The MCC Office of Emerging Ministries is charged with (1) concerns related to diversity and inclusion within MCC and (2) increasing MCC’s cross-cultural competencies so that our churches and global movement can be better equipped to minister in a culturally-diverse world. International Advisory Councils have been formed to give voice and visibility to the particular concerns, perspectives, and needs that are shared by certain non-dominant groups within MCC.

Purpose and Function

Advisory Councils do not have legal or fiduciary obligations, yet their advisory role is an integral and highly-valued function and will add great value to our movement as a whole. The Advisory Councils will function as “internal think-tanks.” They are not activist, support, or advocacy groups. The primary focus of their attention is on “getting our own MCC house in order.”

The Councils will:

  • Serve as consultants to the Senior Leadership Team, MCC staff, and the Governing Board on the potential impact of MCC programs, polices, and practices on non-dominant groups within MCC;
  • Recommend resources and programming that will build the capacity of our churches to become not only more diverse but also more inclusive faith communities; and
  • Propose strategies that might lead to greater diversity and inclusivity in our churches and among MCC leadership.

Composition of the Advisory Councils

Members of each Advisory Council have been appointed by Rev. Elder Darlene Garner (Director of the Office of Emerging Ministries) to serve for a two-year period. To learn more about each of the Advisors, please click on the name of each Advisory Council below.

Advisory Councils

Young Adults
(under 35 years of age)

Kedric Brown
Mike Farris
Aaron Smith
Vita Cardonna
Rev. Brian Hutchison, (Program Officer)

Older Adults
(over 50 years of age)

Dr. Imani Woody-Macko, (Program Officer)
Annette Beall
Robert Collins
Alan Dismore
Rev. Elder Freda Smith

People of African Descent

Rev. Candy Holmes, (Program Officer)
Rev. Brendan Boone
Lessie Henderson
Denise Junious
Rev. Roland Stringfellow
Roland Smith
Patrice Ford


Rev. Mel Martinez, (Program Officer)
Rev. Houston Burnside
Brett Doig
Rev. Darren McDonald

Trans*/Gender Non-conforming People

Angel Collie, (Program Officer)
Rev. Norma Gann
Rev. Miller Hoffman
Jake Kopmeier
Zach McCallum
Rev. Aaron Miller
Stacy Sandberg
Steve Sills
Rev. Mykal Slack


Rev. Jackie Carter, (Program Officer)
Rev. Marian Cavagnaro
Lisa Kelson
Carmen Llanos

Heterosexual Inclusion

Rev. Mary Cantrell, (Program Officer)
Andrew Smithers


Preben Bakbo Sloth
Georgia Lacy
Rev. Jeffery Jordan Pickett
Carl Krysa
Dr. David Williams, (Program Officer)
I ask that you hold each of the Advisory Councils and Advisors in your prayers as they hold up who we have been, bear witness to who we are today, and envision who we can be in the future.
Rev. Elder Darlene Garner
Office of Emerging Ministries