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2012 Easter Sunday Prayer
authored by The Rev. Dr. Nancy L. Wilson
Metropolitan Community Churches


God of Resurrection Power:

Just as You called Mary’s name that first Easter morning,
we know You are calling our name today,
calling us to be Your resurrection presence in a work
that is sometimes overwhelmed with death, despair and hopelessness.

We are being called, in this season,
to give birth to a new era of doing justice,
of speaking up,
of offering solidarity,
of being Your hands, eyes, ears, and heart
to a world where so many still have no justice,
no safety,
no place to worship,
no place to be who they are.

God, We Pray:

Use our gifts and our prayers, today,
to bless the Global Justice Institute.

We thank You for the vision of MCCers
who have led the way
and made this day possible.

We thank You for our sisters and brothers in The Fellowship
who join us in this bold new venture, that is not truly new,
but an evolution and continuation
of all that You have done through us
from the beginning.

Jesus, We Pray:

Help us connect
with all who stand in need of healing, help, and hope.

Help us to be
ever vigilant, faithful and generous.

Thank You for all the ways
in which You have already raised us up and
help us to be the people You created us to be,
for Your great purpose of love.

Holy Spirit, We Pray:

In the clamor and din of a noisy, hectic world,
help us to hear Your voice this Easter morning,
and to respond with all our hearts, as one!

This We Pray:

 In the Name of the Risen One,
Alleluia and Amen.


Easter Sunday Offertory Sentences
authored by
The Rev. Jim Birkitt

Offertory Sentence One

Our giving reflects our commitment to justice and peace. May our generosity this day bless the Global Justice Institute so that peoples of the earth, wherever they may be oppressed, persecuted or divided, will come to know freedom, liberation and unity, through the gracious rule of the Risen Redeemer, who reigns with the almighty and everlasting God and the Holy Spirit, one God, both now and forever.

Offertory Sentence Two
Our giving is an act of worship. Therefore, let us hear the words of the Psalmist, who declared, “Give to God the honor due unto God’s Name; bring offerings and come into God’s presence.” (Psalm 96:8)

Offertory Sentence Three
As we follow the Risen Jesus on the journey of justice, hear Jesus’ words to from the Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 12, “I tell you this truth: Anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am returning to Creator God.”

Offertory Sentence Four
As we give boldly and with generous hearts, know that we are forever an Easter people — the Risen Jesus is the center of our faith, the Resurrection is our hope, love is our motivation, peace is our desire, justice is our passion  — and Alleluia is our song!


Moderator to Address Metropolitan Community Churches – Live Broadcast

If you missed the live broadcast, you can view the full recording by going to the following link:

Click here to view it

or paste the following link on your web browser address line:

If you prefer to read the transcript of Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson’s address to MCC, click on the following link:

Moderator’s State of MCC Address – March 27, 2012 Live Broadcast Transcript


Dear Members and Friends of MCC:

Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches, will be delivering a live video address on Tuesday, 27 March 2012, at 1:00PM ET (5:00PM GMT) to update our friends, members, and stakeholders on the major outcomes of the recent meeting of the Governing Board.

The Governing Board met in Florida, 8-10 March 2012, for its pre-scheduled spring face-to-face meeting. Among the issues reviewed at the meeting were current financial health, review of updates from the International Task Force, communications strategy, and fund development.

Moderator Wilson will provide an overview of several critical decisions made by the Governing Board on these issues. The video broadcast will last approximately 30 minutes.

You can access the live broadcast at:

NOTE: There is no conference call option, the audio will be broadcast via your computer. Be sure to turn up the audio on your computer to listen.

It will be recorded for subsequent viewing on the MCC Governing Board website:

If you have questions or comments following the presentation, please write to Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin .

We look forward to you joining us!

Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator
Metropolitan Community Churches

Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin
Vice Chair, MCC Governing Board


Authorities in St. Petersburg, Russia are considering legislation TODAY that would make it illegal to speak or act publicly in positive support of LGBTI peoples.  Our voices can make a difference, but we must act quicky and today!


Please go to  Go to the article on taking a stand and click on “sign the petition.”  A window will appear for your personal comments.


Tell the St. Petersburg legislators that you are a person of faith and a member of

Metropolitan Community Churches, a worldwide body serving the spiritual needs of

LGBTI people in 40 nations.  Encoding discrimination is not only unconstitutional,

but morally wrong.  All people are equal in the sight of God, and should be equally

protected under the laws that govern nations and municipalities.  We will not be

silent until all our brothers and sisters are free to live and love as God intended.


Be sure to sign the petition and include your personal comments.  Thank you!

Two Actions to Take in the Wake of the Prop 8 Victory from the Family Equality Council

Now it’s time to turn up the heat.

Passing the Respect for Marriage Act would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, ensuring that same-sex married couples could enjoy the same federal benefits that all families do.

Passing the Every Child Deserves A Family Act would open up more homes to the 408,000 children in foster care waiting for loving stable families.

Take two actions now to push equality over the finish line.

1. Take action on the Every Child Deserves A Family Act
2. Take action on the Respect for Marriage Act

Trust is a Queer Thing – Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

[issuu viewMode=singlePage autoFlip=true width=420 height=544 titleBarEnabled=true backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120203175028-77e59e50e20140c5adf0ad16a91a110b name=trust-is-a-queer-thing username=mccchurch tag=bible unit=px id=b12d8cd5-3922-76dd-8413-095eed4eab7c v=2]

Memorial service held for murdered Gay activist

Uganda’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and trans-gender community today marked a year since the death of David Kato who was killed at his home last year. His killer has since been caught and jailed. Main celebrant Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo and a US based pastor Joseph Tolton encouraged the Ugandan community to adopt greater tolerance and understand of this particular community rather than shunning them.