Leadership Mentoring Retreat Application (158.1 KiB)

28 April – 1 May 2014
Applications due: 4 April 2014

Goals and Expectations

Do you feel called to change the world through serving MCC beyond the local level, either as a volunteer or as a full-time vocation as clergy or lay leader? Have you wondered if you might be called to be a member of our Governing Board or an Elder or to serve as part of the MCC Global Staff? Do you think about serving as a volunteer with our MCC Movement? Or do you want to understand more about the relationship of local church ministry and denominational/ movement goals?

If so, then this retreat is for you!

This retreat is designed for individuals interested in serving MCC beyond the local level. The faculty includes denominational leaders and staff who will provide participants with an opportunity for discernment about improving leadership skills in an MCC global context.

This program also includes a small group experience in which you will participate with colleagues and faculty in a “circle of trust” as you design your own plan for improving your leadership skills and abilities. The expectation is that you will develop a plan and that you will meet with your circle on a regular basis, as the group agrees, after the retreat, for at least a year to encourage accountability for your plan.


If you are interested in applying to participate in the Leadership Mentoring Retreat, please submit the following information to the Moderator’s Office: Linda@MCCchurch.net.

Please include the data below in your application in addition to the Brief Essay.

• Name, Address,

• Email Address, Phone Number

• Gender Identity, Age

• MCC church of which you are a member

• Senior Pastor’s name and email address

Brief Essay

1. Describe your history in MCC: maximum three pages double-spaced.

2. Define or explore your sense of calling to Global MCC: maximum three pages double-spaced


Select two individuals to serve as references and ask each person to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf attesting to your qualifications to be selected to the Leadership Mentoring Retreat. Please ask those providing references to submit letters to the Moderator’s Office by 4 April 2014. Send to: Linda@MCCchurch.net.

Anticipated Location/Costs/Application Review

The Leadership Mentoring Retreat Faculty will review applications. Only eighteen participants will be accepted into this Retreat program.

Participants are expected to cover their travel costs in addition to a registration fee of $398 USD, which includes four days and three nights lodging in a semi-private room and meals, in addition to tuition. An additional night may be available at $126 USD with advance notice to reserve the room. The retreat will be held at DaySpring Episcopal Conference Center in Parrish, Florida: http://dayspring.dioswfl.org/.

If you need scholarship support for lodging, meals, or tuition, review the options below and list one of them on your application. Scholarship opportunities are very limited. Registration fees will be due to the Moderator’s Office by 11 April 2014. Participants may pay by check or credit/debit

______I will need a scholarship to cover tuition; I will pay $270 USD.

______I will need a scholarship to cover half the retreat; I will pay $199 USD.

______I will need a scholarship for the cost of room and board; I will pay for tuition: $128.

______I will need a full scholarship: $398.

Applicants should arrive either at the Sarasota or Tampa airports and may rent a car or carpool to the conference center. Applicants should arrive in time for the 3:00 p.m. start on Monday, 28 April 2014, and can depart for the airport after lunch on Thursday, 1 May 2014.


Submit applications to the Moderator’s Office by 4 April 2014. Send to: Linda@MCCchurch.net. Applicants will be notified soon after the deadline about the status of their acceptance into the Leadership Mentoring Retreat.