Reflexão sobre o Sábado de Aleluia

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Reflexão sobre o Sábado de Aleluia E no sábado descansaram, de acordo com a Lei “José de Arimatéia tirou da cruz o corpo de Jesus, envolveu-o num lençol de linho, e o depositou num túmulo aberto em rocha, onde ainda ninguém … Continued


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Karsamstags  und am Sabbat ruhten sie gemäß dem Gesetze [U]nd er [Joseph von Arimatäa] nahm ihn [den Leichnam Jesu] herab, hüllte ihn in Leinwand und legte ihn in ein ausgehauenes Grab, in dem noch niemand bestattet worden war. Es war ein … Continued

Holy Saturday Reflection

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Brave Spaces of Transition: An Easter Morning Reflection John 20: 1-18 The daily experiences of our lives are filled with contradiction and uncertainty. Each moment of living is a balance between the expected, or known, and what is yet to … Continued


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Karfreitagsgespräche “Es wurden aber zwei weitere als Übeltäter abgeführt, um mit ihm hingerichtet zu werden. Sie kamen zu dem Ort, der Schädel heißt, und dort kreuzigten sie ihn und die beiden Übeltäter, einen zur Rechten und einen zur Linken. Einer … Continued

Full-time Director of Ministry – Tacoma College

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Tacoma College Ministry is seeking A full-time Director of Ministry who will provide vision, direction, development and execution of a thought-provoking, creative, relational ministry that is hospitable, inclusive and relevant to college age adults. The Director of Ministry will lead … Continued

Holy Saturday Reflection

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Holy Saturday Lenten Reflection They rested on the Sabbath, according to the Law Joseph of Arimathea took the body of Jesus down from the cross, wrapped it in fine linen and laid it in a tomb cut out of the rock, … Continued

Good Friday Conversations

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Good Friday Conversations “Two others also, who were criminals, were led away to be put to death with him. When they came to the place that is called The Skull, they crucified Jesus there with the criminals, one on his … Continued

Conversaciones del Viernes Santo

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  Conversaciones del Viernes Santo  También llevaban a dos criminales, para crucificarlos junto con Jesús. Cuando llegaron al sitio llamado La Calavera, crucificaron a Jesús y a los dos criminales, uno a su derecha y otro a su izquierda. Uno de … Continued

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