the University of South Africa.

Stuart Sutherland picStuart Sutherland is currently the Vice Moderator of MCC Good Shepherd in Western Sydney, Australia (MCCGS), where he assists the church in organising fund raising events, leading worship, as Church Representative to local GLBTI Organisations, as MCCGS Representative to local churches, and as MCCGS Legal Representative.

He is a lawyer/solicitor and barrister and has been practising for nearly 14 years.

His job is the Principal Solicitor at Logical Legal Solicitors in Newtown, Australia. His partner Michael helps him run the law firm and works as his executive assistant. He has been helping MCC Sydney and MCC Good Shepherd in Australia with legal advice and governance issues.

He attends the Supreme Court of New South Wales, District and Local Courts of New South Wales, and Federal Circuit Courts. His area of practice involves Corporate Law, Wills, Estates, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship, Family Law, and Mental Health.

He has been active in the LGBT community representing clients in courts and providing legal advice. He has also been active in the past with organising the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras that is held in February/March each year.

He assists Intellectual Disabled people in the community and worked as volunteer solicitor for the Intellectual Disability Rights Service. He has been the President of the Central Coast of New South Wales Blue Light Discos. He was one of the founding law firms on the National Pro Bono Scheme of Australia.

Stuart holds a Master of Laws from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, and a Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He has been a part-time lecturer at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. He plans to finish a Juris Doctor at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Stuart lives in Granville, Australia, with his partner Michael and their 8-year-old cross maltese/shiatsu, “Fido”, and their foster dog, a 3-year-old miniature poodle, “Barney.”

Stuart and Beulah will join MNC members: Elisa Vega-Burns (Chairperson), Rev. Kevin Downer, and Rev. Dr. Lea Brown. Read more on:

Elisa Vega-Burns RevKevinDowner Rev. Dr. Lea Brown
Elisa Vega-Burns, Chair Rev. Kevin Downer Rev. Dr. Lea Brown


You will hear more in the next couple of months from the Moderator Nominating Committee regarding the process for recruiting and soliciting candidates to stand for election as the next Moderator of MCC at General Conference 2016.

Please join us in welcoming the Beulah Durrheim and Stuart Sutherland!

Reverend Onetta Brooks
Chair, Governance Committee
On behalf of the MCC Governing Board

Webinars to Prepare for General Conference Business Meeting

If you will be voting at General Conference, please make plans to attend all three of these webinars or to watch / listen to the recordings as soon as you are able.  Participants will be able to ask questions in preparation for your church’s congregational forum prior to the General Conference business forum and business meeting.

Section 1

TITLE: UFMCC Bylaw Change Proposals
DESCRIPTION: An opportunity for General Conference delegates to ask questions about the Bylaw change proposals as part of preparing yourself for the General Conference business meeting.  Please download a copy of the “UFMCC BYLAWS PROPOSALS” from
FACILITATORS: Rev Onetta Brooks, Governing Board; and Rev. Elder Darlene Garner, Director, Office of Emerging Ministries
13 June, 7:00pm UTC/GMT (3:00pm U.S. Eastern time)
TITLE: Governing Board Proposals
DESCRIPTION: An opportunity for General Conference delegates to review and ask questions regarding the Proposals being brought forth by the Governing Board and as found in the Governing Board Report.  These proposals include the future tithe assessment rate, appointment and funding of a Global Covenant Team missioned to create a Global Covenant for MCC churches outlining our identity, statement of values and theological commitments and which will serve as our primary document of alignment, and the appointment of Special Task Force to review, renew and update the MCC Statement of Faith.  Please download a copy of the “REPORT OF GB” containing these motions, which can be found at

FACILITATORS: Rev. Tony Freeman and Liz Bisordi, Governing Board

10 June9:00pm UTC/GMT (5:00pm U.S. Eastern time)

Section 3

TITLE: New Strategic Plan and Review of International Task Force (ITF) Proposals
DESCRIPTION: An opportunity for General Conference delegates to review the new Five Year Strategic Plan (2013-2018) and the major proposals from the International Task Force.  Please download a copy of the “ITF REPORT” and the “REPORT OF GB” containing the Strategic Plan from
FACILITATORS: Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis and Kareem Murphy, Governing Board; with Jochen Gewecke, Dr. Carol Scherfenberg, and Dr. Mark Dalgleish, International Task Force Steering Committee
17 June, 9:00pm UTC/GMT (5:00pm U.S. Eastern time)


Join us!


Your Governing Board

Moderator Nominating Committee for General Conference 2016

UFMCC MNC Revised Charter -approved 131121 Rev 2
UFMCC MNC Revised Charter -approved 131121 Rev 2
UFMCC MNC Revised Charter -approved 131121 rev 2.pdf
Date Updated: 21 February 2014
The MCC Governing Board has appointed the following persons to serve on the Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) through General Conference XXVI in 2016.

Charge to the Moderator Nominating Committee per UFMCC Bylaws Article V.C.2.a:

“MODERATOR NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Governing Board shall appoint a Moderator Nominating Committee of three (3) persons. The responsibility of the Moderator’s Nominating Committee is to actively solicit candidates for the position, review any and all applications, and select up to five (5) qualified candidates. The qualified candidates shall be presented by the Governing Board to the General Conference for election.”

After reviewing applications and conducting interviews with lay and clergy members from around the world, the Governing Board appointed Rev. Dr. Lea Brown, Rev. Kevin Downer, and Ms. Elisa Vega-Burns to the MNC.


The Governing Board is pleased to introduce the members of the Moderator Nominating Committee:

Elisa Vega-Burns

Elisa Vega-Burns, Chairperson

Elisa Vega-Burns (Chairperson) is an accomplished business process and business operations expert for the world’s leading developer of information infrastructure technology and solutions.  Her current job responsibilities include providing business process consulting services specializing in best-in-class standard enterprise-wide processes.  In addition to her professional endeavors, Elisa is active in several LGBT advocacy organizations.

From 2004-2011, Elisa served as President for her company’s LGBT employee resource group and continues to serve on its Board.  At the end her tenure, her company had achieved a 100% score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index with the enactment of transgender healthcare coverage.  In addition, Elisa is a member of the Out and Equal Houston Affiliate Leadership Council, and previously served on the HRC Houston Diversity Committee.

From 2009-2012, Elisa has served as Treasurer of the Resurrection MCC Board of Directors.  An overwhelming desire to give back to a church home that has―and continues to—enrich her life and the lives of so many others is what motivated Elisa to join the Resurrection MCC Board of Directors.  On the MCC national level, Elisa helped to develop the MCC Church Treasurer’s Manual and contributed to the development of pastoral search resources for local church use.

Elisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and a Master of Business Administration from Simmons School of Management.  Legally married in Massachusetts in 2004, Elisa now resides in Houston with her spouse, Gemma Burns, and their seven-year-old Goldendoodle, Condy.


Rev. Dr. Lea Brown

Rev. Dr. Lea Brown

Rev. Dr. Lea Brown is currently the Senior Pastor of MCC of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she has been serving since March of 2011.  She has also served as the Senior Pastor at both MCC San Francisco and Wichita Falls MCC in Texas.  Before beginning her years of service in professional ministry, she was the acting executive director of the Metropolitan Community Foundation in San Francisco. In addition to leading the foundation, Rev. Brown served as volunteer clergy at MCCSF since her ordination there in 1996. During that time she preached, led retreats, served as the pastor of spiritual development, and taught many classes and programs on spiritual growth, and on the intersections of gender, sexuality and spirituality, and social justice. Throughout the 1990s Rev. Brown was a staff member at Spectrum, Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns in Marin County, just north of San Francisco. As the program director there, she developed and coordinated an extensive Speakers Bureau and numerous community programs for GLBT youth, young adults, seniors and families.

During her years in seminary, Brown served as a Chaplain Candidate (2nd Lt.) in the U.S. Army from 1988 to 1989.

Rev. Brown received her education from Oklahoma Baptist University (B.M.E.); Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary; Pacific School of Religion (M.Div.); and Episcopal Divinity School (D.Min.).  She has published essays in Dancing in Fetish Boots: Essays in Honour of Marcella Althaus-Reid (ed. Lisa Isherwood and Dr. Mark Jordan) and Queering Christianity: Finding a Place at the Table for LGBTQI Christians.


Rev. Kevin Downer

Rev. Kevin Downer

Rev. Kevin Downer is honored to serve as a member of the Moderator’s Nominating Committee.  He has been a member of MCC since the mid-1990s and has experienced MCC in a variety of worshipping contexts, church sizes and life cycle stages.  He has pastored two MCC’s as an intentional interim pastor (All God’s Children MCC and MCC San Antonio), started aChurch4Me? MCC in Chicago and was recently accepted into the DMin program at Chicago Theological Seminary.  Prior to becoming a pastor, Kevin was an executive at several global consultancies where he regularly interviewed recruited and hired personnel; was trained in behavioral interviewing techniques; consulted with senior executives at major companies in North America and Europe and led international teams operating simultaneously on four continents.  He has also worked with several MCC staff and elders to advance our movement in areas such as church planting strategy and interim ministry training.

He and his spouse Toby were married in Canada in 2006 and consider Chicago their home.


In addition to these appointments, the Governing Board decided to create and appoint two persons to an Ad Hoc Team to support the MNC during its process and be prepared to serve as  an alternate member should circumstances arise that do not allow one of the MNC members to fulfill their role over the next three years. You will hear more about this appointment soon.

The Moderator Nominating Committee will be communicating more information in the months ahead regarding the process for soliciting candidates to stand for election as the next Moderator of MCC at General Conference 2016.

Please join us in welcoming the Rev. Dr. Lea Brown, Rev. Kevin Downer, and Ms. Elisa Vega-Burns!

MCC Governing Board

Governing Board Slate Announced

GB 2013.small

Current MCC Governing Board (left to right): Rev. Onetta Brooks, Liz Bisordi, Kareem Murphy, Raquel Benítez-Rojas, Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, Rev. Tony Freeman, Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin, Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis, Bryan Parker

(En español)

Opening Statement from Current Governing Board

As the first Governing Board of MCC, we are very grateful for the service of the Governing Board Nominating Committee (GBNC) as they present the slate of nominees to fill vacancies at our upcoming General Conference. We are pleased that our new structure is fully operational, and we are thankful for the dedicated volunteers who have brought us to this moment. As your Governing Board, we are indebted to those who are completing their terms and excited to welcome new members to our work for the years to come, which will bring challenges, changes, and unprecedented opportunity for our denomination and movement.


GBNC Announces Slate of Governing Board Candidates

Governing Board Nominating Committee

Governing Board Nominating Committee (left to right):
Rev. Cathy Alexander, Rev. Catherine Dearlove, Rusty Hall

Peace and blessings to you. We are honored to announce today that the GBNC has completed its work and is recommending a slate of qualified candidates for election to the Board by General Conference.

In July, Clergy and Lay Delegates will have the opportunity to elect 2 clergy and 3 lay candidates from the slate being presented. From the slate of lay candidates, the two who receive the highest number of votes will each receive a six-year term on the Governing Board. The candidate with the third highest number of votes will receive a three-year term. Of the clergy candidates, the two who receive the most votes will each earn a six-year term on the Governing Board.

From now until July, we encourage you to prayerfully consider the candidates, ask God for clarity and purpose, and consult your congregation. Read the biographical information and listen to the candidates’ videos, which will be coming soon. Learn all you can about them so that as clergy or lay delegates representing your congregation, you can vote for those who best represent the spiritual values, required skills, and future vision of MCC.

The Process

The GBNC’s mandate was to refine and implement a process to recruit qualified candidates and establish specific criteria for evaluation and selection of potential Board members.  The GBNC also had the benefit of lessons learned from the existing Governing Board as to the gifts, skills, and time required to fulfill the demands of Board service.

Candidates were required to demonstrate the following:

(1) Essential Qualifications (Assessed through the candidates’ submissions to the GBNC)

These included active local church membership, multiple levels of MCC involvement and experiences, a record of service or leadership, and a record of accomplishment(s).

(2) Essential Competencies (Assessed through the interview process and personal references)

These included trustworthiness, interpersonal skills, communication skills, ability to use technology and operate in a virtual environment, flexibility, teamwork skills, conflict management skills, support for diversity, and a spirit of generosity.

(3) Important Attributes (Assessed through self-disclosure, interviews and resume)

These included diverse perspectives (candidate diversity) and complementary skill sets critical to the operational needs of the Board (for example, expertise or ability in the law, finance, human resources, strategy, governance, previous Board of Director experiences, and leadership).

The GBNC reviewed candidate submissions, screened them against the required qualifications, conducted interviews, reviewed personal references, and shortlisted the candidates to arrive at the recommended slate.

The Candidates

The GBNC was excited with the response of well-qualified candidates offering different skills, attributes, work, and vocational experiences. In all, 18 people applied from 4 countries. Each candidate had a unique story to tell in their relationship with MCC and brought a love for the people of MCC, a passion to serve God’s people, and an energetic hope for the future of MCC.

Your Slate of Candidates

The GBNC is pleased to announce the following candidates recommended for election to the Governing Board.

All candidate biographies are submitted here as received from the candidates, without editing on the part
of the GBNC or MCC staff.  Please address all questions to .



Adrian Buganey

Adrian Buganey

Adrian Buganey

I have been a member of MCC Brisbane Australia since 1976, along with my partner Rev Ivor Holmans (deceased).

It is necessary, for us who come from a small church, to fill  many roles, and I am currently serving my second term as Treasurer. I served a term as Assistant District Coordinator before Districts were disbanded  and have been on the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Judiciary Committee.

I worked for BHP Billiton for 30 years in accounting before retiring to spend more time with my partner;  God had other plans, and now  I work part time as CEO of Brisbane biggest and best Gay Spa & Sauna, a position I have held for over 10 years. Since the late 1980  I have been a volunteer with the Queensland AIDS Council and its many other names before it was  disbanded by our present State government.

I fought along side Ivor for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in this State of Queensland and continue to fight against homophobia.  I have protested and marched along side my sisters and brothers recently when the current Queensland government rescinded the Civil Partnership Bill. I have fought and continue to do so for marriage equality.

Adrian’s Video submission


Richard Henry

Richard Henry

Richard Henry

For most of his l career, Richard was a small business owner.  He ended his professional career at Walt Disney World, where he worked for 15 years as a Systems Administrator and Loss Prevention Manager in the Merchandise division.

He came to Metropolitan Community Churches at Joy MCC in Orlando, Florida in 2003.  As a member of Joy, he served in leadership positions including the Board of Directors and Pastoral Search team.   Richard also led ministries and facilitated classes.     He currently resides in Sarasota, Florida and is an active member of Church of the Trinity.  Richard serves on the Board of Directors, Stewardship team and Programming team.  He is certified to facilitate CLM and has completed the requirements for LEAD certification.   He volunteers at the Moderator’s office.   Richard is a member of the UFMCC Older Adult Advisory Council.

Richard also serves on the board of Trinity Charities, which serves folks living with HIV/AIDS in the Sarasota and Manatee County areas.

Richard’s Video submission


Kareem D. Murphy

Kareem D. Murphy

Kareem D. Murphy

Kareem Murphy is a member of the Metropolitan Community Church of Washington, DC, where he has served in numerous volunteer and leadership roles, including Lay Delegate and Member of the Board of Directors.  He has also been active in ecumenical and interfaith outreach and networking for both his church and the denomination.  On behalf of MCC, Kareem organized over 15 different faith groups for the interfaith contingent of the National Equality March (2009), including our own Council of Elders.  Kareem currently serves on MCC’s Public Policy Team, facilitating MCC’s public ministry on issues of national policy. In that role, he helps the MCC Moderator in her service on the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Kareem also brings a passion to the fight for marriage equality, having collaborated with faith leaders across the City and other allies in the marriage equality efforts in Washington, DC and Maryland.  Following the victory in DC, Kareem and his husband and college sweetheart, Rev. DeWayne Davis, celebrated their 20th anniversary with a “dream” wedding in August 2011.  He served as faculty at four MCC Leadership Mentoring Retreats, including the two for Young Adults.  He also served as the Volunteer Coordinator for both the 2010 General Conference in Acapulco and the 2011 People of African Descent Conference.

Kareem has lived in the Washington, DC area for over 20 years.  In his professional life, he is a Partner with The Ferguson Group, a Washington, DC-based government affairs firm specializing in local governments.  He heads the firm’s health care and homeland security practice groups.  He helped recruit and select five of the firm’s sixteen partners.  He led development of the firm’s more than $10 million budget for three cycles and chaired the team managing the last two strategic plans.  Kareem received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Spanish from Howard University and a Master of Arts in History from the University of Maryland at College Park.  He is a graduate of MCC’s first Leadership Mentoring Retreat.  He makes his home in Washington, DC with his husband and their canine child Dmitri.  Kareem is passionate about American Musical Theater.

Kareem’s Video submission


Sarah Jane Ramage

Sarah-Jane Ramage

Sarah-Jane Ramage

S-J is an assistant director in Deloitte’s UK restructuring services division of corporate finance.  In this role she is responsible for assisting businesses which are in financial trouble and managing businesses which have entered insolvency proceedings.  These roles regularly challenge her to make a little go a long way, to identify and implement creative solutions to complex and unusual problems.  She holds an MA from the University of Cambridge and is a chartered accountant.

She lives just outside Brighton on the South Coast of England with her partner Andrew and his two adult children.  She has been a member of MCC Brighton (UK) for 10 years, having searched for MCC since graduating in 2000.  She has served in a variety of roles both administrative and worship focused and currently serves on the Worship team and board of directors.  Since attending general conference in Acapulco in 2010, her interest in the wider denomination has grown and she served on the International Task Force during 2011 and 2012.  S-J has always demonstrated her faith in her secular life and truly embodies the values of MCC both spiritually and in matters of social justice and diversity, participating in her employers diversity network specifically considering trans and bisexual issues.
Sarah-Jane’s Video submission


Gail Rissler

Gail Rissler

Gail Rissler

I have been an active member since 1996 when I found in MCC a church home that would truly honor my commitment to God and my relationships with others. My MCC experience includes facilitating the Denomination 2014 – 2018 Strategic Vision, Mission and Action Plan. I am working with several MCC churches facilitating their five-year strategic plan development and providing leadership guidance. As a local church member, I served as a Board member (Treasurer), facilitator, strategic planner, organizational development consultant, Spiritual Autobiography and Personal and Spiritual Strategic Planning teacher, Covenant Team member and silent retreat leader.  I co-authored and teach an advanced Servant Leadership program focused on ministry leader growth, development, planning and action. I completed the MCC Creating a Life That Matters course, attended MCC Church Size and Stewardship Summits, developed church policies and procedures and led stewardship and capital building initiatives. Currently, I am a member of King of Peace (KOP) MCC, a rapidly growing and enthusiastic congregation, where I serve as the Strategic Planning Ministry Leader and a Spiritual and Personal Development teacher.

As the owner of Rissler Consulting, LLC, I design, facilitate and teach strategic planning for profit-based businesses, government, non-profit organizations and individuals across the nation. Previously, I was the Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of McDonald Bradley, Inc., an information technology firm specializing in high-end data solutions for the Intelligence Community. I hold a B.S.P.A. and M.P.A. in Public Financial Management from Indiana University and am an active member of the Association for Strategic Planning. I am an internationally certified Strategic Management Professional and hold a Gold Mastery Certification in Reinventing Strategic Planning. I believe I would bring key core competencies to the MCC Governing board including leadership and vision, strategic planning, business operations, budget and forecasting, contracts management, personnel management, corporate management and communications, organizational development and growth, and teaching and facilitation skills. I would be honored to serve our churches and our denomination.

Gail’s Video submission


Toni L. Smith

Toni L. Smith

Toni L. Smith
Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Saint Louis
Saint Louis, MO

Toni’s Spiritual Gift Assessment consistently shows her gifts are in generosity, faith and administration. Toni is extremely grateful for the foundation of faith laid by her family, in particular her Mother, and credits her for instilling the spiritual practice and joy of tithing. Toni is also extremely grateful for MCC – where she found we can have full spiritual freedom. In light of the legacy that she has received, her passion is to share that with others. In her 15 years at MCC of Greater Saint Louis, Toni L. Smith has served as a leader in many capacities:  Board Member (twice) and Vice Moderator during a time of a pastoral search, Lay Delegate, and Executive Director of the three-year Building Together Capital Campaign that secured the pledges necessary to buy and renovate the congregation’s current “home.”  She has also served as Stewardship Team Leader, L.E.A.D. Team Facilitator, MCCGSL liaison with Metropolitan Churches United (a coalition of churches in St. Louis), as well as having served on various worship teams and committees throughout the years.  Toni is recognized for her deep and abiding faith and spirituality and has served as a guest preacher.  She is highly principled, trustworthy and value centered with a deep commitment to diversity and equality.  Toni has a proven ability to build relationships and coalitions with both individuals and groups.  She has experience in financial management in both business and the church.  Additionally, Toni served on the board of Neighborhood Housing Services.

Toni is currently a State Farm Agent in St. Louis with 29 years’ experience in management and as an agent with her own business.  Prior to working for State Farm, she taught physical education and coached athletics in high school and junior high.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude with both a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s of Science in Education from Southern Illinois University where she was inducted into the SIU-C Sports Hall of Fame in 1983.




Rev. Dr. Robert L. Griffin

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Griffin

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Griffin
Master of Divinity, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA
Doctor of Ministry, Florida Center for Theological Studies, Miami, FL

Dr. Griffin is a current member and former Vice-Chair of the MCC Governing Board and is standing for re-election. His various leadership roles have included being a Religious Programming Specialist in the US Navy, a church planter and senior pastor in MCC, an MCC Intensive and REVM faculty member, a denominational staff member assisting three different elders (including the Moderator), a volunteer police chaplain, a board member of various non-profit organizations, and a Large Church staff minister.

He says: “It has been both an honor and a privilege to serve MCC on the Governing Board. It has been a joy to be part of this dedicated team that has led our denomination into our current structure. As we prepare for the next triennium, I am very excited about our future as a movement and I believe strongly in the work of the Governing Board in partnership with the Senior Leadership Team and with clergy and lay leaders in the field to strengthen our denomination and help it move forward. If re-elected, I will continue to offer my services and skills to the best of my availability to help MCC be as healthy and vibrant as possible. In the style of servant leadership I will offer my experience of working in one of our corporate size churches, the Sunshine Cathedral MCC, where I serve as the Chief Programming Minister. In addition, I will also continue to find ways to utilize the skills I’ve developed from other work that I do and have done, such as church planting and serving as a Trustee for the Episcopal Divinity School, as a Board Member for V.I.S.I.O.N.S., Inc., and as a Fellow of the Rockwood Leadership Institute.”

Rev. Dr. Robert’s Video submission

Rev. Dr. Danny A. Spears

Rev. Dr. Danny A. Spears

Rev. Dr. Danny A. Spears 

Danny was involved in various capacities as a lay person in MCC since 1981, before receiving his ordination as MCC clergy in 2001. He served as pastor at MCC of Corpus Christi, Texas from 2001 until 2007, and has served as pastor of Holy Covenant MCC in Brookfield, Illinois since 2007. Danny is a member of MCC’s Judiciary Pool and MCC’s Advisory Council for Older Adults. He holds both the Master’s and Doctor of Divinity degrees from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas. Danny’s primary gifts are administration, leadership, preaching and teaching.

Danny has specific interests in hunger issues and interreligious dialogue and cooperation both within and outside of MCC congregations; and he believes such cooperation and dialogue is crucial for promoting and implementing the various justice issues of our time—what may be interpreted by some as making the kindom of God visible in the here and now.

Danny and Richard Lofstrand, his spouse of almost 17 years, share their home with their three cats, Powder, Anthony and Cleopatra (Tony and Cleo). He is blessed to share in the family lives of Richard’s three children and three grandchildren. Danny enjoys cooking, reading, exercise, and is currently training for his first Sprint triathlon in August.


Rev. Danny’s Video submission


Rev. Peter Trabaris

Rev. Peter Trabaris

Rev. Peter Trabaris

Rev. Peter Trabaris is honored to be nominated to serve on the Governing Board of MCC.  Pastor Peter as most call him, brings more than twenty-years of active Lay and Clergy ministry to the Governing Board.  Peter has served as the pastor in four MCC congregations.  He also previously served the denomination as a member of the former Great Lakes District Committee, serving variously as West Area Coordinator, Member-at-Large, and for more than six years as the Clergy Representative.  Peter was also blessed to serve MCC as a representative to the National Council of Churches of Christ USA, during the days when MCC was seeking to join that body, and working with GLBTIQ members of mainline churches helping them to organize and expand their own presence within the NCCC, and in their host denominations.  While a lay person, Peter served Good Shepherd Parish MCC, Chicago, as Lay Delegate, Board Member, and Treasurer.  Finally, in the religious sphere, Peter has also served on the Executive Boards of the Hyde Park/Kenwood Interfaith Council, the Chicago Church Federation, and the Lakeview Overnight Shelter Board, as well as co-founding the North East Lake County Clergy Network.

In the secular realm, Peter has worked for such notable firms as Baxter Healthcare Corporation, where he was hired to create the position of Customer Master Coordinator, and Grubb & Ellis Company where he rose through the ranks to become the assistant to the Senior Vice-President of Human Resources, and as such, a member of the HR Senior Leadership Team.  Peter holds a BA Degree in Organizational Management from North Park University, Chicago, IL.  Peter was trained for Pastoral Ministry by Samaritan College of MCC.  He is currently working on a Master of Arts in Theology degree from the Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA.



Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell

Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell

Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell

Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell joined Metropolitan Community Churches at Joy MCC in Orlando, Florida, in May 1995.  She became a member of the staff as the Assistant to the Pastor, the late Rev. Jimmy Brock, in August of that same year.  After being ordained, Carol served as Assistant Pastor, Interim Pastor, and was elected Senior Pastor in July 1998.  In November 2003, Carol accepted the call to serve as Senior Pastor of MCC of Greater Saint Louis and ministered there through April 2012.  Appointed to serve as Intentional Interim Pastor at MCC of Topeka in May 2012, Carol resides there with her pet family and co-parents her 14 year old son, Nathaniel.

Before joining Joy MCC, Carol served as a bookstore manager, Vice-President of Accounting at an insurance underwriting firm, Site & Unit Director with YMCA, and as manager of a small CPA firm.  Her professional degrees include a BS degree in Accounting (1980), a Masters of Divinity degree (1988), and she was conferred the degree Doctor of Ministry (2004).  Carol’s ministry project was entitled “Who is God?  Discovering Models of God in the Gay & Lesbian Faith Community”.  Professional certifications are Certified Public Accountant (1984 to 2005), MCC ordination (1997), MCC Supervising Clergy, and MCC Intentional Interim Specialist.  Carol has served as a non-profit board member with Baptist AIDS Partnership of North Carolina, Mental Health Association of Central Florida, and One St. Louis.  Her spiritual gifts are faith, leadership, and wisdom.

Rev. Carol’s Video submission


Merry Christmas from Metropolitan Community Churches


Help Us Recruit Candidates. . .for the Governing Board!!!

Help Us Recruit Candidates. . .for the Governing Board!!!

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson,
Moderator Metropolitan Community Churches

Today we are publishing information about the Board Charter and qualifications for service on the Governing Board. During the General Conference in Acapulco, we elected our first term of Governing Board members. Elections for the next terms will be held during the 2013 General Conference in Chicago.

Our Nominations Committee is excited about the prospect of many, excellent and diverse candidates, and would like your help to recruit potential nominees. Serving on the Governing Board is an opportunity for clergy and laity to labor together on a unified, global MCC Board.  This Board partners with the Moderator and the Elders to facilitate tasks and to support the continuation of the momentum in ministry that we have been building. This Board also works with our leadership and staff to creatively develop the resources to keep us moving forward into the future. To date, the Board has expanded its reach and work through teams that have already grown to include people who are not on the Board itself, whose gifts are crucial to their work.

Click here to go to the Governing Board home page to learn more about the Board and their activities since Acapulco. I would like to re-introduce the Governing Board Nominating Committee Cathy Alexander (chair), Rev. Catherine Dearlove, and Rusty Hall who have a message for you as well.

Grace and Peace,
+ Rev. Nancy Wilson
Metropolitan Community Churches


We Need Your Help to Recruit for the Governing Board Candidates


Cathy Alexander_________Rev. Catherine Dearlove_________Rusty Hall

Greetings from your Governing Board Nominating Committee. We are looking forward to hearing from you and are asking your assistance to identify qualified candidates to apply for the Governing Board. We would like those who have a heart for governance, along with the skills and experience for this type of ministry to prayerfully consider assisting in recruiting qualified candidates for these critically important positions:

  1. Do you know of someone in your local church that has the kind of professional background, expertise, high level of spiritual maturity and commitment that we need on this Board? Invite them to apply, forward this email and link to the application to them today!
  2. Talk with those you know in MCC who may know someone who is perfect for this Board.
  3. Talk with people in your church and MCC Network about potential candidates.
  4. Consider submitting an application for yourself.
  5. Pray that we have a vibrant, substantial pool of applicants from which to select a slate of nominees to be brought to General Conference for a powerful time of discerning our future and our leadership.

The bylaws state the qualifications for members of the Board.  “Members of the Governing Board must be members in good standing within the Fellowship who, in the sole discretion of the UFMCC, have spiritual quality and leadership, are mature, have sound judgment, and have a proven record of accomplishment. Consideration will be given to elect members with diverse perspectives, core competencies, and complementary skills consistent with the required functions and responsibilities of the Governing Board.”

Click here to view the application for potential candidates.

Our deadline for the receipt of all applications is 5 pm EST, Monday, 1 November 2012. Thank you for your willingness to serve and for your passion for MCC’s ministry and future! See you in Chicago.

MCC Headline News – March 2011

Metropolitan Community Churches

Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.

Governing Board Communications
to MCC March 2011


MCC’s new Governing Board met face to face for the second time March 3 through 7 at DaySpring Retreat Center near Sarasota Florida. This meeting was characterized by a sense of confidence in this new structure, and excitement about MCC’s “maturing” organizationally.

With a powerful sense of renewal and commitment to “Tearing Down Walls and Building Up Hope”, we did the following:

Strategic Review and planning: The Governing Board had a lively discussion about MCC’s future, and established a short term Strategic planning process and committee, including members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and members at Large to bring back a draft to our August joint meeting with the SLT.

Open Questions: we challenged ourselves to a deeper engagement with each other, and MCCer’s on improving global participation (we are thrilled about our newly appointed International Task Force!); young adult participation at all levels of MCC; and growing our organization in all ways, including financially.

Finances and Budget development: We passed the remainder of the 2011 budget, did a lot of work on financial policy and investment policy. The board is pleased with the success, even in this economy, of achieving financial health and stability.  We approved an operating reserve, a million dollar minimum balance in our investments, and established the 2011 Audit Committee. All financial policies are now housed in our new Policy Handbook, with will be online soon.

We spent a day with our Development Director, making the case for MCC’s future development needs. The Governing Board is engaged in donor development and in the support for resourcing of local church Stewardship as part of our long term plan…

We met with the Chair of the Board of Pensions, U.S., Devon Avery, and clarified the relationship between our two boards, the lines of accountability and reporting, and were excited to hear of their progress as well.


Governing Board members took turns offering worship and prayer, and Rev. Candace Shultis preached for us on Transfiguration Sunday.


We invited MCCer’s Ann Vassilaros and Fran Solitro to dine with us on Sunday evening, and formally thanked them for their generous contributions to MCC, with a tribute in our minutes.


Click here to learn more about the MCC Governing Board and the work that they are doing.


Grace and Peace,


UFMCC Governing Board


The MCC People of African Descent Conference  

Loving Ourselves Into Liberation


The MCC Conference for People of African Descent – Our Friends, and Allies at the Fairmont Hotel,  Washington, DC -may 19-21, 2011 click here to register today! 

Click here to find out everything you have ever wanted to know about the 2011 MCC PAD Conference and MORE!

Join the MCC PAD Conference at the 2011 HRC Clergy Call for Justice and Equality


May 22-24, 2011  |  Washington, DC RSVP now:

MCC Headline News


State of Metropolitan Community Churches Webinar

Dear Members and Friends of MCC,

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson and the Governing Board of MCC would like to invite you to join them on March 31st for a webinar presentation on the State of MCC.  The Governing Board is anxious to share with the members and friends of MCC what has been happening in the months since General Conference.  These have been busy times, and we would like to ensure that we are communicating with each of you directly regarding many interesting and exciting activities.

Since the use of webinars is new to MCC, if this method of sharing is useful and successful, we will consider adding further webinar’s.  They will serve as a means for the Governing Board to present and receive information.  To that end, we hope you will join us in support of this new method of information sharing.


On this webinar the following will be presented:

–          Report out from the most recent Governing Board Meeting

–          Information on current denominational programs and initiatives

–          Update on the current financial status of our denomination


This webinar will be offered twice on Thursday, March 31st:

1.       Noon – 1:30 PM/ ET  (5:00-6:30pm GMT)

2.       7:00 – 8:30 PM/ET  (APR 1 – 00:00-01:30am GMT)


You can access the webinar in two methods:

1.        To listen to the presentation only by phone call:

a.       Dial-in Number: 1.218.936.4141

b.      Enter Participant Code: 778024


2.      To listen and view the power point presentation please use the following information. With our online meeting software, you have the option to listen to the conversation and view the meeting presentation without having to dial in to a conference phone line. Please be sure that you have speakers connected to your computer or that you are using headphones to listen in and check to be sure that the volume on your computer is turned up.  To join the meeting, click on the link below or copy and paste the link into the address bar of your web browser.  Additionally, please do not use the link prior to the scheduled webinar as it will not appear to be a valid webpage.

Choose the option to enter as a Guest and enter your full name and your email address in the “Type your name” field. This will allow the meeting presenters to identify you should you have any questions or comments during the meeting. Please enter the information in the following format:

Firstname Lastname, EmailAddress (Bob Sample, )

Presenters will be:

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Presiding Elder/Moderator of MCC

Rev. Tony Freeman, Vice-Chairperson of the MCC Governing Board

Ms. Liz Bisordi, MCC Governing Board Treasurer

Ms. Barbara Crabtree, Director of Operations

Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin, Governing Board Member & Webinar Facilitator


Please Note: The webinar will be in presentation mode.  All lines will be muted.  The presentation will be recorded  and uploading at a later time to the MCC website.  If you have questions during the webinar please send an email

Look forward you to joining us!


Peace and blessing in this season of Lent on our way to Easter joy!



Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin


Reflect, Renew, Refresh!  

Diana Butler Bass

OFLD Clergy Retreat with Diana Butler Bass

September 12-14, 2011

Duncan Retreat Center, Delray Beach, FL


Cost of the retreat is $275 US which includes 2 nights lodging (double occupancy with a private bath and wireless internet) and six meals.  The $275 rate is good until May 5, 2011. After May 5 through July 5, 2011 cost for the retreat will be $325.  Absolute deadline for all registrations is July 5, 2011.  Click here to register.


Thanks to a generous donation from MCC Austin, the OFLD will be able to offer a limited number of scholarships to help with the cost of registration for the retreat.  Please contact Rev. Dr. Mona West () to inquire about scholarship applications.


For more information on Diana Butler Bass and to view a video of one of her presentations go to To find out more about the Duncan Retreat Center go to

ITF Application Deadline EXTENDED!

Metropolitan Community Churches

Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.

We are better together

The Application Deadline has Been Extended to December 10th to Serve on the

International Task Force

Special Edition December 2010

Click Here to Apply Today!

The Global Connection

 The application deadline has been extended, apply today.

Play the Video

 Click the image above to Rev. Nancy’s International Task Force Video

  Purpose of the International Task Force

  1. Analysis of current International scope of MCC
  2. Definition our global goals and ministry within MCC’s defined mission to “Tear down walls and build up hope”
  3. Identification and proposal of changes that are needed to enhance our global ministry and structure
  4. Increase in global awareness
  5. Improved resourcing of local churches
  6. Exploration of national church models and alternative organizational models
  7. Strengthening our sense of global connection and belonging
  8. Addressing theological, cultural and ecclesiastical issues
  9. Development of local leadership

Basic Requirements of all Applicants


  • Member in good standing of a local MCC congregation
  • Commitment to MCC Core Values
  • Team player
  • Fluent in English
  • Desire to serve
  • Commitment to our global church
  • Willing and able to participate virtually
  • Demonstrated willingness and ability to follow through with commitments
  • Direct and truthful, demonstrates openness and honesty.
  • Keeps confidences
  • Relates well to all kinds of people, inside and outside of the church
  • Maintains appropriate boundaries in both professional and personal relationships
  • States own opinions clearly and concisely
  • Uses consideration and tact when offering opinions
  • Seeks, considers and values diverse perspectives and ideas and treats all people with respect, without regard to race, sex, colour, religion, or gender identification
  • Able to do different tasks effectively
  • Shares critical information with everyone involved in a project
  • Settles disputes collaboratively and equitably utilizing direct dealing techniques

 Why An International Task Force for MCC?


Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator MCC 

MCC has had a vision of being global since our early days. In faith, we discerned that the message God gave Rev. Troy Perry was not meant only for a few churches in urban areas in North America. Over the years, our ministry has expanded to include more than 30 countries, with contacts in many dozen more.


This task force is about serving our people and our communities around the globe, such as:

  • Rev. CeeJay in the Philippines, who hosted the first REVM in Asia this year;
  • the half a dozen new clergy interns in the Philippines are going to explode the presence of MCC there in the next few years;
  • Rev. Alberto Najera, with several groups and emerging churches in Panama;
  • Florin Buhuceanu fighting for human rights, and supporting MCC groups in the Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and Malta and a young lesbian in Pakistan who has a chance to go to school because of MCC;
  • A child in Mother of Peace Orphanage in Zimbabwe, supported by many MCC members and churches, along with The Fellowship;
  • LGBT people of faith in Uganda, crying out to us to make their fight for their lives our fight;
  • Jamaicans who are “Sunshine Cathedral MCC in Jamaica” while fighting lethal homophobia every day;
  • LGBT people in Haiti, so surprised to meet members of ICM Santo Domingo, who came to help after the earthquake – amazed to hear the good news of God’s love from God’s queer saints in the Dominican Republic!
  • and so many more!!!

A few things seem true, and almost self-evident: our mission, to tear down walls and build up hope” is an urgent one. Today, in the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, our communities are emerging, thriving and being tested all over the world. Even with our American roots, MCC’s passion as the “gay church,” “the church with AIDS,” and more recently, “The Human Rights Church” does translate into many cultures and contexts. But demand for MCC resources, training and connection has long outstripped our human and financial resources.


Click here to apply today!

Goal of the International Task Force

GoalsThe International Task Force’s goal is to bring substantive, structural, ecclesial and programmatic recommendations the MCC Governing Board for review, which may include Bylaws changes. The Governing Board will review them and bring a final proposal forward to the Chicago 2013 General Conference for decision. The International Task Force shall be encouraged to do its work freely and responsibly: to research, ask questions and discuss ideas and bring them forward as seems appropriate to them, with the support of MCC leadership and staff.

Our First Steps

Nature and Composition of the International Task Force


There is an open application process for individuals who are interested in serving on the International Task Force. MCC leaders, churches and networks will be encouraged to invite qualified persons to apply. Applicants will be interviewed by a selection committee. Successful applicants will be appointed by the Moderator and approved by the Governing Board. Expenses for participation will be funded by MCC as approved by the Governing Board in the annual budget process.


The International Task Force will not be a permanent part of the structure of MCC and will be disbanded when its task is completed.

The International Task Force will consist of:

  • 12 members
  • Minimum of 60% from outside of USA & Canada
  • Maximum of 40% from USA & Canada
  • Moderator
  • Member of the governing board
  • Consultant external to MCC

In addition, MCC staff will assist the process.

The following will be taken into consideration in selection of the applicants

  • Gender identity diversity
  • Racial/Cultural/National Diversity
  • Theological Diversity
  • Consideration of representatives of diverse generations and age with, however, emphasis on young leaders
  • Balance of Clergy and Laity
  • Representatives of individuals with (dis)abilities.

Timeline for the Selection of

 Members and Work of the International Task Force


November 2010: Announcement of the International Task Force and invitation for individuals to apply to serve on the Task Force.


December 6, 2010: Deadline for receipt of applications to serve on the International Task Force


December 2010: Pre-selection of applicants to be interviewed.


January 2011: Selection Committee contact with pre-selected applicants and interview with the Moderator.


February 2011: Candidates appointed and initial structure of the Task Force established by the Moderator and approved by the Governing Board; candidates formally appointed and introduced to MCC churches.


March 2011: First virtual meeting and election of committees and chairs; selection by the Moderator of 3 co-leaders for the International Task Force.

March through October 2011 – Possible face to face of three person steering committee of the Task Force.


April 2011: Fully active-virtual meetings scheduled as needed

End of 2011/beginning of 2012: One face-to-face meeting.

Apply Today to Serve As A Member of the

MCC International Task Force

Report from the Governing Board – November 2010

Dear MCC Pastors, Lay Leaders, Members and Friends:

We want to say what a privilege it is to serve you and our shared mission to “Tear Down Walls and Build Up Hope” as the new Governing Board of MCC!

First, let us share what we have accomplished thus far:

  • We had a two and a half day retreat with the “Dean” of church governance, Dan Hotchkiss of the Alban Institute, who continues to coach our Moderator and Vice-Chair through this first year of the Governing Board’s existence. We elected officers and met with members of the Senior Leadership Team to get a deeper understanding of the current status of denominational finances, programs and human resources.
  • We established two major goals for the Governing Board and Senior Leadership Team for this year
    • Build leadership development into all we do, particularly with young adults.
    • Build and maintain systems of communication to strengthen our relationships and let people know who we are.  We identified three open questions:
      • How can we grow our financial resources to fund our vision for ministry and mission with the goal of reaching $5 million annual income by 2013?
      • How can we better receive insights and input from young adults?
      • What is needed to enhance our global ministry and structure?

The Governing Board will be creating opportunities for dialogue with leadership and with MCCers on these questions.

In support of these goals and open questions:

  • We have made exciting progress on the timeline and implementation of the International Task Force. A detailed document including the application process for potential members is being published now, and for which we ask your prayers as its work unfolds.
  • We have the first draft of a Policy manual that we will augment as time goes along. This manual will guide the work for the Governing Board.
  • We have established a new Finance Committee, Investment Committee, Governance Committee, and Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Members of the Governing Board have met with the Board of Pensions, USA, and we are appointing two new members who will join their board January 1, 2011.
  • We have begun a serious collaboration with the Director of Development to encourage churches in their tithes and Generous in Faith program; and in identifying donors for MCC, as we move towards financial health and strength.

What you can do to help MCC meet our goals and engage the future:

  • Generosity – encourage your church to be current on tithes even as the percentage goes down to 12.5%. This one, single factor will help more than anything else. If our churches were current with tithes, we would have no cash flow challenges, or problems meeting our budget. In addition, help us identify more monthly donors to the denomination – this will also be an enormous help! Don’t think any gift is too small. Pray for success in our grant applications.
  • Prayer – pray for MCC’s global work, and for the resources to accomplish everything we “imagine” can be done to bring the liberating message of Christ to life in our troubled world. Pray for us, your Governing Board, as we do the work you entrusted to us! And pray for all our local churches and ministries, that we may prosper with God’s help.
  • Commitment – your commitment of your time, talent and tithe to your local church also blesses the denomination. The local church is the foundation of our life together as MCC, and your commitment, locally, is the key. Many of you also have denominational commitments and assignments, and we are grateful for your devoted service.
  • Communication – we are working on ways to communicate clearly and consistently with all of you. Check out our webpage (here). Your feedback, encouragement all helps us to be accountable in the ways we intend.

Blessings to all of you in this Season of Gratitude. Thank you for being the amazing church that “tears down walls and builds up hope” in every community where we are located.

Rev. Tony Freeman

Rev. Tony Freeman, Vice-Chair of the Governing Board

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator
Liz Bisordi, Treasurer
Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis, Clerk
Raquel Benitez Rojas
Onetta Brooks
Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin
John Hassell
Bryan Parker